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Natures Miracle Stain and Odor Remover Enzymatic Formula by by Natures Miracle

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Product Description

Nature's Miracle Stain and Odor Remover Enzymatic Formula Dog Odor Control is guaranteed to permanently remove pet accident stains and odors that other products can't - including old urine odors deep in carpets - with no cover up perfume odors. Safe for use around children and pets.

  • Tough on dog urine, feces, vomit, drool & other organic stains & odorss
  • Safe on all water-safe surfaces
  • Billions of natural enzymes, not harmful chemicals, are what make it work
  • The number one selling dog accident stain and odor remover

Uses: For Fabrics and Clothing: Use as a pre-wash, saturate and wash as usual. For Carpet Cleaning Machines and Dog Runs: Dilute 50/50 with cold water.

Directions: For Stains - Lift off solid material, then saturate with Stain and Odor Remover. Wait 5 minutes, then wipe with a cloth. If stain persists, reapply and wait one hour. On porous surfaces, use a brush to work the solution into stained area.

Customer Reviews

Helen, Fillmore CA on 2016/04/29
A must-have for pet owners

I've been using this stuff for years. Follow the instructions carefully and it works great!

Marilynn, Orange CA on 2016/01/08
Possum blood - gone!

Our 2 dogs caught a possum, brought it in the house and tore it up on my green living room carpet one night. When we finally saw it, there was at least 4 sq feet of blood on the carpet. After wiping up the initial blood, I poured almost the whole container of Nature's Miracle on, rubbed in, waited about 10 minutes and started cleanup with wet rags. You would NEVER KNOW - no sign of blood!!! But we knew, so eventually just replaced the carpet with tile, but we were amazed what this stuff can do!

Clair, Spokane Valley WA on 2015/10/01
Natures good.

I have used Natures Miracle to clean and deodorize pet problems and have been happy. I bought a good old used truck but the owner smoked. I used Natures Miracle along with some dawn dish detergent to "shampoo" the inside of the truck. After the truck dried thoroughly I sprayed the headliner, doors, dash, basically all the interior that I could see and or reach. I also have a spray bottle that puts out an extremely fine mist. I turned on the fan to high and ran it on a/c, heat, defrost, and all the modes and gave it some atomized product to go through the air ducts. I can no longer smell the cigarette smoke. Since I am an ex-smoker I am no longer tempted by the old smoke smell.

Camren, Hopkins MN on 2015/07/15
Yet to use it

Received the product, I am happy they tapped the cap and bagged it. It seem to leak a little but no big deal with it being bagged. I have not used the product so I can not review it's performance.

Patti, Orange CT on 2015/07/10
Must for puppies and seniors

Natures Miracle lives up to its name. Gentle enzymes cause stains and smells to 'evaporate' without damaging rugs and leaving chemical residue.

Karina, Melbourne FL on 2015/06/06
Best Odor and Stain Product

I have been using Nature's Miracle for over 20 years. I have never found a better product for removing odor and stains. I have had both dogs and cats and it has worked extremely well on all accidents. I highly recommend this product.

Stacy, Fuquay-Varina NC on 2015/04/11
My Go To - and Only Go To - For Years

I have been using this product for years, with 100% success. I highly recommend this product, for all of, and whatever kind of furry friend, and whatever your furry friend(s) needs may be!

Dan, Atascadero CA on 2014/10/16
Has always been great

We've used Nature's Miracle for all of the dogs we've had - mostly while they were puppies. It's always proven to be an excellent product and does what it claims.

Renee, W. Newbury MA on 2014/07/11
Nature's Miracle stain odor remover

This product works extremely well. Have used it for years. Am glad to be able to buy the 1.5 gallon size.

Shari, Palm Desert CA on 2014/05/14
Natures Miracle

The Natures Miracle that I received was such a great value and savings compared to going and purchasing it direct from a pet store. I am extremely happy with my purchase and I will be a repeat customer. I will never buy this product from a pet store again. I will always order it from Pet Mountain. You are a wonderful company to do business with. The shipping was extremely fast. The item arrived 4 days before the estimated delivery date. I give this company 5 stars...Thank you Pet Mountain

Betti-Lou, Harleysville PA on 2014/03/12
Worked great!

Fast shipping. Worked great, I would order it again.

