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Ocean Nutrition Grid Feeding Clip Butterflys by by Ocean Nutrition

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Product Description

The Ocean Nutrition "Feeding Frenzy" Grid Feeding Clip is the perfect tool for feeding Marine Butterfly fish and other "picky" or delicate feeding marine tropical.

  • Duplicates natural "grazing" feeding pattern in tropical fish
  • Firmly grips or holds a defrosted cube of gel-based frozen fish food
  • Butterfly fish & others will pick through openings in screened gripping area

In their natural coral reef environment, Marine Butterfly fish, Angels, Tangs and many others feed by picking throughout the day on surfaces of coral heads and live rocks. 

Oean Nutrition Grid Feeding Clip helps to duplicate this natural feeding behavior by holding food intact and prolonging the feeding process so that fish are not forced to eat their entire day's food in a five-minute rush. It also allows your fish to feed in this natural picking manner rather than eating food floating in the water column

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