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Penn Plax Aqua Nursery Automatic Circulating Hatchery by by Penn Plax

  • $23.99
  • (47%)
SKU: PP24002
UPC: 030172240027

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Product Description

The Penn Plax Aqua Nursery is an automatic circulating hatchery. Once it is set up in place, there's nothing further to do until the fish are born and deposited into their seperate nursery section. The Nursery is adjustable using hangers to attach it to any aquarium rim.

  • Automatically and gently separates mother fish from fry
  • Nursery Tank may be lifted off platform and carried to a separate location
  • Safe and durable plastic construction

The Aqua Nursery also creates a constant circulation in both the maternity and the nursery sections. This eliminates the problems of stagnant water existing in most other breeding traps, and keeps the mother and the babies alive.

Note: The nursery requires a small aquarium air pump for proper circulation and is not included.

Set Up Instructions: Before starting to assemble Aqua-Nursery, please lay out all parts and compare the following steps with the drawing and photograph on the box. Once your nursery is assembled, place the pregnant female fish into Maternity Tank. Place Nursery Cover over Nursery Tank, and Maternity Cover over Maternity Tank. Slowly turn on the air power so that suction is created from Maternity Tank into Nursery Tank and bubbles rise in Nursery Tank unit.

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Customer Reviews

Jeremy, Mtn. Home ID on 2014/12/09

First one had a crack, but the second one I got shipped worked well. The green seemed to calm my guppies down more than the other breeder I have. Does its job. Having the separate fry holder has come in handy for moving the fry to a separate tank and moving the larger young back to the main tank. I would definitely recommend this product.

Tyler, Boise ID on 2014/11/10
Great idea

The idea is brilliant and it's the best nursery design I've seen. It just has a few snags in application. It hangs on the side of the tank and is made so that the lid will be the only part out of water. It's made of plastic so it floats making it difficult to get in the sweet spot. Also the lids have to be removed for feeding and they're so tight together it makes it difficult.

John, West Palm Beach FL on 2014/07/10
I love the Aqua Nursery!

What an incredible invention! This was well thought out. It makes it so easy to save the babies from being appetizers for the other fish, and the recirculating of fresh water is one of the best features. Also the detachable baby reservoir to transfer them to another small tank is great. Thank you Penn-Plax!!

Travis, Lincoln NE on 2014/03/25
I like this item pretty good

It's small, it has a couple of posts in the inside of the momma's area... thing is I wish it had a small flip lid for feeding. Not too bad, I've had the mom in there for over a week and she's still ok and still eats, but every time I come near she goes berserk and I think if she had more room and less harmful things to bump on she'd be better. But I do like this and am awaiting babies. Don't know if I have the airflow right either since I didn't want to overwhelm her.

Someone, Martinsville VA on 2012/01/05
The Best~

Many breeding tanks have a 'Vee' shaped piece of plastic in the bottom so the fry can sink on down away from mom and others. The problem was that not all the fry would sink down and mom would have a nice snack. This ingenious design uses air and vacuum to remove the fry as they fall to the bottom and safely deposits them in the little tank on the side! You will end up saving all the fry!

Marjorie, Dunn NC on 2011/01/04

I could not wait until the nursery was received. The only problem, I had was that the tubing was to short to reach the other side. I went to our local pet store & he gave me a couple of inches of the tubing and it worked great! The only problem, I had is you have to lower the nursery to right below the lids otherwise they float off. Now my babies will be safe!

Olivia, America WA on 2010/07/21
I loooooved it!!!

This tank worked GREAT! It separated the babies from their moms and worked just fine. Get it!

Jd, Okc OK on 2010/07/01
my kids loved it

It's a fun way to breed these cute fish