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Oasis Bell-Bottle Water Bottle Assorted Colors by Oasis

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Oasis Bell-Bottle Water Bottle Assorted Colors Description

Oasis Bell Bottle is suitable for up to three rats, hamsters, gerbils, hedgehogs, sugar gliders and similar "pocket-pet" type animals. The 8 ounce Bell Bottle will serve several mice and this small animal water bottle is one of OASIS' more popular bottles.

  • Ideal for hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, hedgehogs and similar pets
  • Holds water for up to 3 pets at once
  • Fits well on most cages
  • Assorted colors - let us pick a color for you!

The size and shape is easy to handle and it fits well on most cages available on todays market.

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Oasis Bell-Bottle Water Bottle Assorted Colors Customer Reviews

Beth, Oak Creek WI on 2011/03/05
Hamster water bottles

These are the perfect size and easier to see how much water is in there. I really am thrilled with these water bottles. Thank you for carrying these at such a reasonable price. Your fast service will bring me back very often, I have told friends about this site too.

Lily, Brooklyn NY on 2011/01/25
Excellent water bottle.

I had one of those blue Critter Canteens, and my hamster could barely get water out of it. This water bottle doesn't leak and my Syrian hamster has an easy time drinking the water. 4 ounces will last my hamster a week.

Kdm, San Juan CA on 2010/07/27
Clean, Dishwasher safe and cant be chewed!

I have used MANY different kinds of bottles from high end to Walmart. These work the best for my chinchillas as they can't be chewed and they can be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized in my dishwasher. This is the best price you can possibly find for these bottles as well!

Bev, Marlton NJ on 2009/09/26
Great Service

I've been using this product for a few years but have never received my order so fast. I was totally impressed. And the order was perfect. Thanks.