Sandy, Windsor NY on 2014/02/27
Great Product

Received this product quickly - well packaged and great price. Very happy!

Susan, Ridgefield WA on 2014/02/17
Great product!

I have used this product for years and have always been satisfied with its efficiency, however, this is the first time I have purchased from this company. The product came very timely, very efficiently packaged, so NO leakage! Remember, this is a liquid product which could so easily have leaked, but did not. Kudos to the person who packaged it!

Julia, Tremonton UT on 2014/01/22
Good stuff!

Used it to clean corners of couches where visiting children's dogs marked their territory in my house. It took it out nicely. I'm very happy with the results.

Lori, Juneau AK on 2013/10/30
Nature's Miracle Gallon Size

Excellent Excellent Excellent! The packaging was superior to ALL others that I've purchased from. Tape was placed over the tops of the bottles, so they would no leak or open during shipping, and lots of bubble wrap was used in insure non-puncture! EXCELLENT!

Dan, Bronx NY on 2013/10/09
Natures Miracle Stain Remover

Great product for removing pet stains and odors. Recommend reading label for color fastness on some materials. Works well on my wood floor when Tanner has his accidents off his pad. Cleans up/hides smells or odors well. Pet Mountain offers a variety of sizes. The 1.5 gal. size is huge! Depending on how often you'll need it, the 1.5 gal. size will last a long time. A little bit of this product will go a long way.

Stephanie, Chicago IL on 2013/10/08
Great product - I go through 1 per month

I've always ordered this product from Petsmart or Petco. It is the same product that is a better price at The packaging of the 4 bottles I ordered was great! When I order from Petsmart or Petco, the bottles have been badly packed and always have some leaking when I open the box. Not this time! Very happy on how great the packing was an how perfectly the 4 bottles fit in the box (and the nice bubble wrap attached to the box). You think the big guys (Petco and Petsmart) could figure out how to pack as well as Petmountain did. Very happy with the shipping and the product (and the price!)

Rick, Severn MD on 2013/03/28
Great Value

The pricing of the refill size containers was great and Pet Mountain took the time to secure the lids to ensure that no product leaked during shipment.

Julie, Ypsilanti MI on 2013/02/06
Odor remover

I swear by this product and have been using it for years. I have 6 cats (right now) and this has been the only product that truly removes all odor from the cat urine or barf. It even removes strong odors left in my plastic tupperware storage type contains I use for leftovers. This product is offered in a large number of sizes, and the prices are the best I have found so far. When order was placed, it arrived faster than was expected! I will continue ordering this product from Pet Mountain - this you can be sure of!

Rebecca, New Orleans LA on 2012/09/03
Get this if you recently adopted a cat!

We first used Nature's Miracle on recommendation from a friend for a persistent moldy odor in our car leftover from a water leak. It worked when nothing else did. Had to use it briefly for a new and nervous cat who couldn't find her litter box on time. IMPORTANT: read and follow their directions. It will work much better than what you think is best (I learned the hard way!).

Anna, Hickory NC on 2012/03/21
The Best!

This stuff is so awesome. No strong smell, works great and is safe around my pets. Can't ask for more than that.

Cyndi, Fuquay-Varina NC on 2011/08/07
Truly a MIRACLE!

This stuff gets dog pee smells and stains out like no other product. Just read and follow the directions and it works. I love this stuff.

Maiju, Jacksonville FL on 2011/07/07


Robert, Boerne TX on 2011/03/11
Works as promised

It cleaned and removed loose stool stains from dog and almost completely erased a stain of dark vomit from a child, both on nearly white carpet. I say "almost" because at it's most concentrated area, the vomit spot (which had a week and a half to set in while I shopped around, ordered and awaited shipment) all but disappeared. Only a faint yellowish color remained but I haven't gone over it a second time yet, but plan to. I would suggest this purchase to others and definitely would purchase this over Folex as the Folex somewhat bleached my carpet in the small space I used it in a previous incident.

Stan , Huntington Beach CA on 2011/02/02

This is the best we have ever used.

Nicole, Virginia Beach VA on 2010/12/07
Great Product!

We love the Nature's Miracle products and especially love the Nature's Miracle Stain remover. It takes out pet stains and other stains like drinks and food that has been spilled on the carpet. It also removes the odor. We use it for everything.

