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OurPets IQ Treat Ball Toy by OurPets

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OurPets IQ Treat Ball Toy Description

OurPets smarter toys IQ Treat Balls are perfect for those determined dogs. Let your pets work for their treats with the IQ treat ball while increasing their analytical skills. The Our Pets activity ball learning level is brilliant.

  • Durable IQ treat ball is non-toxic and helps reduce boredom and destructive behavior
  • Adjust the difficulty to determine how hard your dog must work for their treats
  • IQ Treat Balls come in assorted colors blue or orange - let us pick a color for you!
  • Easy to clean and refill

Medium: 3" wide
Large: 5" wide

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OurPets IQ Treat Ball Toy Customer Reviews

Ann, Lutherville MD on 2015/06/15
IQ Treat Ball Keeps Her Busy!

My Pomeranian loves it and so do I!! It keeps her busy. I even put a couple pieces of her dry dog food in it and she loves it! It can keep her busy for hours.

D, Jupiter FL on 2013/11/26
The VERY best toy ever!

My 12 year old Havanese will pay with this toy for over two hours! She then will take a nap with it and resume playing. It's a bit noisy but so worth it with the joy she finds in pushing it around. I ordered two and then when she "lost" one under a piece of furniture, I ordered three more. Only two of our five are accounted for now because she pushes them into the tiniest places. Still better than any other designed toy she's ever had. I'll just order more!

Pat, Tacoma WA on 2013/09/17
Addictive dog toy - my dog is having too much fun!

This ball is the coolest thing ever. My one year old Mini Golden Doodle is in love with it. It took him no time to figure out and he loves chasing it around and going back to pick up the treats. He weighs 20 pounds and the small one works for him - he can carry it in his mouth and manipulate it with his paws and nose, too. Zukes mini treats work very well as does his dry kibble. He will bring it to me asking for a refill. It's highly entertaining but be prepared to retrieve it from under furniture! Four of my co-workers have also bought one of these balls and report their dogs are crazy about them.

Jenn, Hillsboro OR on 2012/04/07
Great toy!

I filled these up with treats and gave them to my dogs. At first they seemed frustrated like they didn't know where the treat was, but they could smell it. It didn't take long for them to figure out how to use it. Kept them busy for quite awhile.