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OurPets Cosmic Catnip 100% Natural Catnip by OurPets

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OurPets Cosmic Catnip 100% Natural Catnip Description

OurPets Cosmic Catnip 100% Natural Catnip is fresher, more potent, more aromatic and longer lasting than other brands. By separating the stems from the leaves and the flowers, Cosmic Catnip is the most potent and enjoyable for your cat!

  • North American-grown 100% natural catnip
  • Strong, aromatic fragrance
  • Stimulates playful behavior

Packaged in resealable air-tight plastic containers for long-lasting freshness and potency.

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OurPets Cosmic Catnip 100% Natural Catnip Customer Reviews

Sharon, Brooklyn NY on 2015/04/21
Cosmic Catnip

Excellent product and shipping time, thank you.

Karen, Depew NY on 2014/01/21
Cosmic Catnip

This is my second time purchasing this product, my cats just love it. I love the price and fast delivery. I'm very satisfied.

Maureen, Rochester NY on 2013/11/20
Excellent catnip..approved 100% by my cats

I ordered cosmic catnip and my cats absolutely love this compared to store bought whiskers catnip (my cats wont touch that one). So this cosmic catnip is 100% approval by my finicky cats! Definitely buy this again and recommend this to everyone I know!

Bryna, Asheville NC on 2013/05/06
Great product, needs dispensing aid...

Love it, use it a lot to fill home made cat toys for many, many friends. However, it is a mess to deal with. I end up putting some in a folded up aluminum foil "funnel"--and it's still a mess! Maybe it wasn't intended to be used this way, but my friends/cats love it! I have given away 8 "toys" so far, and have 2 more ready to be filled--and sprayed with the spray...

Laura, Wilton Manors FL on 2013/02/16
Nothing beats Cosmic Catnip!

Cosmic Catnip is by far the best, and Pet Mountain prices beat all my local pet store prices. I'm getting ALL my cat toys right here.

Maureen, Merritt Island FL on 2012/04/03
Furry friend loves Cosmic!

This catnip surpasses the catnip plants in my yard. Cosmic Catnip is the only one my Himalayan Frankie wants. He tells me when he wants it by looking at the cabinet where it is kept until I get some for him. He likes to scoop it out himself before eating and rolling around and having a great day!

Sara, Rockford IL on 2010/09/30
Kitty goes crazy!

My cat is absolutely nuts for this stuff. Hell get up on the counter, open the cupboard we store it in and pull it down. Once hes gotten it on the floor hell lick the container for a good 5 minutes before taking a cat nap on top of it. Who knew absolute bliss could cost less than three dollars?!

V, Kent WA on 2010/09/22
All cats love cosmic catnip

What we like about cosmic catnip it is ground smaller than other catnip products we have had in the past. We have not met a cat yet that doesn't go crazy over cosmic catnip.

Diana, Malta NY on 2010/06/28
Cosmic Catnip is potent and wonderful!

I've used some other catnip and catnip products but always find that using Cosmic Catnip and Cosmic products are loved by my cats (all 6 of them!). This catnip smells extremely fresh (compare that with a Hartz or some other brand) and you get very happy cats. One of my little boys can't even keep his nose out of the bucket! The prices here on Pet Mountain are fantastic. I'm glad I just discovered it!

Billie, Sharon Springs KS on 2010/01/16
My 3 cats love Cosmic Catnip!

My 3 cats love Cosmic Catnip so much that I can't leave the container in the same room with them, I have to hide it! I made the mistake of leaving it with them once, figuring because it was plastic and sealed that it would be safe...not! Apparently they could smell it through the plastic or around the seal because when I found the container it was peppered full of tooth holes where they had tried to chew their way into it! So now I have to hide it from them. When I give it to them, they eat it first, get their fill that way and then roll in the rest... they just love it! Cosmic catnip is the best I've ever used. Since I've used it, they don't like any other brand.

Julie , Winona Lake IN on 2007/04/24
Tyone Loves this catnip!

This is a great product! My cat loves this brand of catnip. He's always trying to get the container open. But, this one he can't open by himself, like those bag brands. Purchase this and you will be happy!