Mary, Naples FL on 2010/10/25
My sister swears by it!

When my sister heard that my son's puppy used my stairs case landing for a potty room she immediately told me about a wonderful product she had used for a similar situation. She told me that she had tried many other methods of getting rid of the odor, but the proof came when her dog continued to sniff the area and urinate there during training. She must have tried a half dozen products and home remedies. But she finally was told by a pet store owner about Nature's Miracle. She immediately took it home and actually dumped it into her carpet, waited a while and then used her carpet cleaner on the carpet in that room. She was thrilled! The odor was gone, the carpet looked great and the dog could not find a hint of scent in that room any longer. I want this product ASAP!

Marcy, Norfolk VA on 2010/10/19
A True Miracle

I have cheap beige carpet in my house and have tried for months to get stains out of it. When we got our new puppy the breeder suggested Nature's Miracle in case he had accidents. I have used it on all the stains and they have come up with little effort. I LOVE this product!

Patty, Lake Helen FL on 2010/09/23
Natures miracle stain and odor remover

This is the best product ever made. It not only works for pet stains but has even removed red wine from ivory colored carpet. I now use all the products and have been happy with all of them.

Cindy, Pueblo CO on 2010/09/16
Works great!

I've used Nature's Miracle in the past with good results but stopped buying it because of the price. Pet Mountain's price made it too good to pass up. They also wrapped the bottle well so it did not leak during shipment.

Gary, Menasha WI on 2010/08/19
Even on pool tables

My $300 kitty,went on my $3000 pool table and I couldn't let this happen again.So,We haven't found anything better than this to clean up the messes. This really works, and of course if you catch it immediately, you can't even tell anything happened!!

Sherry, Gbc TX on 2010/08/01
I Loved It!!

I tried many different products. This one did get stains and odor from my carpet. Not only do I use it for pet stains, but stains from cola, fruit punch, etc. It's a great product in my books!

Becky, Atlanta GA on 2010/07/19
It really works!

We have an elderly lab with bladder control issues and Nature's Miracle is the only product that actually removes the odor. We highly recommend it - but you do need to buy it be the gallon

Terry, Hollister MO on 2010/07/11
The best product ever.!!!!

I use this product for just about every cleanup. I have never been disappointed. I have a Border Collie that is constantly chasing skunks. This product even removes the skunk smell. A life saver.

Mary, Chicago IL on 2010/06/28
It really works

We have an 8 year old female Beagle. We adopted her from a family member, she was used to being an outside dog. When she came to live with us she was having a lot of accidents in the house, a few times just about every day. after a few months it was just every few days once or twice a day. We tried everything to having someone walk her while we were at work to trying to crate train her, nothing worked. then we purchsed the Natures Miracle,odor remover and that same day i received it she had an acciedent, i cleaned it up and followed the directions on the bottle and waited. As of today she has been accident free for almost three weeks now. this stuff really does it's job.

Brenda, Indianapolis IN on 2010/05/30
This is the best!!

We haven't found anything better than this to clean up the messes. This really works, and of course if you catch it immediately, you can't even tell anything happened!!

Cathy, San Jose CA on 2010/02/05
Love this product!

Ive used many other products and this is by far the most effective.

L, Central WI on 2009/08/18
Saved us HUNDREDS of $$!!

I remembered my mother using Natures Miracle. After my daughter had an 'accident' on her bedroom carpet, I shampooed the carpet but the the room still reeked! I then sprayed the carpet with germacide, but the smell came back. Since we wern't sure that she was over this, we wern't ready to replace the carpet. I soaked the floor with Nature's Miracle. It took 2 days to dry, but the smell is completely gone! I have even used a black light, and can't find the spot! Sounds gross, but it sure was much cheaper than replacing carpet

Wen, New York NY on 2008/08/17
Great for Puppy Training--I Love It!

I just got my puppy few days ago, and am going through housebreaking training for him. He "goes" inside his crate constantly, and the odor was unbearable. I lost some nights' sleep, getting up a few times cleaning up after him, but he still does it at the same spot, with tears and guilt in his eyes. He simply cannot help it!!! I found this product in a pet store--and it works wonders!!! I spray his crate and my bedroom floor where he "accidentally" leaves his mark-- and he no longer does it over the same spot because the odor was eliminated. It makes housebreaking easier for him and for me! He is a happy little fellow and he is here to stay!

