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Penn Plax 5 Plus Breeder, Nursery & Display Tank by by Penn Plax

  • $21.99
  • (45%)
SKU: PP24004
UPC: 030172240041

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Product Description

The Penn Plax 5 Plus Breeder, Nursery and Display Tank is specially designed to meet the unique breeding needs of just about any type of community fish, including live-bearers, egg-layers and young fry or hatchlings. May be used for one or two adult fish at once.

  • Versatile 5 function specialty tank
  • For live and egg bearing fish
  • Excellent for raising fry

Versatile features include:
-Single live-bearer trap
-Double live-bearer trap
-Egg-layer rod trap
-Nursery tank
-Single or double betta display tank
-Single or double isolation tank

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Customer Reviews

Tom, Pittsburgh PA on 2010/12/22
Good product, not perfect but good

Good product as a guppy breeder. Do not plan on keeping 2 females in it at once. It would make it too tiny but with the divider in between the two fish removed and only used for one it works great. The holes in the floor get covered with plastic floor that fits inside. The holes are a little too large and some guppy fry slipped out in mine and I had to chase them down with a brine shrimp net. Only a couple escaped not many. In a few days they are too large to escape anymore. Does not float you have to use metal hooks included to attach it to the rim of your tank. Probably a better floating one would be better but for the price it works. I have 13 guppy fry in it and the mother did not eat any of them that I saw. Remember do not house the female for more than 24 hours in the box. It stresses them out. Put the female in and turn up the heater 5 degrees and then within hours she should start dropping fry. This goes for most if not all live bearing fish. If you need fry food in a pinch hard boil an egg and take the yolk and crumble it up and sprinkle little bit of the yolk dust into the tank to feed them. Live bearing fish need food when they are born. Get live bearer food as soon as you can but egg yolk works in a pinch.