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Nylabone Dura Chew Bone Chicken Flavor Petite by Nylabone


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Nylabone Dura Chew Bone Chicken Flavor Petite Description

Nylabone DuraChew Chicken Flavor Petite Chew Bones are long lasting, flavor enhanced bones that dogs can't resist. Made of tough nylon in a shape dogs can grip easily, DuraChew chew toys are perfect for relieving the natural chewing instincts of powerfu chewers.

  • satisfies the natural urge to chew
  • Helps clean teeth & control tartar and plaque buildup
  • Designed for powerful chewers
  • 3.5" long, for dogs 1-15 lbs

Made in the USA.

70% of dogs tested showed a significant improvement in dental health when allowed to chew Nylabone at will. Tough Nylabone is endorsed by leading dog authorities like the ASPCA and used by animal hospitals, kennels and humane shelters.

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Nylabone Dura Chew Bone Chicken Flavor Petite Customer Reviews

Jahn, Maineville OH on 2014/09/02
Large Quality Bone For Strong Chewers

Large approx 12 plastic bone. I have 140 and 170 pound dogs... this is the perfect size. It would have been too big for my 60 pound dog. We buy these by the half dozen (eventually they need to be replaced - they get sharp from all of the chewing).

Jahn, Maineville OH on 2014/09/02
Great large bone for strong chewers

Large approx 12" plastic bone. I have 140 and 170 pound dogs ... this is the perfect size. It would have been too big for my 60 pound dog. We buy these by the half dozen (eventually they need to be replaced - they get sharp from all of the chewing).

Tina, Albuquerque NM on 2014/05/03
Great for Heavy Chewers

My dog is a heavy chewer and these last. Well worth the price. We do grind down the rough edges every once and awhile. They can get pretty sharp.

Cara, Iowa City IA on 2013/04/14

My dog destroys toys like it is her job -- DuraChew is the only thing she hasn't been able to destruct. We have ordered most of their product line and she loves them all. She is able to chew off really small pieces of the plastic but has not been able to break or otherwise demolish the toy.

Cara, Iowa City IA on 2013/04/14

My dog destroys toys like it is her job -- DuraChew is the only thing she hasn't been able to destruct. We have ordered most of their product line and she loves them all. She is able to chew off really small pieces of the plastic but has not been able to break or otherwise demolish the toy.

S, Napa CA on 2013/03/21
Does the job.

I bought 2 of these one for my black lab/Shepard mix she is a chewer. An my Australian cattle dog/pit bull mix he gets plaque build up easy. They both love it. Keeps her from chewing on stuff she is not supposed to. Has cleaned up the plaque on his teeth that I haven't been able to get off with regular brushing. And it keeps them both occupied for a while. Plan on getting them to have more around when they are done with these ones. But they are holding up pretty well from them chewing on them.

Shammy, Chicago IL on 2012/11/17
My puppy loves it

Satisfies my puppy's urge to chew and keeps him busy for a bit. Best rawhide alternative.

Rae, Santa Fe NM on 2011/11/19
All the dogs love them...

great vegan treats for our three dogs!

Lori, Merritt Island FL on 2011/10/08
My dachshund loved it!

Nylabones are one of two things my dachshund can't destroy in 2 days. (Kong products are the other). They last forever and keep my dogs teeth beautiful! He loves them!

John, Sykeston ND on 2011/02/09
Dogs loved it

I bought this for my chocolate lab and for my buddies 2 German short hairs. They all love them and chew on this most of the time. Will definitely keep getting these when needed! The prices and fast shipping are the best in the business, great people to deal with!

Laurie, Colorado Springs CO on 2011/02/03
Loved it!

My dogs (Chinese Shar-peis) have been raised on the Nylabone products and love to chew. These seem to last the longest.

Rosie, Arlington TX on 2011/01/07
Nyla Bones are GREAT!

I buy Nylabones for my 4 dogs and my 10 prison program dogs that are all heavy chewers. Unlike rawhides you don't have to worry about stained carpets or fur. Also you don't have to try to dig it out of your dogs mouth once he starts chocking on it(raw hides are notorious for this). I highly recommend Nyla Bones to all pet owners regardless if you have a mild to heavy chewer!

Sue, Carrboro NC on 2010/12/30
Charlie loves these!

My dachshund/jack russel dog, Charlie, absolutely loves the chicken-flavored nylabones. The keep my little high-energy pal occupied for quite a while, thank goodness, and they're good for his teeth.

Sandy, Cleveland OH on 2010/12/15
Great for Labs

My Labrador is an aggressive chewer. She can tear through a rawhide in 15 minutes. Nylabones are perfect for her. I would highly recommend the Nylabone for any aggressive chewer.

Becky, Pueblo CO on 2010/08/26
The dog is nuts about these!

My dog absolutely goes nuts for these.

Cathy, Pittsburgh PA on 2010/08/15
my puppy Ana loves these

Ana enjoys chewing the the Nylabone Durable Pooch Pacifier - it keeps her busy in her kennel.

