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Nylabone Dura Chew Bone Original Flavor Petite by Nylabone


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Nylabone Dura Chew Bone Original Flavor Petite Description

Nylabone DuraChew Petite Original Flavor Bones are long lasting, flavor enhanced bones your dog can't resist! Chewing the durable chew bones massages teeth and gums without tooth wear.

  • Helps clean teeth and control tartar and plaque buildup
  • Designed for powerful chewers & satisfies natural urge to chew
  • Made in the USA
  • 3.5" long, for dogs 1-15 lbs

70% of dogs tested showed a significant improvement in dental health when allowed to chew Nylabone at will. Tough Nylabone is endorsed by leading dog authorities like the ASPCA and used by animal hospitals, kennels and humane shelters.

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Nylabone Dura Chew Bone Original Flavor Petite Customer Reviews

Brooke, Jamestown NY on 2014/12/15
Perfect toy at a perfect price!

We have 3 of our own dogs and have a revolving door of foster dogs through our home. Most of the foster dogs have never seen a dog toy before, some have pent up energy. Nylabones have proven to be a must in our house. They are just about the only truly indestructible toy. They are the only toy I feel comfortable putting in a crate with a dog. We have around 3 dozen Nylabones of all shapes and sizes in our home for our dogs and the foster dogs to enjoy. We are constantly checking them and when they get worn down we throw away and replace them. This size/shape is one of the longer lasting ones and our dogs love having them around. Thank you Pet Mountain for making it affordable to purchase a dozen or half dozen Nylabones at a time as purchasing them by each is just far to expensive when you are going through them like we do!

Tem, Highland Haven TX on 2014/11/24
Our dogs love them

Our 3 labs, plus the one lab we are fostering, love these nylabones. They keep them occupied for hours. As they are house dogs, it gives them something to chew on instead of the furniture.

Bobbie, Conroe TX on 2014/07/17
Perfect size, I always have 2-3 extra

This bone satisfies her craving to chew, and they last a long time...however, if you step on one with bare feet it's an "ouchie"!

Tem, Highland Haven TX on 2014/07/04
Nylabones for canine contentment

Our large Labs love their nylabones. PetMountain is an excellent source for price and service. We'll be back!

Charlene, Waipahu HI on 2014/01/02
Male Pit Bull Loves It and Hubby Loves Price!

Our male pit bull loves it -- barks at it after dinner, gnaws on it like dessert and chews it down to a little nub. My husband loves the price -- very expensive at pet stores in Hawaii, if you can find it.

Thomas, Marble Falls TX on 2013/11/21
Our dogs love them

Our 3 large dogs go through these like hot butter. They really enjoy chewing and these are much better than the furniture.

Cathy, Enumclaw WA on 2013/10/04
Purchase Of Nylabones

I am very happy. My dogs love them. Ordering them was simple, easy and they were delivered as promised. I will certainly purchase from you again.

Bill, Sayville NY on 2013/09/15
Perfect supply

The dozen package of Nylabone originals was perfect. Came in a timely manner and in perfect condition. They each came individually packaged, just like off the shelf - not just a dozen loose bones in a bag. Our terrier loves them to death. Great price this way too.

Dawn, Portland OR on 2012/03/15
My dog loves them!

I ordered more of the Durable Pooch Pacifier - Super for my Neapolitan Mastiff. He's a chewer and loves these! This is my 2nd round of 4, so we have spares. The first set lasted over 2 years. Great Buy! I've had dogs that don't like Nylabones so make sure yours does before you stock up...

Sheri, Houston TX on 2011/08/04
My dachshunds love these

My four dachshunds love these and chew chew on them everyday. They last quite awhile and the durable nylabones keeps their teeth clean. I love PetMountian! Buying from them, with their great prices, I am able to get a few extras for my girls.

Mary, Virginia Beach VA on 2011/03/25

This is a good size for my older Golden Retriever. His sister enjoys a larger size more (because she is young and greedy), but his older mouth appreciates this one. She is also happy to chew on this size, though. It is pretty substantial and I consider it appropriate for their size. They are about 80 lb and chew smaller Nylabones quickly down to nubs.

Lorraine, Reading PA on 2011/03/13
As always, love Nylabone

This is one toy that stands up to my aggressive chewer no matter what. I love Nylabone and will continue to supply my pup with their toys. These toys last! She eventually chews them down, but they at least last a month or two before she does (unlike some of the other "tough" toys which have only lasted a few minutes in our house!)

Britt, Longwood FL on 2011/02/16
Our pups favorites!

These "bonies" are our two Rat Terriers' favorite things. We buy them in bulk because Pet Mountain has great prices. (They're DOUBLE or more at 'walk in' Pet supply stores.) We have to make sure that we always have them on hand in case it's time for a new one. These particular ones, the "durable" ones, are for powerful chewers, which our guys are. What the reviews normally leave out which I think is VERY important, is that these things are great for their teeth and gums! Our Rats grip them with their front feet and chew using their very back teeth (where plaque can build up). One of our guys is on a restricted diet and it's like giving him a dental bone (better, imho) but without the calories!

Heather, San Diego CA on 2011/02/10
Very good

My black lab likes this toy....not favorite but it does last.