Eileen, Somerville NJ on 2007/12/31
Nature's Miracle Works

We have four cats, three of whom started urinating around the house when one of them had a urinary infection. The smell was just horrible. We went around the house and sprayed with Natures Miracle, pouring it on the carpet to saturate the padding, and the smell is completely gone from those areas. It worked very well, and we keep it in the house at all times.

Dan, Escondido CA on 2007/12/30

The reviews here say it all. This stuff always removes the old, set-in, yellow pee stains when eventually I get around to them (many many months later), without fail. I don't follow the instructions properly (or at all), and it still does what it says it will do. It even works on pet vomit and on unknown origin and stuckintothecarpet/dried-in black stains??? Unbelievable!!!!

Tasha, Baltimore MD on 2007/12/15
This is a must for anyone with a puppy!

Having never been a dog owner,I was worried that the inevitable accidents during house breaking would ruin my carpets. I have used this stuff religiously and I do not have any stains or odors in the house. It helps to spray immediately and blot the stain but once, I discovered an accident hours after it had occurred and Nature's Miracle still removed the stain and got rid of the strong odor. I would highly recommend this product and you all have it at about half the cost of the major retail pet stores.

V, Johnstown PA on 2007/11/21
New Puppy??

When I adopted a puppy from the local shelter she had a few potty issues. I am so pleased with how well Nature's Miracle takes care of stains and odors. I also use it when I detail my car!

Dana, Yardley PA on 2007/11/18
Nature's Miracle is great - but the auto spray need's a re-design

I'm an avid fan of nature's miracle... we have 3 dogs over 12 and a puppy so mistakes happen. The best buy is the 1.5 gallon but it has a battery operated sprayer that is just awful. I continue to buy this size but hope that some day the spray design will be perfected. It's very annoying.

Dori, Brooklyn NY on 2007/10/27
Only thing that works

Nature's Miracle is the only thing that works for my problem of a bad cat. Suggestion: with fabric, soak it completely in a bucket of the stuff, make sure you leave it completely soaked in the liquid for 24 hours, than let dry completely (up to 2-3 days), than lauder. It's a pain but it works!

Roxanne, North Highlands CA on 2007/10/13
the best cat de-stink I have found!!

When May-Lee pees on the couch this gets rid of the smell in a day or so. A bit added to the laundry removes any smell as well. It does have a bit of a sharp oder when you use it but that goes away quickly

Mary, Houston TX on 2007/10/03
Worth the money

This product really works. It removes all the smell of urine and even works on old stains. We've tried other products and they have not been successful at getting the smell out like Nature's Miracle. Be sure to saturate the area.

Mary Lou, Leawood KS on 2007/09/10
Awesome deordorizer

We have tried other stain removers,odor removers as well as enzymes, but don't waste your money....Nature's Miracle is by far THE BEST!

Nancy, Baltimore MD on 2007/08/31
great product!

works every time - odors gone, stain gone. wouldn't use anything else!

Damian, Hobe Sound FL on 2007/08/28
Nothing works like it!

I've tried every possible product on the market for removing cat urine stain and odor. Until I found Nature's Miracle I thought my carpet and flooring were doomed! But now I regularly clean up with Nature's Miracle which effectively eliminates any trace of the cat's accidents - and without damaging the floors.

Pat, Myrtle Beach SC on 2007/08/20
This stuff really works!

Nature's Miracle Stain and Odor Remover really works to clean up pet stains on the carpet. It works better than any other product I've ever used. Buy it!

Katie, Haverhill MA on 2007/08/14
This product really works!

This stuff really gets the stains and, usually, the smell out. It works as well as or better than any other product I've tried. I had an older dog who had a lot of accidents and this stuff couldn't get the smell totally out. It's definitely our favorite product to use for pet stains and odors.

Henry, San Jose CA on 2007/08/11
Nature's Miracle

This is a great product... our furry K9 daughter occasionally has accidents and/or eats something that didn't agree with her. Nature's Miracle does a fantastic job of not only removing any visible evidence but also any smell. Our dog would come in later sniffing all around trying to find her accident and she has a hard time finding the spot... really it works that good! We love this stuff !!!