Lisa, Las Vegas NV on 2010/08/14
Nylabone Super - The most durable bone ever!

Our 4 dogs love the Nylabone Super! Chicken flavor it their favorite! We have 4 large dogs that can literally chew through anything if they put their mind to it....these bones are the best, most durable and long lasting - they can't wear them out!

Jen, Jamesport MO on 2010/07/09
Soooo excited to find these!

I have 2 house dogs that are very aggressive chewers! I have always bought these bones for them, but the store I buy them at quit carrying them. So of course I am very excited to find them and my dogs will be too :-)

Natalie, Los Angeles CA on 2010/07/01
Outlasts the Kong toys.

I always bought Kong toys for our dogs but they either grew quickly tired of them or weren't interested. When we recently adopted our pitt/lab mix he ripped through a black (for serious chewers) toy and destroyed it within 15 minutes. Not only is the nylabone more reasonably priced than Kong but my pitador or labrabull is still working on the same nylabone that he's had for two months now. For my money the best dog product out there.

Anne, Kansas City MO on 2010/06/18
Chicken Nylabones

The Nylabones are perfect for our Welsh Corgi. Pet Mountain had the items in stock and shipped them quickly. I will definitely do business with them again.

Kara, Tiger GA on 2010/06/03
Loves his Hotdog!

Our Yellow Lab loves this chew toy, we call it his Hotdog, because before we found this he had a plastic hotdog that lasted about a day. The first time we gave him one of these we told him it was a new hotdog and that's what we've called them for the last few years. We tell him to go get his hotdog and he gets the nylabone, he loves it. It lasts him about 2 months of heavy chewing. It's GREAT!

Jodi, Chicago IL on 2010/05/24
only chew bones i use

my dog is a "powerful" chewer and this is the only bone that lasts and he just loves them!

Sandra, Seattle WA on 2010/05/03
The Only Thing That Works for Chewers

Nylabones are the only thing that saved our house from total destruction when our Old English Sheepdogs were puppies - very soothing! As for their health, Nylabones have kept their teeth absolutely unstained. They love them - no other bone or similar treat has come close to being as effective.

Rob, Santa Clarita CA on 2010/04/21

Nylabone is, as always, the BEST!

Natalie , West Sacramento CA on 2010/04/20
Dogs love them!

Nyla bones are a great treat for dogs, they absolutely love them. Chewing helps their teeth and gums. These nyla bones can keep dogs occupied for hours!

Kimberly, Roseville OH on 2010/03/17
Great Product

My dogs LOVE their Nylabones! Both are very strong chewers and have destroyed even the "King Kong". The Nylabones last them 6+ months. I would recommend them to anyone.

John, Las Vegas NV on 2010/02/12
Great for a strong chewer

My Golden Retriever is a strong chewer who devours most toys and chew bones in no time. He seems to love these Nylabones and they last thereby making both of us happy. He enjoys the chicken and original flavors equally.

Laura, Winston Salem NC on 2010/02/06
My dogs love the bones!

My two huskies enjoy these bones the knuckle bones. I would rather give them this one instead of a squeaky toy! Sasha my huskie is an aggressive chewer so I'm always looking for new ones to keep her busy with. Riff Raff likes the Nylabones also they will share a bone too.

Tofu, Blue Ridge GA on 2009/11/17
Great bones for big dogs!

My Black Lab and Golden Retriever love chew bones, but they can swallow rawhide bone pieces, so I have to be careful what I give them. They love these big Nylabones - and these bones last a long time. No danger of the dogs swallowing them whole!

Amie, San Marino CA on 2008/01/08
my dog loves her nylabones

my one year old weimaraner loves her nylabones because they give her hours of satisfaction. other treats and toys don't hold her attention for very long so i always end up giving her a nylabone.

Nicole, Herndon VA on 2007/12/11
Hours of Chewing

I buy these bones for my dogs every Christmas. The dogs love them and they last for a long time - even with aggressive chewers.

Tom, Butler PA on 2007/09/18
My beagle loves these!

My beagle destroys any soft toy that we give him in minutes. This is the only toy that we have found that keeps him occupied. He will chew on his bone for hours at a time. The bone has lasted us for a couple months now. I am purchasing one for our new German Shepherd puppy because the beagle doesn't want to share with him!

Arthur, Oro Valley AZ on 2007/09/04
My Puppies Love These Things!

These are the only things I can give my puppies that they cannot destroy in five minutes! I love them, and so do they!Great buy, by the way...a competitor website website wants more than double for these things at their stores.

Tammy, Milton NH on 2007/07/22
Great bones

Our dogs are very tough chewers and these bones really give them a run for their money. We end up replacing them before they have chewed through them. The only problem that we have found is that the ends get a pointy and rough after a few weeks of heavy chewing.Overall though, these are great toys.

Daniella, Richmond VA on 2007/05/24
great chew toy

My dogs love the chicken flavored nylabones and spend hours chewing them. These are very durable toys; one of my dogs has destroyed almost every toy he has ever encountered, and his nylabones are still very much intact.