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Nylabone Galileo Dog Chew by Nylabone

  • $14.99
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  • $65.99
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Nylabone Galileo Dog Chew Description

Nylabone Galileo Chews were designed according to principles of size and strength discovered by the famous scientist to deliver an extremely strong bone that satisfies even the most powerful chewer. Molded from extra-tough nylon with a special shape that makes it easier to grip and hold, this is the perfect chew for dogs who think with their teeth.

  • Fights boredom and discourages destructive chewing
  • Extra strength design with tough nylon material
  • Provides long-lasting enjoyment for powerful chewers
  • Non-edible; bristles raised during chewing help clean teeth and control plaque and tartar

Made in the USA.

Wolf: 5.75" long, for dogs up to 35 lbs
Souper: 8.25" long, for dogs over 50 lbs

Components: Nylon, Chicken Flavor.

Note: Different dogs have different chewing styles and strengths, even within the same breed. Be sure to choose the correct chew size and type for your dog.

Directions: Small shavings (no larger than a grain of rice) should pass through. Dogs should not bite off large pieces - replace when ends have worn down. Always supervise the use of chews and toys.

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Nylabone Galileo Dog Chew Customer Reviews

Julie, Saint Peters MO on 2016/04/10
Great Chew Toy

Our dog seems to like this chew toy better than most of his other bone-type chew toys. Must be the shape! Holds up well.

Kristin, Marysville CA on 2014/02/18

Nylabone durable chews are great! One of the only heavy duty, reasonable priced toys I've found that keeps my girls busy and they can't destroy.

Caroljean, Mcgaheysville VA on 2014/01/21
Trixie Loves It.

Trixie, year old beagle/Jack Russell loves this bone , but I am still concerned that she chews through all of these types of chewies so quickly. Is is OK that she is swallowing these teeny pieces of plastic?

Molly, Honolulu GA on 2013/11/06

I bought this for my very aggressive chewer. I am not 100% sure how I feel about it. I know my dog likes to chew on it, but I feel like it will not last much longer.

Shannon, Key West FL on 2013/10/09
Awesome Bone!

My American Bulldog/Terrier mix is a monster chewer. He destroys most toys and bones in under an hour... leaving him bored and me with a hole in my wallet. I was a bit skeptical the first time I bought this product because other bones promise the same thing. Thankfully, my dog LOVES his Galileo Bone and each one usually lasts about 3 months of intense daily chewing. It keeps him busy for hours each day and I like how it shaves off in very small pieces that pass through his digestive system with ease. I am definitely sold on this bone and reorder once he gets about halfway through his current one. Thank you Nylabone for an awesome bone!

Diane, Pinckney MI on 2013/10/08
A Little Too Large

My 15# Yorki-Shih Tzu mix went bonkers when I gave this to her - tossing it around and rolling on it. A REAL bone! But she has found it a bit tricky trying to hold it between her paws to chew. I initially wondered about that when I ordered it, so no big disappointment.

Linda, Erie PA on 2012/11/29
Best chew toy ever!

My pup is a strong chewer and it's hard to find something to keep her busy. She shreds most everything so I was a bit hesitant to spend almost $12 for a chew toy but it was the best buy ever! She absolutely LOVES this! It's got her attention that's for sure. I'll stick with this brand even after she's out of the chewing stage. Thanks!

R, Dublin OH on 2012/06/21

This toy is much bigger than I expected. It's advertised as stronger than regular Nylabones but I don't think it's any tougher. Our dog likes it but, since it's so big, he can't manuever it as well as other toys.

Sheila, Woodbridge VA on 2012/03/06
Very sturdy!

Great for strong chewers!

Dianna, Port Saint John FL on 2011/12/02

I have a 4 year old foster dog, he is an aggressive chewer. Loves to chew on bones, raw hides and his babies, which he de-stuffs. He had a few nylabones, but destroyed them in no time. I did some research and found the Galileo. I decided to try them. He has hours of chewing and has not destroyed them. The large is a little large for him, so I ordered the smaller one. I recommend this for a chew toy to anyone who has an aggressive chewer. BTW, he is no longer a foster, I am a foster failure.

Lorraine, Reading PA on 2011/03/13
A great buy

Love this Nylabone. It is definitely tougher than the rest. My aggressive chewer has still managed to shred it pretty well, but she's taken a long time to do it and it doesn't shred as easily as the traditional Nylabone (which we also love). Will definitely be buying it again.

