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Ocean Nutrition Seaweed Select Red Marine Algae by by Ocean Nutrition

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Product Description

Ocean Nutrition Seaweed Select Red Marine Algae is a 100% digestible, optimal food source and color enhancer for marine fish with smaller mouth parts. This natural dried seaweed (macroalgae) is a beneficial, nutritious supplement for all types of grazing fish.

  • Natural dried seaweeds (macroalgae)
  • Nutritious supplement for all grazing fish
  • Premium quality marine algae

Red Marine Algae's nutrition is not bound up in cellulose as it is in the cells of land plants. This means that chlorophyll, pigments, and natural proteins, amino acids, vitamins, etc. will be utilized completely by the fish and will produce superior results in terms of growth, coloration, resistance to lateral line disease, and so on.

Optimal food source and Color Enhancer for Damselfish, small Angelfish, Sponge Feeders, and other Marine Fish with softer mouth parts. Ocean Nutrition Marine Algae (Red) is a nutritious supplement for all grazing fish, rich in vitamin C, and is 100% digestible.

Ingredients: 100% natural dried seaweeds (marine micro-algae).

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) - 35%
Crude Fat (min) - 0%
Crude Fiber (max) - 5%
Moisture (max) - 4%;

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Raymond, Williamstown KY on 08-21-2016
Great product

Mainly got this for my yellow and blue tangs but everything in my tank just can't get enough of it, from my clows to my gobie!Since feeding them this i've noticed improved coloration in all my fish and they are even more lively all around. Have also tried the green as well but not preferred or as desired as the red, this is a great product!

Robert, El Paso TX on 12-03-2014
Gold Barbs Flushed Red With Excitement

About 5 minutes after gobbling this red algae down my gold barbs immediately showed bright red coloration along their bellies and extending the full length of the lower part of their sides too. They seem to love this stuff, and they don't show the same red flush with regular dried seaweed. All my other omnivorous fish eat it too.

Skip, Mishawaka IN on 01-09-2013
Fish love it!

I use a magnet clip to hold the algae and before I can even lower the clip near the bottom, the fish are digging into it! My Lawnmower Blenny will even come out of hiding to sit on the clip to feed! I think they prefer the red to the green, but either one lasts only minutes! Great stuff!