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Outward Hound PoochPouch Front Carrier by by Outward Hound

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Product Description

Hit the town in style with the Outward Hound PoochPouch Front Carrier. This safe, convenient, hands-free pet pouch comfortably straps to your front, letting you carry your furry friend safe against your body. Perfect for small dogs who can't wait to see the world!

  • Front-pack dog carrier with interior harness clip
  • Padded straps, back and pouch bottom keep you and your dog comfortable
  • Soft, durable and water resistant nylon fabric

A safety harness attachment and drawstring top provide added security for your pet. Mesh sides keep your dog well ventilated for the entire ride while front zipper pockets keep essential treats and toys close at hand. The carrier features built-in reflective accents for additional safety and visibility at all times.

Recommended for pets 3+ months of age.

Instructions for Use:
1. Place the back of carrier against your chest and buckle waist strap around your midsection
2. Place strap over each shoulder
3. Cross straps in back and fasten buckles to corresponding middle support straps
4. Adjust straps until carrier is snug and comfortable against your body
5. Place dog inside carrier and attach safety strap to your dog's harness
6. Adjust drawstring at top of pouch to secure dog inside
7. Enjoy a hands-free adventure with your pup!

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Brandiwyne, Fargo ND on 10-08-2015

Awesome little carrier that is great for small puppies. Has a clip to secure puppy in. No jumping out! Comfortable and gives you hands free to shop.

Sandra, Kenner LA on 09-10-2015
Pooch Pouch Front Carrier

The description said this would hold up to twenty pounds and my bichon only weighs 13 pounds. It was really snug on her with no room to adjust at all. I was very disappointed it wasn't a little larger. It is a pretty carrier and very well made. I was especially looking for a front carrier, but this one seems to be the only one available. I wish there were more to choose from.

Jj, Taftville CT on 04-22-2015

I am extremely happy with this carrier. My 15.6 year 10 lb poodle has become very anxious as she ages. I take her and my 12 year old 20 bischon for walks, and she drags heading out and runs home in a full gallop on the way home. I purchased a stroller to put her in because she has heart disease and spry she be but I worry sick that she will collapse. I thought I had the situation under control, letting her walk out and ride back home, BUT she is GREAT for a while until she sees the area where she knows she can get home faster by running, and cries/scratches to get out of the stroller looking back at me with wild eyes. I try to carry her but it is to much. I have tried the slings and found it to be horrible. Right out of the box I put this on and took the kids for a stroll. I am SO happy I purchased this, though I think maybe 20lbs would be way to much weight for me to carry. She is still nervous but much better. GREAT PRODUCT, highly recommend. Perfect weight distribution for my dog and the construction is very good.

Dee, Cumberland RI on 04-16-2013
Just what I was looking for

This is a perfect fit for my 5lb Chihuahua. The firm base gives her the stability to sit comfortably. Plus very easy to put on and wear. I've tried the sling kind, it felt awkward and in the way. Plus my dog wasn't very comfortable in it. At one point, my poor dog, while trying to adjust herself, flipped right out, hitting the ground hard. I never used it again. So I am very thankful finding this one and at a very decent price.

Jessica, Orange CA on 02-28-2013
Great Purchase!!

One of my dogs is up in age, but my other one is spritely and athletic. I used to leave my older dog at home while I hiked with my other dog. I always felt a little guilty leaving him behind, and therefore wouldn't go hiking as often as my younger dog and I would have liked. Now the older one can come along!! I let him walk out of the carrier at the beginning and end of the hike. He loves it! We all do! Also, my older dog came down ill recently and he was not to exert himself, but I wanted him to get out of the house a little. The carrier served us again! The carrier is made well and is comfortable. I don't remember what the instructions showed, but at first I crossed the back straps. They dug into my skin on my shoulders. It's better to keep them straight in the back.

Jon, Story WY on 11-26-2012
Well made dog carrier

I like the solid bottom; gives more support for my dog. Purchased the larger size and it works well for my 9 lb bichon. A 20 lb pet might be a bit much.