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Cascade Power Filter for Aquariums by Cascade

  • $47.99
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SKU: PP01552
UPC: 030172015526
  • $71.99
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Cascade Power Filter for Aquariums Description

The Penn-Plax Cascade Power Filter contains a polyfiber floss cartridge that traps floating particulate matter. Activated carbon cartridge removes harmful chemicals, toxins, odors, discoloration and other contaminants.

  • Extendable self-priming intake tube to get strainer near the bottom of most aquariums
  • Adjustable flow control knob for reducing filtration during feeding times
  • Internal shelf system spaces carbon throughout cartridge

Internal sponge optimizes colonization of beneficial aerobic bacteria. Removes ammonia and nitrites. External bio-falls wet/dry biological booster for additional ammonia and nitrite removal. Hang on back HOB power filter for easy installation. UL-listed for safety. 3-year warranty.

Cascade 80: 80 GPH (10 Gallon Aquariums)
Cascade 100: 100 GPH (20 Gallon Aquariums)
Cascade 150: 150 GPH (35 Gallon Aquariums)
Cascade 200: 185 GPH (50 Gallon Aquariums)
Cascade 300: 300 GPH (100 Gallon Aquariums)

Note: All models except Cascade 80 (Model #CPF1) include top.

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Cascade Power Filter for Aquariums Customer Reviews

Esther, Apache Junction AZ on 2015/09/25
Great Power Filter

The Cascade power filter is the most convenient filter to clean and maintain. About every 6 weeks I take the whole filter out and clean each piece. None of it has broke with my clumsy handling. It's user friendly to put back together and always starts right up. My first filter I bought from them lasted for a year in a half. The motor was the part that stopped working in it. But no big deal to buy another they are inexpensive and well worth it. They keep my fish tanks very clear and I love the adjustable flow on it too. This brand is very sturdy and always keeps my tanks clean and clear. Thank you Cascade.

Jody, Prineville OR on 2015/06/16

I received one with a tank that I bought and thought that it kept my tank extremely clean.. So I researched to where to buy more and found PetMountain and purchased 2 more of the same filter and they turned out more then what I expected them to be.. Awesome filtration and leave water crystal clear.. I would deeply recommend this pump.

Bush, Fresno CA on 2015/06/11
Best bang for your buck, Awesome!

Shipping was tremendous and I've been using the Cascade 300 for a while now, I have three and I'm happy about it. Great product! Not the best HOB filter out there but still a great product.

Pam, Zion IL on 2015/04/12
Works like a dream!

I bought 2 of these (Power Filter 300) for my 125 gallon tank. Very quiet, great product. Pet Mountain has done it again, thanks!

Pam, Elon NC on 2015/04/12
Love It!

I bought the 200 model for my 20 gallon. It is very quiet and keeps the water crystal clear. Thank you Pet Mountain!

Brandi, Salina KS on 2015/02/25

What I love: it's quite, you can adjust the water flow and most of all I can see into the filter. I'm not sure why I like the fact that I can see the inside of the filter but I do. The price is unbeatable. Thank you Pet Mountain, my fish and I are very thankful.

Melinda, Rock Hill SC on 2015/02/02
Awesome Filter

Awesome filter! I was using an AquaClear Filter on my cichlid tank, but it stopped working properly! This Cascade 200 filter is awesome, keeps the water clear and even the fish seem to like it better! Would definitely recommend!

Tina, Ft. Worth TX on 2014/04/04
Excellent Filter

I have 3 of these. Two for fresh and one on my saltwater. I don't even have to use a protein skimmer this one works so well. The water is Crystal clear and even better is how quiet. I would for sure recommend.

Alex, Katy TX on 2014/03/11
It is the best made aquarium filter that Ive ever had!

I ordered the Cascade Power 200 at a reasonable sales price from PetMountain. The quality of this filter is excellent. It is powerful, runs very quietly, very reliable, and is doing an outstanding job to make my 50 gallons water look very clear in my glass tank. It is a good investment for my money and even my wife is happy with this purchase. This filter truly deserves a five-star rating from us.

Joslyn, Nashville TN on 2014/01/22

Quiet and works perfectly! Haven't had to buy any of the filter media yet, so not sure about the pricing yet. But this filter is great for the price!

Ron, Ellkhart IN on 2014/01/10
Worth Considering

I have tried the Cascade 150, 200, 300. These are a good filter and value, like the bio sponge, and water fall outflow, 300 is a strong performer, as is the 200. The 150 is only good for 20 gal or smaller tanks. 150 and 200 use the same cartridge. I have used and like Aqua Clear, but they are twice the price. I like the Cascade, they seem to be quality built, quiet, with adjustable flow and nice filter media.

Gahar, Bridgeport CT on 2013/12/08
Great power fillter

I got the Cascade 300 for my 55 gallon tropical fish tank and it's working very well so far. I also picked up the 3-pack of replacement filters because it was a good price.

Ron, Elkhart IN on 2013/07/20
Good value

My Fluval motor seized up. I got the 300 size for 75 gal tank, also run a canister. This cascade is powerful, quiet and simple, easy to change. Cartridge that has ample carbon. Good pet mountain price.

Bailey, Mims FL on 2013/03/20

I really like this filter. Its flow control is great and it's very easy to setup.

James, Junction City OR on 2012/12/20
Best Company and Filter

I purchased a Cascade power filter 300. I am so pleased with it - I purchased another one. The second one was missing a strainer. They sent another filter right away. And a return label. No problem, and nice people. Love this company!

Avanell, Whiney TX on 2011/05/14

Easy to set up, runs quite and keeps my tanks crystal clear.

Erica, Petaluma CA on 2011/04/19
Works As Described

Arrived by promised date and was packaged with lots of care. I would definitely buy from PetMountain again! Thanks much!

Shanon, Saint Cloud MN on 2010/10/16

nice great for 75 gallon turtle tank