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Nylabone Flexi Chew Bone - Chicken Flavor - Petite by by Nylabone

  • $5.99
  • (38%)
SKU: U77815
UPC: 018214778158
  • $17.99
  • (46%)
SKU: U77815M
UPC: 688713102091
MPN: 201M

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Product Description

The Nylabone FlexiChew Petite Bone is a soft, chewy dental bone that is clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar buildup. These flexible chews are perfect for moderate chewers and feature chicken-flavored particles to encourage healthy chewing behaviors.

  • Delicious chicken flavor
  • Reduces plaque and tartar buildup
  • Satisfies natural chewing urges
  • 3.5" long, for dogs 1-15 lbs

Made in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Valerie, Dexter MI on 2014/04/15
My dogs fight over these

I've tried all sort of chews but these are the only ones my dogs fight over. They keep my puppy from chewing on the furniture

Virginia, Mclean VA on 2013/02/13

Great chew! Dogs take it away from each other...ordering more!

Tammy, Senoia GA on 2012/12/29
Nylabone - best out there!

Great product - happy with the purchase!!!

Tori, Tampa FL on 2012/09/26

This is what my cattle dog chews on to go to sleep I think the chewing helps to calm him..we all love these.

Kathy, Patchogue NY on 2010/12/29
Great Bone!

Great Bone, I really don't like giving my puppy rawhide bones and I found this and it was great and a great price!

Matt, Columbus OH on 2010/12/08
very good

my 4 month old pup loves this, just as much as a real bone i would recommend this

Kay, Shalimar FL on 2010/09/17
Only bone Jack will chew

Ever since Jack, a 5.5 lb. yorkie, was a pup this was his favorite bone. He can be found with it several times during the day and will search through a mound of toys to get to just this item. It's getting down to less than 1/2 and I need to order a new one!

Sue, Torrance CA on 2010/06/16
This is it!

The petite flexible Nylabones are the only thing my Chihuahua wants. She has had the durable bones but can't get a piece chewed off so she just won't touch them. I usually let her have it while we are on the couch together so I can keep an eye on her. She spends a long time chewing off a piece and then I make sure she spits it out. She normally does but I wouldn't want her to swallow it. I believe these are safe but they shouldn't swallow big pieces. This is the best price that I have found online for all the Nylabones. I highly recommend petmountain.

Ashley, Raleigh NC on 2010/06/01
Picky dog loves this bone

My dog loves these bones because they have the chicken flavor. She is a chewer so it's great. They are hard to find in stores, and if you do, they come in a 3 pack, 2 of which she doesn't like b/c they're plain.

Melinda, Napa CA on 2007/12/24
Best Price on-line

Our dogs didn't like gumabones the first time we tried them, but we left the bones laying around and after a few days they started chewing the gumabones . . . now they love them! We feel much better spending a little extra money and not worrying about huge pieces of raw hide getting lodged in their intestines or bone or hoof chunck piercing their intestines. Our dogs chew worry free and for about 20% less per order than we were spending at Drs. Foster and Smith! We are glad we finally found you!

Aimee, Bellefonte PA on 2007/04/13
These are the only ones they like.

I have 3 dogs and also board dogs in my home. I've bought numerous flavored Nylabones but the only ones that get used are the flexible gumbones. Maybe one in ten dogs will pick up one of the hard bones but these gumbones are by far the favorite.

George, Santa Fe NM on 2007/04/13
Best prices around.

Great prices and wonderful service.