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Outward Hound Quick Release Dog Backpack - Blue by by Outward Hound

  • $39.99
  • (48%)
SKU: KY22007
UPC: 700603220071
MPN: 22007

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Product Description

Kyjen Outward Hound Quick Release Dog BackPacks will give your dog maximum comfort and convenience when hiking with you. The backpack is designed with an adjustable harness and removable pack.

  • Removable pack takes weight off dog while at rest and allows easy access to contents
  • Reflective accents and bright colors for increased visibility
  • Large pockets with wide openings and zipper closures to carry food and water
  • Pack includes interior mesh pockets and elastic water bottle holder

Large storage pockets hold food, water and other gear. Made with extra-strong nylon for durability. Quick Release Dog BackPacks feature the "quick release" leash holder for use when approaching other hikers, dogs, or wildlife. Available in three sizes to fit most dogs.

This size chart is only a guide. Each dog should be fitted individually to insure proper sizing. Girth measurement reflects the area around the midsection of the dog and the girth measured behind the front legs.

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Customer Reviews

Elizabeth, Lincoln CA on 2015/12/14
Great backpack!!

It is great! It is taking a while for my dog to get used to it, but otherwise it is wonderful.

Christine, Eureka NV on 2014/07/11
Not suitable for rugged backpacking trips

Tried out the pack for a week on morning walks on a dirt road. Fitted my dog well, although I had to cinch it up tight to keep the pack from shifting. Then took a 3-day backpacking trip in a wilderness area with my dog off leash and carrying one quart of water on each side. Within the first hour, one side of the pack ripped completely across and under the zipper line on one side. Probably got hung up on a sagebrush. I had a different pack for 20 years and never had that problem. I don't think this pack is sturdy enough for backcounty use.

Lee, Rye NH on 2014/03/04
An Outwardly Happy Hound

Ordered this for our 53 lb Entlebucher cattle dog. Nicely made, with thoughtful details. Excellent fit on straps, altho the pack itself could be a little smaller in proportion to her size. Need to balance contents to stay in place, which makes sense anyway. She is very proud of it and kind of prances with it on, but then, she's a show-off. Doesn't mind my putting it on her, and I often think she is telling me at the end of our walks, that she doesn't want me to take it off yet. Would buy again.

Cheryle, Bay Area CA on 2013/12/28
Fits my cattle dog great!!

Was a little leery about ordering a backpack for my dog online without seeing it first. My fears were unfounded! Very satisfied customer. I bought a medium size for my 40 lb cattle dog, and it fits him great. I like the quick release feature. Actually that's what made me order it in the first place. Great service, after payment was sent, I received package promptly. Would definitely order products again from this company. I'm usually lazy about sending in reviews, however, the reviews are what helped me make this purchase. Hope this helps.

Bob, Alto NM on 2013/09/25
Great Dog Pack

Received the pack and used it the next day. Fit well to my dog and good quality pack for the money.

Sheryl, Linneus ME on 2013/05/07
I loved it

I don't buy much online so I was a bit skeptical. The day I got the package I was excited and nervous to look inside. When I opened the box I said wow, this is very nice. I find the product to be of good quality and professionally made. VERY HAPPY!

Kathleen, Hamburg MI on 2013/03/06
My Sheltie loves it!!!!

Sturdy, well made. It's roomy, yet lightweight. My dog thinks he's on a mission. Very pleased.

Jenna, Buffalo NY on 2013/02/23
Well Worth it!

Got a medium for our Bernese Mountain/Shepard Mix he weighs around 70 lbs. It fits great. Read some reviews to see the right size could have gotten a large but medium fit fine on largest setting. If your dog has a big chest i would get a large. It really helped him with a sense of purpose. He has an easy going temperament in the house but when on walks he pulls. Friend recommended that we get him a backpack to help him feel he has a purpose because he is a working breed. This backpack really helped him, it is really great in construction and he doesn't seem uncomfortable at all! Would totally recommend it. Great price who could go wrong, right? It removes really easily, pee time is not an issue at all. Compartments have a lot of room fits a couple water bottles with room for more. Very easy to put on and come off.

