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Penn Plax Aquari-Lux T8 Fluorescent Bulb by by Penn Plax

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Product Description

The Penn Plax Aquari-Lux Fluorescent Aquarium Light is a clean, intense light specifically designed for dramatic aquarium colors. The Aquari-Lux Fluorescent Lamp helps to stimulate plant growth and enhance the color of your fish without growing excess algae in your aquarium.

  • Designed for dramatic aquarium color enhancement
  • Stimulates healthy growth of live plants
  • Does not cause excess algae growth

Aquari-Lux Bulbs are bi-pin T8 fluorescent lamps.

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    Jan, Tampa FL on 06-15-2016
    Exactly what I needed

    I had bought a replacement aquarium bulb at a local store ("Daylight"), and it made my tank look like a yellow swamp. Fortunately, I had written down the name and type of the old Penn Plax bulb, so I resorted to ordering it (hesitant from the start about shipping glass..). The shipping went fine and the bulb is perfect. My tank is pretty again.

    Tammy, Ellwood City PA on 01-21-2016
    Great light

    This is great aquarium light. I am very happy with the color it emits. I have tried other bulbs but this is the look I was going for. Thank You.

    Steve, Monroe MI on 11-12-2013
    Purple glow, considerably less algae growth.

    Fast shipping, and while apprehensive about the rigors of shipping a fluorescent bulb, it arrived very well cushioned and unscathed. The hue is somewhat purple and algae growth has slowed significantly. Only the smallest amount has reappeared, and that may be attributable to bleed-over from the power compact fluorescent lights on each end of the 8' planted tank. I plan on replacing those with Aquari-Lux bulbs as well. The bottom-line, a good seller and a good product.

    Leigh, Clearwater FL on 02-18-2012
    Beautiful colors!

    I replaced a fluorescent bulb in my in my tank recently with a Penn-Plax Aquari-Lux fluorescent, I had NO IDEA of the colors that my fish have until I used this bulb!! This is an UNBELIEVABLE bulb, LOVE IT! Plus one side of the tank still has the other bulb in it, so when they swim to the other side of the tank it's like magic! I make people come and look at the difference!

    Henry, Orange Park FL on 11-30-2011
    Customer service

    I ordered several bulbs and one arrived defective - not broken. Super packaging - but, super great customer service! They sent me another quickly and I sent the defective one back in the same box.