Suzanne, Cypress CA on 2007/08/10
Works like a charm

Love Nature's Miracle. Works every time. When our new puppy has an accident I just clean it up and spray the spot. He doesn't go back. I also spray both dog beds and the upholstered furniture. Takes away the doggy order as well. Wouldn't be without it.

Debra, Lone Grove OK on 2007/08/05


Christina, Virginia Beach VA on 2007/08/03


Martin, Delray Beach FL on 2007/07/29
My wife says "Where have you been all my life"?

We have found the product as good as advertised and use it whenever our Doxie has accidents and she has a few.

Jill, Temperance MI on 2007/07/21
Best on the market

Being a foster home for dogs I get many dogs in need of housebreaking and natures miracle is the best clean up around for the inevitable mess on the carpet. I've tried others, but none work as good as's the best there is.

Kay, Wilmington NC on 2007/07/11
Works wonderfully.

I bought this when I couldn't find my favorite product to clean the litter box with, Petzyme. I love it. It cleans well and keeps the smells from being absorbed by the plastic. I highly recommend it.

Leslie, Paradise CA on 2007/06/12
You gotta have this stuff

This stuff is awesome--if you use it as directed, it does in fact totally remove all pet odors. I've even used it when my kid wet the bed. Just be sure to remove/sop up all of the urine you can get, then saturate the area with Nature's Miracle.

Elizabeth, Fairfax VA on 2007/06/10
Great Product for odor removal

This product works great. We tried it when our older dog started having accidents and now with our younger dog. This is the only product I've found that gets rid of the smell.

Lindsay, Jacksonville FL on 2007/06/08
Fab Product A Definate Must

I love this product. Having this around made training my new puppy so easy.

Ron, Frisco TX on 2007/06/07
The only one that works!

We have a new puppy who is going through the normal learning curve and trying to find the right places to "go". We cleaned his mistakes w/Nature's Miracle when it was sent home with us by the pet store. You could tell that the dog could hardly even tell where he had gone. When we ran out of the first bottle, we tried a cheaper brand cleaner that claimed to remove odors, but it was pretty obvious that the dog could still tell that the territory was marked. After biting the bullet and spending more for Nature's Miracle, things are much better, and even more so, now that we've found this site where it is just as affordable as the cheap stuff!! Thanks Pet Mountain!!

Pam, Grand Blanc MI on 2007/05/10
Best Ever

I have tried everything and nothing worked at all. I have a brand new house and this stuff saved my new carpets. Thank heavens!

V, Macon GA on 2007/05/10
Absolute Miracle

I have been using Nature's Miracle for as long as I can remember, and it works!When I find a cat vomit spot on the carpet, even if it has dried, this product always removes the material easily and also removes the odor and stain 100%. Nothing else I have ever tried has removed cat food vomit stains, and I have tried almost every product out there it seems, so this is an absolute miracle product to me.I hope they never stop making it!

Carolyn , Poteet TX on 2007/04/27
Way to Go

We have 3 ferrets, and anyone with ferrets knows that you can not litter train them 100%. I was given a sample of this stuff, wow what can I say the carpet is great I use it to clean their cages. Best of all my ferret with allergies does not have a problem with it.

Laura, Ft. Lauderdale FL on 2007/04/25
Finally, something that works!

I've tried just about everything for my dog's "accidents," but nothing seemed to ever work. I looked all over the net for suggestions and Nature's Miracle came up numerous times, so I decided to try it since so many other people seemed to have success with it. Granted the smell isn't so wonderful as it's doing it's job, it's well worth it in the end to finally get rid of the terrible urine stains and odor. I drenched the spot on my mattress and set it out in the sun for the day. Absolutely amazing. I would recommend this product to anyone!

Shawn, Albany NY on 2007/04/22
Scary Black Light

After getting fed up with the urine smell, my girlfriend and I finally got the courage to use a black light to our carpet. Our puppy laid down multiple pee spots all throughout the room.We bought 2 gallons of the Nature's Miracle and poured it on every single one of the stains until they were soaked. After 2 or 3 days, it was completely dry and the smell disappeared.This stuff is great!

Suesan, Greenville OH on 2007/04/21
What a life savor!

When I purchased my puppy, the owner recommended Natures Miracle Stain and Odor Remover. I had trouble potty training her. I needed a product that would work . This product does just that. I have other products to select from especially when I shampoo my carpet. If you haven't tried these products you should.