Ronald, Miami FL on 2013/01/04
Dog Walk Workout

I own an 8 month old Cane Corso that currently weights about 75lbs. Her energy level is high and regular walks (5km) is like a warm up routine for her because when she gets back, she immediately harasses my Cocker Spaniel. I purchased this backpack for weight training in order for her muscles to work harder. To my surprise not only is she calmer after her walks but she now walks more at my side than in front of me. Just a note about weight training: Dogs should not carry more than 1/3 of their weight. Right now, my dog has started with 1/10th her weight. My only question is durability. I do not know if the backpack is strong enough to carry 35lbs. This is about the maximum weight my dog may be able to carry when she becomes an adult.

Jim, Whippany NJ on 2012/12/20
Great product for great price

Got the medium for my 40 lb. Shepard mix. Fits great. He's still getting used to it, but he's able to messenger stuff to my mother-in-law's house across the street. 2 side pockets are roomy and does not bind. Lightweight and does not impede leash. Appears very sturdy.

Karon, Poway CA on 2012/11/16
Give them a job and they're happy!

My golden loves this back pack and carries water for us when we go hiking. I have often been told that dogs like to work and my boy is sure happy when we put this on him. It is very lightweight and sturdy and a wonderful product for us, too! This back pack will easily hold a couple of bottles of water, treats, cell phones, etc. Love it!!!

Kimber, Miranda CA on 2012/02/07
love it

Easy release makes owner feel more at ease.

Susan, Nashville TN on 2011/02/22
As good as expected

Purchased the Outward Hound dog backpack for an Australian Cattle Dog who loves to hike. It fits her perfectly and she likes wearing it. It's a very good quality product.

Marge, Niskayuna NY on 2011/02/21
Good price

Backpack was as described. Material and construction was very nice. My dog has worn the vest portion of the backpack. She had no problem adjusting to having it on. She has yet to wear the pack portion but I feel it will work as was advertised.

Carol, San Jose CA on 2011/01/25
Excellent product and service

We ordered the backpack for our Australian Cattle Dog. It arrived quickly and we're all very happy with it. It fits great. The dog seems fine with it and it makes it easier on us.

Jeff, Santa Ana CA on 2010/12/31

It was shipped quick, described well, and did the job... thanks!

Lisa, Winston Salem NC on 2010/12/05
It's Great!

First, let me say that from the pictures online I couldn't tell what quality it was going to be. It is very high quality! Durable material (like a North Face jacket), sturdy zippers and clips. Second, I found the size chart to be a little off. I found it helpful to read the reviews. I ended up with a size Large for my 63 lb. boxer-pit mix and it is a little too big. If I were to order again I'd get a medium for him. It fits, it's just that the straps are too long and get in the way during potty time. :-) I totally recommend this to anyone with a high energy dog for use on every day walks (or hikes). My dog doesn't get tired unless we walk for 3 or 4 miles... who has time for that?? So now I put it on him for a one mile walk in the morning and a one mile walk at night. He is much better behaved in the house now and doesn't seem to mind the extra weight at all. On the note of weight. Doing some research I found that a dog can usually carry up to 1/3 of its own weight. However, I've just been using 2.5 lbs on each side and it is still doing the trick. I encourage you to buy this. The price is good, shipping was fast, the product is very durable and it helps with behavioral problems! What more can you ask for?

Tammey, Lex NE on 2010/10/10
I am so Happy - Finally!!!

I have had trouble with my German Shepherd Mix pulling when I TRIED to walk him but with the backpack it's 100% different, it's actually enjoyable walking him now. Love the backpack.

Teresa, Santa Margarita CA on 2010/06/24
Good quality

As with my previous Outward Hound product purchases (treat pouch and Port A Bowl), the backpack is well made with durable materials. My high energy Aussie doesn't mind toting her own toys and water bowl and bottle on our trips to the park (and even carries a few items for my three-year-old granddaughter to boot). Easy on and off. Recommend care in balanced packing, as otherwise it does have a tendency to slip.

Diana, Fayetteville NC on 2010/06/05
I love it!