Donna, Park City KY on 2010/12/07
Dogs Loved It

Products delivered promptly. Great price. My dogs are both aggressive chewers and love the Nylabone. We put them in one end of a Black Kong and they trot around the house with them. They chew them all the time and not on items they are not suppose to chew!

Jenn, Waco TX on 2010/10/14
Dogs love them...

Our dogs love chewing on these. They are the only toys we can bring into the house that don't immediately get destroyed. The prices at Pet Mountain were the best I found on the internet. I will definitely purchase from here again.

Steve Fleming, Sanford NC on 2010/10/10
Nylabone Durable Pooch Pacifier

My golden has used Nylabones since he was 3 years old. Have used rawhide type bones but they are messy. The nylabone is great

Carlie, Great Bend KS on 2010/09/28
My Picky Dogs Love This!

My dogs love the nylabone products. Especially the flexchews. I have 3 labradoodles and they last forever, unlike raw hides. The only downfall is making sure to take the bone away when it gets small enough to swallow.

Karen, Pittsburgh PA on 2010/08/09
Great product!

I have two labs. Those of you who have labs know what I mean when I say these bones are life savers! ... couch savers, shoe savers, etc.! My dogs love these things and they have not chewed on anything else but them since I got them! They also last a LONG time so they're well worth the couple extra dollars over the cheap alternative chews.

Karen, Pittsburgh PA on 2010/08/09
Great product!

These are perfect, long lasting chews! For heavier chewers or very large dogs, you can get the super size which have a bigger knot at the end.

Keith , Andes NY on 2010/06/29
The best bones

My dogs have loves these bones for a long time and you have made them more affordable to me!

Pat, Raleigh NC on 2010/06/27
great for tough chewers

This is a standard in our household where our Jackrussell/beagle=Jackabee needs to chew all the time. Lasts longer than other chew toys.

Carolyn, Boston MA on 2010/06/23
Excellent product

My sister has a couple of giant schnauzers who are amazingly strong chewers. I get them these bones and they last 2 - 3 weeks. They LOVE them and chew them a LOT which means their teeth are pearly white and beautiful. So, if you hate brushing your dog's teeth, this is your answer. You can't do better than these, in my opinion.

Jack, Santa Rosa CA on 2010/06/09

My two dogs (one German Shepherd and one lab/rott mix just love Nylabones. They don't digest them so they last a while, keep them busy and the dogs aren't interested in chewing on furniture.

Judith, North Ogden UT on 2010/06/02
Original Nylabone is Great!

The only chew toy I provide my Newfoundlands is the super size Original Nylabone. This product satisfies their desire to chew, is essentially indestructible, lasts a long time, and helps keep their teeth free from tartar.

Beverly, Reading PA on 2010/05/07
Its the only bone that survives my dogs chewing

My little Bichon is a major CHEWER! Nylabone is the only chewie that gives her great chewing pleasure but lasts a long, long time.

John, Las Vegas NV on 2010/02/12
Great for a strong chewer

My Golden Retriever is a strong chewer who devours most toys and chew bones in no time. He seems to love these Nylabones and they last thereby making both of us happy.

Lynne, Hudson ME on 2010/01/26
We love the Wolf Nylabone

We find the Wolf Nylabone they can chew on and chew on and chew on and never kill it I have a boxer and a Pit Bull and both are aggressive with chewing big time! These are the cat's meow with chewing let me tell you. If I can ever find them in the house the Boxer likes to carry them all over the house with her and so they go everywhere lol :) But if you have aggressive chewers, Wolf Nylabone is worth the cost and they can chew on these for ever.

Brandy, Atlanta GA on 2009/12/08
Great chew!

My Yorkie loves it! Each one lasts about 3 months and she chews it every day.

Raej, Katy TX on 2009/11/23

8 wk old Mastador puppy loves it. :) Very durable and she seems to enjoy chewing it.

Rori, Bethlehem PA on 2009/11/08
He likes it, but does not love

My border collie, cattle dog, husky mix definitely pulls this bone out of the basket and checks it out. Chews on it for a second and then moves onto a different toy. So he likes it but does not love it. He spends more time with the pressed bones that I get him. Both this bone and the pressed bone last a while though, he kills other bones.

Karen, Charleston SC on 2008/02/15

My dogs LOVE these! I have two dogs both very strong chewers. They have many nylabones and love them all. They chew for hours a day and the bones last for months and don't splinter. Don't know how we got by without them...

Amanda, Bloomington IN on 2007/10/10
Great for dogs

I have found these bones are great for my two puggles. They don't last as long as other bones, but it seems that the other bones make them sick. I love these - great babysitters!

Daniella, Richmond VA on 2007/09/02
Nylabone Review

I have bought several Nylabones for my dog, who is a very powerful chewer, and they have lasted for several months. I have been very pleased with the durability, and he seems to enjoy the flavor.

Lisa, Columbus OH on 2007/05/16
Best dog bone

The original, regular Nylabone is the perfect texture for my small terrier. She loves the taste and it is hard enough that she can't break it, yet not so hard that it is damaging to her teeth. I buy several at once, and we go through 2 per month. I throw the bone out once the ends are chewed on significantly. My terrier is 5, and we've had success with these bones for years. Great for cleaning tartar too.

Bill, Winter Springs FL on 2007/05/15
nylabone is a hit

nylabone is a favorite with both our dogs.

Sandi, Pottstown PA on 2006/12/22