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Outward Hound PupSaver Life Jacket Orange by Outward Hound

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Outward Hound PupSaver Life Jacket Orange Description

Outward Hound Pet Saver Life Jackets is a high performance dog flotation device for boating, water sport adventures and other outdoor activities with dogs. It provides flotation and excellent buoyancy, with a bright orange color for easy visibility.

  • Convenient top grab handle
  • Bright orange with reflective logo for easy visibility
  • Quick-release buckles for safety
  • Adjustable straps to fit your dog

The orange Outward Hound Life Jacket is made with both comfort and safety in mind. Water repellent nylon and cordura materials provide warmth and protection from abrasion. Design allows fast size adjustment and a flexible comfortable fit. This multi-handle designed life jacket makes pulling your dog out of the water easy, and is stronger and durable than other flimsy life jackets. This quick drying dog lifejacket also features bright colors and reflective accents for a high visibility rate when you're out on the water. This lifejacket also features a durable neoprene belly-band and a front float that helps dogs keep their heads above water with little strain. Its perfect for longer swim sessions in deeper water, boating, pools, and beginner swimmers.

X-Small - Dogs 11-18 lbs (girth 11-15")
Small - Dogs 15-25 lbs (girth 19-24")
Medium - Dogs 20-50 lbs (girth 22-29")
Large - Dogs 40-70 lbs (girth 26-35")
X-Large - Dogs Over 70 lbs (girth 31-42")

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Outward Hound PupSaver Life Jacket Orange Customer Reviews

Marylynne, Portland OR on 2016/09/06
Well Made, Smaller than Expected

This is a very well made, adorable life jacket for a dog. I liked the design a lot, but it ran small for the pound range provided. Our down has a very thick neck and shoulders though, so it's partly her body shape. We kept it for the "next dog," which will be smaller, but we bought one in a brick and mortar store so we could try it on.

Jk, Woodside CA on 2015/08/07
Great life vest

We purchased both the Easy Flotation and the Outward Hound vests for our two labradors and will be returning the Easy Flotation vests. The Outward Hound vests are superior in fit and comfort and less expensive to boot.We particularly appreciate that the Outward Hound vest had a wide neoprene belly liner under the straps and that the seams in the body of it made the fit un-stiff. Very comfortable for the dogs and we were happy to have peace of mind with them wearing them.

Jec, Smithfield VA on 2015/08/04
Outward Hound Pet Saver Life Jacket, Orange

Excellent product. Fits our three dogs perfectly. And thats critical as we sail off shore. This year we will spend 6 months offshore between Norfolk VA and the British Virgin Islands and Caribbean. These are the ONLY dog life jackets that when I tested them, KEPT THE DOGS' HEADS UP OUT OF WATER! Other jackets gave me a wonderful view of tails out of water..but heads down. Your product works on my dogs, and they can swim in them as well as be safely lifted via the handle into a dink or on board the sailboat. People need to TEST their dogs' life jackets to be sure they will be safe for the animal. Yours are! Orange is a good color for visibility offshore as well. Kudos.

Roann, Harrisburg PA on 2015/04/07
Best value - Perfect fit

I have a 65lb Pit/Hound mix and the large vest fits him perfectly! It's fully adjustable, well made, and seems durable enough for a full variety of summer activities. I put this on him as soon as I received it and my dog did not show signs of any discomfort. I adjusted it to fit him very easily.

Audrey, Daphne AL on 2014/09/17
Very easy to put on

Very happy with my it that my 2 Maltipoo's will now be safe when we take them Kayaking...

Holly, Del Rio TX on 2014/05/26
Saved my American Bulldog from sinking!

My American Bulldog is a sinker. My husband had to jump in and save him. We got this life jacket and it works wonders. He can now swim and fetch and play with the whole family. We got size X-LARGE and it fits him great. We can adjust the chest to make it bigger and the bottom to be tighter. The handles are great for helping him when he gets that nervous look, or to actually lift him up on boat. The only thing I DISLIKE is the size of the front flap, it's very small on the X-large and DOESN'T HELP his head float at all. Other than that I highly recommend for a dog who is a poor swimmer or spends time on boats.

James, Wilmington DE on 2013/06/17
Fits my Whippet great

Fits my Whippet great and keeps her head above the water. She stills paddles incredibly fast but she can now make it back to the beach without me being scared for her safety. I still pay attention but the life vest has given me some peace of mind when we're around the water.

Carol, Holland MI on 2013/06/11
It fits!

Had to re-order due to size, but the second time it fit! Water is too cold to swim yet, but I can't wait to try this on Miss Mya! Quality is excellent.

Bev, Las Vegas NV on 2012/09/09
Works Great

The dog life saver vest works perfectly. It is easy to put on, the bright orange color is easy to see, it is adjustable, and I love the handles on top so you can attach a leash or otherwise hold onto our dog. Great value for the money, and it appears to be made very well. Thanks - Kayce, my golden retriever, thanks you too.

Nancy, Rockford MI on 2012/05/10
Awesome Product

I bought this life jacket for my Doxie and it is of great quality and it is a good fit. I have not had him in the water yet but it sure looks like it would save his life. Very satisfied with this product.

Jackie, Phoenix AZ on 2011/09/13
Awesome Life Vest

Fits true to size and holds up well. Quick shipping and excellent customer service. The outward hound brand is the best as I have tried others and they do not hold up as well! I have an English Bulldog 65Lbs and it's the best brand for the price and durability. Yet alone keeps my family member alive when Bulldogs are not able to swim.

Linda, Donnellson IA on 2011/08/01
Ted, our dog loves it

it fits him just right

Caragh Caddell, Gulf Breeze FL on 2011/05/11

We got this for our terrier mix who is not a good swimmer. We take her out with us when we are kayaking. She likes to get in the water, but struggles to keep her head up. This jacket lets her swim easily. The extra support in the chest keeps her head up. The handle on the back is sturdy and allows us to lift her back into the boat. Highly recommend!

Hilda, Canton OH on 2011/03/07
Not just for water

We got our Golden this vest after he walked off the deck on our fishing boat and could not get back in. Never again will any of our Golden's be on our boat without a vest. We found an added use for the vest when our Black Lab got old and unsteady on her feet. She could use her legs just had problems getting up after a rest. By using the vest it provided us with a comfortable means to help her up and steady her when she walked. We didn't have to tug on her legs or pull on her collar, just hang onto the handle and give her some help. Will never be without this wonderful product. Thanks.

Denise, Livermore CA on 2010/07/13
Gave our dog (and us) confidence

We used this vest last weekend on our mini schnauzer. Our dog immediately started swimming and the tail was wagging....he was having a good time. It fits well, is very adjustable and you can pick the dog up by the handle and the dog remains stable and snuggly safe. The vest is made with a flotation piece that keeps their head above water comfortably which also helps the dog's comfort level.

Nancy, Conway SC on 2009/06/08
This dog vest is the BEST!

I purchased the Outward Hound life vest years ago. I had a lab that was fearful of deep water. She overcame her fear with the help of the life vest. I've had two more labs since. Both dogs have used the vest to learn to swim. Currently my one year old lab wears the vest to swim in the ocean. I am constantly asked about the vest from other dog owners. I would recommend this wonderful product to others.

Patti , Palm Desert CA on 2009/05/25

I am ordering my second Outward Bound life vest for my standard dachshund. After four years of lots of use, both summer and winter, my little guy needs a new vest. Franky LOVES love to swim for hours at a time. This vest has lasted for years and relieves my worries when he is playing in our pool. It seems to be comfortable and has never rubbed or hurt him. I highly recommend it!