Pamela, Croton On Hudson NY on 2011/02/07
GOod for Chewers

This bone is great for my medium labradoodle who loves to chew. I got the largest one which is a little too big for him actually, but he's still growing at 8 months old. It's pretty heavy, so you won't be throwing it around to play fetch in the house (or even outside perhaps). But it keeps him occupied for a while.

Jo Koludrovich, North Royalton OH on 2011/01/25
the ultimate chew bone

my Bernese Mountain Dog pup who is 8 months old loves this bone! He chews on it non-stop and loves the fact that it fills up his mouth! Worth every cent!

Heidi, Southgate MI on 2011/01/07
Exceeded Expectations

I have two pit bulls who either chewed through or lost interest in everything else I had tried. The Galileo bone exceeded my expectations. My power-chewers have given those bones (Souper size) everything they have, and the knuckles are still well intact after a week. I anticipate at least a month or two of chewing heaven. The Galileo bone is certainly worth the money because it has lasted us and it doesn't shred like rawhides or other bones, so my house is still clean.

Jennifer, Johnstown PA on 2010/09/28
Big chewers best friend

I have a boxer and a eng. bulldog, they love your chew toys! any other brand is gone in a week, this is the safest longest lasting chew toy I have ever found for them.

Karen, Cathedral City CA on 2010/09/06
Great toy for my Pitbulls

This is the ONLY toy that my large pits can't destroy in 45 minutes! Even the black Ultra Kong met a quick end with my guys. These will last for about 6 months. We've never found anything that can come close to that longevity. As another reviewer stated, be careful if your dog drops it on your foot, they are really heavy!

Leah, Manassas VA on 2010/07/27

My dog loved it, but he shredded it up and the sharp pieces were strewn all about my house within the first day, which also left the bone painfully Sharp, and a hazard to little children.It is now his "outside bone".

Malu, Ashburn VA on 2010/07/12

We have German Shepherds and this lasts longer then others. Its not indestructible but it does last longer then other toys we have tried...

Jason, Longwood FL on 2010/06/14


Darlene, Western Springs IL on 2010/06/03
Really Works

This is the only object that our pit bull puppy has not been able to destroy in a short period of time. In fact, it has been almost a week of almost non-stop chewing and the Galileo has held up.

Peter, Newton NJ on 2010/05/19
Galileo nylabones, the dogs love them.

The dogs prefer this shape over regular nylabones.

Mary, Dubuque IO on 2010/04/22
Good service and product

Ordered hard to find Galileo bones, product is just what I was looking for at a fair price and timely shipping. Thank you. Will order from here again.

Karen, Waltham MA on 2010/03/19
Great for Aggressive Chewers

This is a favorite chew of my aggressive lab chewer. I will order more and try the super size next time.

Gary, Bloomington IL on 2010/01/05
Tough chew toy

This toy is worth the $. It seems to be very tough and my dog (88 lb. Lab) really enjoys working it over.

Robert, East Stroudsburg PA on 2009/12/25
It took a year but its a nub :)

This looked like it was here forever, however, my "Regulation Black Dog" part Rottie, Lab, Shep and Border Collie who has 3 managed to get 1 to a nub and the other 2 are half gone. We now have a Chug (Yes Chug) who is Loving the nub and the other hand me downs. Time to treat the guys to some new ones. The BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! They like a smear of peanut butter in the groves.

Linda, Melbourne FL on 2009/10/28
Great item for big dogs

I'm grandma to Max, a 75-lb german shepherd and lab mix, who can chew just about anything to pieces in minutes except Kong and some of the Nylabone products. This strong chew is the best one yet. We love it.

Gem, New Milford CT on 2008/02/23

My 65 lb boy is the strongest chewer I've ever seen (thank God it's only toys!) I have bought absolutely every kind of chewing toy possible and NONE of them have made it past a day or two . . . that is until I found this one! This is the most solid nylabone I've ever seen! Only thing though is that you better watch out for your toes 'should someone decide to drop it' when standing next to you! It is heavy! :-) I initially got the Souper, but he's only gnawed off one end andamp; refuses to touch the 1 rounded side - maybe it's too big, who knows? But going to give the wolf size a try this time :-) It's something that gives me that much needed bit of peace andamp; quiet from a non-stop active pup! ONLY thing that keeps him busy for hours :-)

Janice, Cowpens SC on 2007/12/02
The best chew ever!

Both of my 45 lb. dogs are aggressive chewers, and we were never able to find anything they couldn't chew to pieces in just a short time. Until we found the Galileo bone. It takes close to a year of steady, hard chewing for them to wear one down. They both love them and will play fight over them, even though they each have their own. It seems expensive, but if your dogs are like mine you will not have to buy them often. It is well worth the price!