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Penn Plax Rustic Castle Aquarium Decor by by Penn Plax

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  • $109.99
  • (55%)
SKU: PP02735
UPC: 030172027352

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Product Description

Penn Plax's rustic castle will make a great centerpiece to any aquarium! Decorate your aquarium with the unique and beautiful castle. The incredibly detailed rustic castle has a fantastic paint job!

  • Excellent Center Piece Decoration for any aquarium
  • Provide shelter for fish and aquarium habitants
  • Rustic Castle Dimensions - (12"L x 8.5"W x 15"H)
  • NOTE: The Rustic Castle does not match the Dark Castle

Comes in assorted colors -- please allow us to select one for you.

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Customer Reviews

Ashley, Lincoln NE on 2015/03/20

This is my second time ordering from Pet Mountain. Overall I am impressed. Both of the items I ordered arrived a day before they were expected. I am impressed with the quality of my items. I was skeptical at first since the prices were so low, but I wont buy fish supplies anywhere else now.

Nikkii, Omaha NE on 2014/10/15
Love these!

Ordered both of these castles for my 75 gallon aquarium. They are so awesome. Thanks Pet Mountain for having the absolute lowest prices on the web & free shipping. Can't go wrong!!!

Joe, Refugio TX on 2014/08/30

I just received both A&B castles from being backordered. First, superb packaging and shipping. Second, I was a lil concerned about the color difference before I received them, but it seems that the manufacturer realized people are buying the together and now are painting them same color or very very close to one another. Personally, I cannot tell a color difference. Looks amazing and goes very well together. Once again, no color difference one from another. I could not be happier.

Jerseygirl, Elmwood Park NJ on 2014/04/20

I ordered the Penn Plax Rustic Castle Aquarium and Penn Plax Dark Castle Aquarium. The two looks absolutely beautiful together. The Castles are well made, and it was packaged very well. Each Castle was packaged in 2 boxes, bubble wrap, and foam to prevent damage during shipping. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Tom, Staten Island NY on 2014/03/20

It looks and fit perfectly in my 60 Gal Hex Tank. The fish love swimming in and out of it and it cost half the price of the local stores.

Brittany, Ville Platte LA on 2014/03/06
Penn Plax Castle

I bought both the north & south pieces of this castle for my new 46 gallon aquarium. It fits perfect with plenty of room on each side. It's beautiful! The first thing everyone says when they see it is "hey look at that big castle!" & "it looks like the Harry Potter castle!". lol It has plenty of room for my fish to swim & hide in. My BN Pleco especially loves his new home. I did notice that one castle is painted a little lighter than the other, but it doesn't bother me & none of my family/friends even notice it.

Misty, San Antonio TX on 2013/08/06

Purchased both the left and right of these castles. They fit and look amazing in my 75gal tank. In fact they looked so well in there I won tank of the month in my local fish forum. I strongly recommend them if you have cichlids or other fish who like cave/hiding places. Only issue was when I got them I noticed they are hollow all the way up into the tower areas, so I took some fiberglass screen and stuffed it up in there so I wouldn't have my plecos and other fish getting up in there and getting stuck. Other than that they are great. PetMountain packed and shipped these things with A LOT of care. Buy with confidence!

Chad, Columbus OH on 2013/06/14

So the pet stores don't carry this in my area anymore and I moved up to a 65 gal tank. So I was thrilled to find the other half of my Castle at a good price. The fish love it going in and out. I have one shy 4 inch Silver dollar that has made it his home.

Flex, Goodview MN on 2013/03/06
Awesome piece

Words cannot express how much this jewel looks in our 29 gal aquarium. I bought both the south and north sides. Sally, the rainbow shark, loves it. The glo barbs love it. I love it. It was very well packaged and arrived on time with no scratch whatsoever. Unpacking was a breeze. I was afraid both castles would be too big for my 29G but they look beautiful in that glass. Thank you petmountain for carrying this castle.

Kat, Castle Rock CO on 2012/06/19
Stunning as a complete set!

My daughter and I have had our eye on the two pieces that make up the complete castle structure for well over a year. We have a 125 gallon fancy goldfish tank with very large and beautiful ornate goldfish ~ Orandas, Veil Tails, Lionheads and Ranchus. When I found the "set" here at a price MUCH better than anywhere else, I finally caved and purchased it. Sure, the individual halves are not identical in color, but once in the tank and a light algae film covers them (like will occur in all tanks to some degree), it is NOT a distraction at all! This is a lovely set and if you are looking for a beautiful castle design for your tank, look no further. I will add it is VERY large and in most tanks it will probably fill it up, but in mine, it sits off to one side giving my long finned goldfish friends plenty of swimming space. If your fish are large, they will not be able to swim into the structures, but it makes for a great hiding place for my plecos! WELL WORTH the purchase!