Jo, Houston PS on 2007/04/04
Works Wonders

I just got two mini Schnauzer puppies and they are just wonderful except for their little accidents. However I bought natures miracle and it has cleaned up every spot they made and they also have not messed in the same spot twice. I bought a bottle for my mom and now she is in love with it.

Stacie, Chepachet RI on 2007/04/04
Nature's Miracle - A MUST!!!

I have two children. One is three, the other is four. Add an eleven week-old pup to the mix and housebreaking is just what it sounds like! Nature's Miracle makes all the accident's more tolerable. It virtually removes any odor as well as the insult the pup has left behind!

Magie, Walla Walla WA on 2007/04/02
Saved our carpets!

This product is fantastic. Not only did it clean up our puppy messes but it help with the 3 year old spills as well. Would highly recommend this to anyone.

Susan, St. Louis MO on 2007/03/31
Really a Miracle!

I love this product, it works wonderfully - and the price here can't be beat!

Dennis, Dilworth MN on 2007/03/30
Greatest product around

I could not believe how good this product worked. The places I had used another product, my dog kept going back to. I used this product once, and the dog never goes there again. Confused him, made me happy.Thank you for a wonderful alternative.

Marla, Elwood IN on 2007/03/29
Great Stuff!!!

Just thought I'd let you know that this is a great product! I have many cats; and with that comes accidents! It removed the stains as well as the odor from the urine. Thank you *so* much!! I love my power sprayer gun...makes it much easier to apply.

V, Los Angeles CA on 2007/03/21
Great product for cat owners!

I bought this after my two kittens had an "accident" on our bed... I washed the two blankets with it, and they never came back to that spot again. Next time I will get the special cat cleanser, but this one works great already!

Kinzie, Grove City PA on 2007/03/13
Amazing Product

I have two young dogs and light cream carpet. Not a good mix! But Nature's Miracle has saved my carpet. No matter what the stain it gets it up. There is also no odor left. I have used it on dog accidents, spills, and dirt stains. I have not had a stain I could not remove with this product. It is so easy! You just spray and rub clean.

Deeanne, Seattle WA on 2007/03/11
Wonderful for Pet "Accidents"!!!

Nature's Miracle is truly a life saver - or at least a house saver. We rescue old dogs and so there are occasional and not so occasional accidents. With Nature's Miracle, guests to our house can't tell that we even have dogs (well, except for the welcoming barks).Thanks you! And please, never stop making this product.

Kathy, Columbus OH on 2007/03/03
Great Stuff

With 11 cats and 3 dogs , my vets office suggested to try and it works great. I have hardwood floors and carpet, I just cleanup the mess and spray it (helps with any leftover odors). It really works with this household, I would and will suggest this product to anyone who has pets.

Kelly, Port Aransas TX on 2007/02/26
Works very well!

We rescued a bulldog that has leg problems and has a hard time walking so unless you coax her off the couch that is where she says. So needless to say, she pees on the couch sometimes. I tried many different products but I never got it clean enough and as soon as I put the covers back on the couch there was pee again. I finally bought Nature's Miracle and cleaned the couches with it and wash the couch covers in it and it works! Couches smell clean (after they dry....smells alcoholic when you first apply) and the covers do also! I'm buying a second gallon to use as needed!

Kelly, Port Aransas TX on 2007/02/26
Loved it!

Bought it to use on couches and covers where we couldn't figure out whether the dog or cats were peeing. I cleaned with a multitude of products and the animals kept peeing. I finally bought Nature's Miracle and washed the covers with it and cleaned the couches. It worked! The peeing stopped and only happens when we forget to get the dog outside. I'm buying a second gallon to keep on hand for any emergencies!

Kristni, College Station TX on 2007/02/24

This is the only product that will keep the doggie smell out of your house. We keep our dogs in a kennel in a large closet and everytime we let them out we spray it down with Nature's Miracle and it works GREAT!!!

Katherine, Findlay OH on 2007/02/20
Unbelievable Ð it really works

I took in a few rescue cats on a temporary basis and was terrified that I wouldn't get the odor out of the carpets. I tried a small amount and it really does work. It's awful while it's working but once it's dried, the odor is gone.