We got the back pack for our dog Ricky... He has so much energy. We purchased the backpack to give him a job while on walks...We put his water bottles in it. The back pack is great it hold two water bottles for our walks with space between the laces for a travel bowl. And the snaps are easy to snap around him. It's very well constructed. It also fits him perfectly...Thank you for such a great product at such a pocket book friendly price..

Jason, Ventura CA on 2010/04/27

great product never had a problem dog loves it

Deb, Leavenworth KS on 2010/03/22
Great product

Very durable and quality made, the pack seems to run a little larger than sizing chart however the large fits my 110 lb Cane corso wonderful, doesn't slip to the sides and doesn't rub him raw anywhere.

Anita, Ithaca NY on 2010/03/02
Love the backpack!

I was dissatisfied with the tiny backpack I had before for my very active boxer-pit bull, so I was looking for a larger one. I was a little confused with the size designation (does large mean a large pack or a pack for a large dog?). I'm still not clear on that. I have a medium sized dog, but I wanted the largest pack possible for her, so I went with "large." The pack is fantastic; just what I wanted. My dog is very fit so the straps are a smidgen loose even at the tightest fitting, so not sure whether I got the right size or not, but I'm very happy with it and it is working great for us. Walking a super energetic, rambunctious dog with a weighted pack is just genius. What a difference it makes! AND the dog can carry his/her own supplies and bags of poop!

Sherri, Freehold NY on 2010/01/31
Great product

I bought two of these for our German shepherds. The winters can be brutal here so sometimes our walks are limited because of weather. Having the packs on gives them a real focus which makes walking on the road much easier. I put sand in water bottles as weight & they work great. The packs are well made and are VERY easy to get on & off.

Sharon, Versailles KY on 2009/11/17
We all love it!!

The backpack is great! It is easy to use, fits Molly perfectly, stays clean, and she loves it. Molly uses it two times a day on her walks and sometimes during her daily walk on the treadmill. It works great!

Rcarter, Sanbornville NH on 2009/01/12
No Slowing Down a Vizsla!

Grammy gave our Vizlsa, Katie, an Outward Hound backpack for Christmas and it is the best thing ever! Katie is VERY active and our sole reason for wanting the backpack was to give her a tougher workout when romping in the woods. This bag fits snug and is easy to adjust around the large girth of her chest and thin waist. The little pads under the straps prevent irritation and scratching, which was a concern for us since Katie has very short fur and hardly any on her underside. This bag does not slow her down or bother her one bit! The only thing we noticed is you have to keep her cargo balanced or the bag slides to one side. Water bottles work well for even weight and are easy to remove/empty if she gets tired, which never happens! The bag seems to be made well and is very durable. We would highly recomend this bag for your dog!

Kathy, Mesa AZ on 2007/10/16
Great for working type dogs

My Rottie needs a job to do when we are out for a walk. Fill the backpack with you water bottles and stuff for a great hike. It really helps him focus!

Connie, Winston-Salem NC on 2007/04/28
Awesome Product!

After considering many different backpack options, I settled on the size medium Kyjen black backpack for my border collie/australian sheperd mix, Sherlock. He'll be 3 this summer and I needed something to give him a sense of purpose on our hikes and walks. Well, it arrived last night and HE LOVES THIS BACKPACK! We took a 2.5 hour walk right after I unpacked it from the shipping box, with a few bottles of water for added weight, and he was walking with purpose.

Michael, Huntsville AL on 2007/04/05
Great for high energy dogs

This really does the trick. It is great for camping, Buddy can carry his own food and some water but it really pays off during the week when time is short and we can only walk in the neighborhood. With the backpack he gets a good workout and is happier.

Johnna, Wirtz VA on 2007/03/25
Outward Hound

We Love our new travel gear. Easy on easy off. Great for hiking, camping or any out door activity. This back pack gives the dogs something to do

Robert, Columbia SC on 2007/01/17
Great Backpack for $

My friend has a Kyjen for his dog and it fits well. True, it's doesn't have the bells and whistle of the $60-80 packs, but you really don't need all that for weekend getaways.

Tom, Boston MA on 2006/10/18
Great for Hiking

I love this dog backpack. I use it on weekend hiking trips. Easy to wash and stores lots of camping supplies for my dog. Thanks.