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Penn Plax Cascade Internal Filter for Aquariums by by Penn Plax

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Product Description

The Penn-Plax Cascade Internal Filter by Penn Plax is designed for better filtration and aeration above and below the surface! The spray bar distributes water evenly over the water's surface to aid in aeration for healthier, cleaner aquarium water.

  • Efficient chemical and biological aquarium filtration
  • Removes harmful toxins, odors, discoloration and more
  • Spray bar provides essential aeration for healthier environment

The Cascade Internal Filter provides crystal clear water for freshwater and marine aquariums, and is great for aquatic terrariums too. Activated carbon cartridge media is included for efficient chemical filtration of harmful chemicals, toxins, odors, discoloration and other contaminants. The carbon cartridge is easy to replace for simple maintenance. The internal sponge optimizes colonization of beneficial aerobic bacteria, which remove ammonia and nitrates for safe, healthy water. A large capacity internal filter cup lets you choose your own filter medium as well.

The pump head features adjustable and directional water flow. An included elbow fitting easily attaches the spray bar to the pump for even water return distribution. The filter may be placed vertically or horizontally. UL-listed for safety.

Cascade 300: 70 GPH (Up to 10 Gallons)
Cascade 400: 110 GPH (Up to 20 Gallons)
Cascade 600: 175 GPH (Up to 50 Gallons)

Warranty: 3 years.

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Lisa, Dearborn MI on 05-20-2016
Great filter for 50 gallon turtle tank

Easy to set up and use. Turtle tank is finally clean! Great price. A little noisier than I'd like but worth it for easeof use and results.

Mikayla, Staten Island NY on 02-03-2015
Excellent product!

Needed a new filter for my turtle's tank, this one is the way to go! It is extremely powerful and keeps the water crystal clear. Very easy set-up and pretty quiet. Overall best filter I have ever purchased!

Roxanne, Springdale OH on 05-25-2014
Love it

Have had 2 other filters in the past this one by far is the best one yet, keeps turtle tank water clear .

Brenda, Santa Paula CA on 04-04-2014
The perfect filter!

The filter is wonderful. The internal pump is quiet and efficient, while being small. I have a 3 gallon tank.

Gail, Bronx NY on 11-21-2013
Great Product

Love this's powerful and the turtle tank is staying clean much longer.

Heavy, Holliston MA on 06-14-2013
Keeps The Tank Clean

This filter was purchased as a supplement for the hang on the back filter in a 20 gallon fish tank. I set the discharge jet to keep the fish droppings from collecting at the bottom of the tank. Now my aquarium is super clean. Well worth the money.

Marla, Winamac IN on 02-07-2013
Great Filter!

This was bought to replace a canister filter for our 37 gallon tall tropical tank that had 9 fish in it (2 bristol noses, 3 goldfish and 4 fancy guppies). The water was pretty dirty...and I was doing water changes for months since my canister sprung a leak in the top. I have only been running this filter for a week..but it has cleared my tank right up. I love the wand attachment ( outgoing water flow) I even went out yesterday and bought 4 more guppies and a male and female betta because it looks so good now. So far... I would definitely recommend this filter!!

Michael, Pomeroy OH on 10-03-2012
Works Awesome!

I bought this because the external filter I had in my turtle tank was too big, bulky, and splashed too much water. This is the complete opposite. This filter is amazing and the water is perfectly clear all the time! I recommend this to anyone!

Ron, Elmhurst NY on 04-22-2012
Working Perfectly

I purchased the Cascade 600 and I am very happy with product. The filter is very quiet and cleans the water very well.

Sharron, Kewaunee WI on 10-14-2011

LOVE these Cascade internal filters! They work VERY well and they are QUIET!! I like them so much I am in the process of replacing my power filters with them! :)

Sharron, Kewaunee WI on 10-14-2011

Works GREAT and it is QUIET!!! Love my tanks, but HATE noisy filters. These Cascade internal filters do the job and do it QUIETLY!! Couldn't be happier! :)

Sharron , Kewaunee WI on 10-14-2011
Came back for MORE!

Liked the first ones I purchased so much, I came back for more. :) Will be purchasing more of these terrific filters in the near future!

Stefan, Greenville NC on 07-11-2011
good stuff

Great filter easy install, moves a lot of water and does very well with aeration, just note: with the tube on it is not quite and depending on t he size of the filter can be very tall.

Sharron, Kewaunee WI on 05-21-2011
Nice little filter.

Small enough to fit EASILY into a 2 gal. drum bowl without taking up half the space, seems to work well and it is QUIET!!! Pleased with this little filter! :)

Mike, Lizella GA on 10-01-2010
Great Filter

I purchased one of these filters and have been using it everyday for almost a year. Its still going strong! The replacement cartridges are easy to replace. I actually refill the cartridge it came with with ammonia remover for better control of ammonia instead of carbon, due I have 2 other filters with carbon in it in my large tanks. Fixing to order another one. This filter is great and water stays so clear.