Kristi, Adams TN on 2007/02/10
Wonderful for stains

We have a siamese cat who likes to urinate in spots outside of the litterbox and this product does a great job of eliminating odor. We always place aluminum foil over the area and a heavy box so that they leave the area alone for the full two weeks.

Julie, Norman OK on 2007/02/01
It really is a MIRACLE!

I've tried everything, and this stuff by far is the BEST for cleaning up pet stains!

Lisa, Tulsa OK on 2007/01/26
It really beat the heat!

I've tried everything I can think of to keep them on her, but when my Beagle is in heat, she just won't keep her pants on! One evening about a year ago, she snuggled up on the sofa next to my boyfriend and somehow managed to Houdini herself out of them with such skill that neither of us even noticed until it was too late. We had just started dating, so I was completely mortified when I saw those bright red spots all over his favorite white shirt. I wasn't sure what to do since the fabric wasn't bleachable, but before I panicked I grabbed some Nature's Miracle and just dipped the stains in it and hoped for the best. I checked on it after a few hours and was absolutely thrilled to see not a single trace of evidence! This stuff is unbelievable.

Sarah, Beaver Dam WI on 2007/01/23
The BEST ever, a MUST HAVE for all pet parents!!!

I work at a pet store and have 6 cats of my own! I have tried many different cleaning and odor products. Some got the stain but only masked the odor while others didn't clean very well but deodorized the carpets.... Nature's Miracle does it all. It cleans, eliminates all the odor, is safe on clothes and other blankets etc, and is incredibly easy to use. Pour it on the spot or the whole area and that's it! It's my favorite product to recommend to all my clients.

Amy, Viola DE on 2007/01/11
It Really Works

I love this product. There are no perfumes to cover up smells and leave you wondering what you have really accomplished. It works even on the older spots. I use it in the soak cycle in the laundry when my cat (or child!) wets on the bedding. It really works.

Amber, Greenbank WA on 2007/01/11
The only thing for the pee pee princess

With a 6 month old weenie dog we could not live without this stuff. Works Great! Thanks!

Nicole, Brandenburg KY on 2007/01/10
Great Product

As a person the owns 2 dogs that stay indoors at all time, I needed something to help with the urine smell in the house. I have tried all kinds of products and then found this. It worked so great my hubby let me get another dog to add to the pack!! Nothing better in my book.

Charlene, Park Ridge IL on 2007/01/03
Pretty Good

This product seemed to help - especially when we first started using it. After about 90 days, it's not as effective as before in preventing cat markings in the same place; however, we still think we're better off using this enzyme cleaner than w/o it.

Pat, Bonsall CA on 2006/12/30
Excellent product

I have a young dog who sometimes urinates in the house. This product is able to remove the stain and the odor. I am grateful to have found it!!!

Vivi, San Diego CA on 2006/12/01
Miracle Worker

I have a cat and a dog so things can get messy. This works for any type of mess they create - Nature's Miracle does not bleach and cause discoloration in my carpets like other cleaners. The cleaning process is easy and leaves no residual odors.

Violet, Glendale CA on 2006/11/22
It really is a miracle!

After merging households with my boyfriend, we had four cats who were at war. You can imagine some of the stinky consequences of their anger...Nature's Miracle has worked wonders to irradicate the smell. And it's great for other stains.

Jan, Spirit Lake IA on 2006/11/09
Wonderful product!!

This has got to be the best urine smell remover that I have ever tried. I even recommend it to a friend at work that had a urine stain a week old and the stain and smell came right out of his carpet!

Candi, Blue Springs MO on 2006/11/07
This stuff works great!

I have an old dog who has forgotten his old tricks--mainly, going potty OUTSIDE! Unfortunately, our vet told me this comes with age, and I am just doing my best to clean up after him. I found Nature's Miracle, and it not only removes the stain, it removes the odor! I love it!

Deena, Fayetteville NC on 2006/10/28
I Loved it!

I am in the process of watching a neighbor's dog. When I went to let him out this morning, he had a major accident on the carpet. I found Nature's Miracle Stain and Odor Remover under the sink. After soaking the stains for only 5 minutes, I was able to blot the stains up using papertowels and only a little scrubbing. I couldn't believe how well the stain was removed, what little time it took me and that there was no smell. I am now ordering some for my own house and for my parents who also have 2 dogs.