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Outward Hound Pooch Pouch Sling Pet Carrier Blue by by Outward Hound

  • $55.99
  • (50%)
SKU: KY21010
UPC: 700603210102
MPN: OH00587

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Product Description

The Outward Hound PoochPouch Sling pet carrier will allow you to carry pets just like babies conveniently, safe and comfortably. For use with dogs, cats and other small animals. Slips on and off easliy, just like a hand bag. Carry your pets hands free in the secure Sling Go pet carrier. Sling go Pet Sling Carrier Colors come in Blue.

  • Perfect for small dogs, cats and small pets
  • Pets are secure with a built in with collar clip
  • Made of tough 600 denier nylon fabric
  • Machine washable

SIZING NOTE: If your pet is longer or wider than average we recommend going with a larger sling to ensure proper sizing. Each pet should be fitted individually to ensure proper sizing. Pick your size below based on the weight of your pet.

Care Instructions: Hand wash with cold water. Scrub stains with mild detergent. Line Dry PoochPouch Sling.

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Customer Reviews

Flora, Coral Gables FL on 2015/12/22
We are very satisfied.

I really liked the product, it is comfortable for both my dog and for me. I am very satisfied with it, just like I expected.

Janet, Wentzville MO on 2014/02/23
Lucie & I loved it

It is perfect for Lucie, my 11 1/2 lb. Shih Tzu. Very comfy for her. And it's easy for me to carry her around now. Only downside was that the little zipper compartment is very very tiny. Very satisfied with the product!!

Valerie, Washburn IL on 2013/01/17
Love the new way to be close to my baby

I bought this so my husband could take our little 7 pound Pomerainan out on days when the snow gets too deep for her to navigate. I love that I can keep her close when I take her on an outing and she gets tired out and needs to be carried. I can keep my hands free and keep her close. I find it easy to put her in it and take her out of it.

Pam, Orlando FL on 2011/06/29
We love our pet sling carrier

I love our pet sling carrier. And our little dog does to. she knows when I get it out she is going for a walk with mommy. It is very well made and comfortable to wear. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get closer to their baby.

Lynn, Northern IN on 2011/01/17
What a great idea!

Our 5-month-old miniature schnauzer puppy has congenital megaesophagus. If you have never heard of this, you are not alone. Basically, her esophagus has no motility to move food down through it to her stomach, so she had a big pocket that has formed in her esophagus where the food collects. Unless she is fed in an upright position and then is held upright for 30-60 minutes after feeding, she vomits the food back up. I encourage you to learn more about this condition at the following website: Because our puppy must be held a lot out of necessity (multiple feedings of blended food, 5 kinds of medication, etc.), she has become used to being held and wants to be with me all the time. This makes trying to get anything done that requires 2 hands a bit more difficult. This sling has been a godsend. I now can have 2 hands free to do some dishes, etc., while our puppy comfortably rides along. She absolutely loves being able to see and be a part of everything I am doing. She even sleeps while in the sling. She spends a lot less time in her crate this way. This sling is very well made. I like that it has a fastener on the inside to hook our puppy's harness to for safely reasons. When someone comes to our door, our little schnauzer goes into "attack mode" and wants to jump out of the sling. She has learned that this won't work because of the fastener. This sling is fully adjustable to fit anyone--large or small. There is a zippered pocket on it to hold house keys, etc., and the price was better than I could find anywhere.

Paula, Moss Point MS on 2010/11/20
Love it

My new puppy really enjoys being carried. She is safe and warn and we go walking everyday. Thanks

Lauren, Dallas T on 2010/11/09
My dog and I LOVE it!

I was surprised how willing my dog was to get in it! He is a 10lb. Long hair chihuahua and enjoys sitting up and watching the crowd in the safety of the sling. When it is safe, I can easily scoop him out to walk with the leash... and scoop him easily back in again as needed. Perfect. He gets excited when he sees me get it out.