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Oasis Wet-Tail Drops Liquid Treatment for Diarrhea in Small Pets by Oasis

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Oasis Wet-Tail Drops Liquid Treatment for Diarrhea in Small Pets Description

Oasis Wet-Tail Drops are an effective liquid treatment for the condition commonly known as "wet tail". Wet tail is a stress induced diarrhea that is very debilitating and dangerous for hamsters. Early diagnosis and intervention is the best course of curative action. See detailed description and instructions below.

  • Treats symptoms of Wet Tail (diarrhea)
  • Water soluble antibiotic
  • Treats hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils and guinea pigs

These effective drops have the same antibiotic as the competing brand - and may be used in place of or in a continuation of treatment started with that brand. However, OASIS WET-TAIL DROPS have a palatable orange flavoring. Hamsters love the taste, and consume more treated water, increasing the odds of a successful cure. Its a matter of choice...and the hamsters choose OASIS WET-TAIL DROPS every time!

Safe for use with hamsters of all sizes and types, mice, rats, gerbils and guinea pigs. WET-TAIL DROPS come in a 1 oz bottle,with a convenient dropper and detailed instruction sheet.

HAMSTERS stressed by transport, new diet or excessive handling. Stress is believed to be the leading cause of diarrhea (wet-tail) in hamsters. Also suitable for mice, rats, gerbils, guinea pigs and similar small pets.

Obvious changes in behavior or physical appearance such as weight loss, hunched posture, hair coat that is ungroomed or "standing up", hamster sitting in one position with eyes squinted, lack of appetite, dehydration or diarrhea. The animal may not want to be handled and may show signs of depression or anxiety. Early intervention (before onset of diarrhea) offers the best chance for a cure.

Sick hamsters often have dry looking ears (a sign of dehydration) held back against the head (often with a folded look), and empty cheek pouches which give the face a thin, lean look. Any sign of a distended belly is a sign of digestive trouble that may be wet-tail in the advanced stages.

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Oasis Wet-Tail Drops Liquid Treatment for Diarrhea in Small Pets Customer Reviews

Krystal , Spring TX on 2015/03/25
Great stuff to have handy.

This product works well and quickly. It has an orange flavor and even when your little critter isn't feeling too great, they still can't resist the taste. Which makes it easy to give.

Elizabeth, Joplin MO on 2014/10/20
Lucie Loves This

My hamster Lucie is only drinking a little bit of her water. I think she doesn't like the orange flavor is there any other flavor??? I really want her to just one of the flavors that you have that's not orange flavored. Thanks, Elizabeth andamp; Lucie

Katie, Indianapolis IN on 2013/12/28

I woke up to my hamster not moving. When I picked her up I noticed how cold she was. And when I sat her back down she kind of just flopped on her side. So I ran and got her some of these drops and administered them before I went to work. I was expecting a dead hamster when I got home, but it was more like a miracle. She is now running around all bright eyed and hyper again (making plenty of noise too). I hope she stays this healthy now!

Katie, Cincinnati OH on 2011/07/10
Annoying but worked great!

This product got rid of my hamsters wet tail in a week! I got frustrated that i couldn't get her to drink it. I tried the eyedropper but she wouldn't drink out of it. Then I put it in her water and she drank it. I guess if your hamster likes eyedroppers it will be easier!