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Outward Hound Invincibles Snake Squeaker Toy - Green & Blue by by Outward Hound

  • $18.99
  • (45%)
SKU: KY32067
UPC: 700603320672
MPN: PP01480
  • $28.99
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SKU: KY32069
UPC: 700603320696
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  • $59.99
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SKU: KY32067M
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SKU: KY32069M
UPC: 682157079193
MPN: 32069M

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Product Description

Outward Hound Invincibles Snake Toys contain no stuffing for a mess-free play experience! These soft, durable plush dog toys feature multiple squeakers that keep squeaking even if punctured, extremely durable seams, and Dura Tuff lining.

  • Stuffing-free plush dog toy
  • Squeakers keep squeaking even if punctured
  • Extremely durable seams and Dura Tuff lining

This toy is durable and built to last for dogs who love to wrestle, but also soft enough to be cuddled after play time.

Small: 21" long (3 squeakers)
Large: 38" long (6 squeakers)

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Customer Reviews

Paul, Chicago IL on 2017/08/25
I'm Impressed

It only takes my little guy a couple of minutes to kill the squeaker in any new toy I give him, but after a couple of weeks, this one's still squeaking loud and proud. If it can survive my shredder, it can survive anything your dog can do to it.

Tina, Minneapolis MN on 2017/01/10

I have a power destroying 70lb pittie and we have had this toy for 3 months. The squeakers all still work and it has not ripped but on the black tail a bit. This is the BEST toy for my big, strong dogs. Im buying more NOW so I have one at the cabin, out in the yard in summer, everywhere!

Sher, Watkinsville GA on 2013/11/13
Always a hit

My dogs LOVE squeaker toys. The only problem is that they like to rip the squeaker and stuffing out, which I expect. They still play w/ toy even though stuffing and squeaker are missing.

Anne, Baltimore MD on 2013/11/05
Lots of Fun

Our dog, a 60 lb. golden retriever loves squeaker toys. They don't last more than fifteen to thirty minutes, but she still loves them and plays with the torn pieces for days. (and yes I've tried all the different "indestructible" type brands) This snake was particularly fun for her and lasted a bit longer than others. She really liked the large squeakers and you could tell she was very happy with herself when she got them out!

Dianne, Citrus Heights CA on 2013/08/09
No Punctured Squeakers After 8 Months!

My Scotties, who "kill" all squeak toys, (as my vet says, "they have the jaws of a German Shepherd"), have had the 6 squeaker snake for 8 months now...all squeakers still intact and it is the favorite daily squeak, tug toy. One eye has been ripped, but that is it.

Cowboy, Denver CO on 2013/02/26
What a great toy for dogs who love squeaky toys!

This squeakers in this are great! An enjoyable toy that works well for even giant breeds!

Debbie Clay, Gastonia NC on 2012/01/26
Sturdy but watch tail!

My Bostons love this toy and have played hours without destroying. However the plastic piece they placed in the tail was broken into sharp slivers within minutes, poking out of the material. To keep them from getting cut or swallowing, I had to open the tail to remove all of the sharp shards.

Karlen, Stow OH on 2011/10/28
My dog's favorite toy

We purchased this toy at a dog show a year ago. It is fabulous. It is still in one piece just starting to show wear and tear. Daily my husband has to play catch with this toy and the dog. The dog even brings it to bed with us at night - yes on our bed. We have a 12 pound romping. stomping Affenpinscher mix we purchase from the Humane Society. He arrived with one eye ball hanging. The vet saved his eye. We adore this dog, he is our whole world. He has other "squeaky" toys but he tears them apart in about 2 months time. This is a great, sturdy toy. I highly recommend it.

Carolyn, Boston MA on 2011/03/26
excellent toy

My giant schnauzer is difficult to buy toys for. Usually, they are chewed up and the squeakers removed within a few hours. These snake toys last a little longer. By the end of a couple of hours, he usually has a couple of squeakers removed but not all 6. Some are punctured but still squeak. The toy lasts a good while. He loves to shake the snake back and forth. It's his favorite toy.

Barbie, Corpus Christi TX on 2011/03/14
Best doggie toy I've ever found!!

I finally found a toy my little Dachshund can't ruin in a few mins. -this great squeaker toy keeps on squeaking even after she's punctured it, chewed on it, & dragged it around! She loves it! Don't know why PetSmart had it on clearence?! Isn't this the kind of toy we all want?!! Wish I could find some more. Why aren't there more toys like this??!!