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Penn Plax Super Battery Vac Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner by Penn Plax

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SKU: PP25502
UPC: 030172255021

Penn Plax Super Battery Vac Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner Description

The Penn Plax Super Battery Vac Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner contains stronger and more powerful cleaning action. Features an adjustable extension (with locking system) for deeper aquariums.

  • Clean your aquarium without getting your hand wet
  • Super Batter Vac Extension tube can reach up to 21" deep
  • Battery powered motor (requires 2 "C" batteries, not included)

Convenient on/off switch, algae vacuum scraper, larger impeller creates more suction, re-usable filter bag and telescoping locking extension tube for larger aquariums. Can also be used to do small water change. Simply attach 1/2" hose (not supplied) to spout or use hose adapter (for 5/8" inner diameter tubing).

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Penn Plax Super Battery Vac Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner Customer Reviews

Linda, Chicago IL on 2016/07/17

Easy to use and does a decent job.

Katie, Mesa AZ on 2016/02/20
Great item

Works as it should. Needs strong batteries but reliable helpful item.

Dcd, West Palm Beach FL on 2015/11/23
Nice, For Small Tanks

Good product only one flaw, the battery compartment gets moisture and rust forms causing you to buy OVER and OVER. Corrosion is no good.

Evie, Traverse City MI on 2015/07/31
Great little vac

This works great! I was using one I had purchased elsewhere for 62.00, and it was awful, it took forever to clean the turtle tank. This one works great takes 5 minutes to completely clean a 55 gallon turtle tank!

Maynard, Flint MI on 2015/05/06
I love it.

I think it is very good. It is so easy to use. I am trying to order more bags for it but cannot find where to order them.

Stephanie, Lewisville TX on 2015/03/07
Handy and Works OK

I agree with other reviewers that the suction is not very strong and you have to keep the waterline in just the correct place to maintain suction. However, it does a great job cleaning out the gunk without having to remove a lot of water from the tank. And I love that I can siphon water out of the tank using this vacuum. No more sucking aquarium water! Yeah.

Joan, Goshen OH on 2014/04/15
Handy Gizmo

Excellent little vac for small tanks. I have 2 five gallon betta/guppy tanks that are now so easy to clean with this battery operated tank cleaner.

David, King Of Prussia PA on 2011/03/29
Does what its supposed do!

I liked the first one so much that I bought another one as a back up.

Jennifer, Derby CT on 2011/01/20
This is great!

This is a great product. No buckets or siphon mess. Good when all you want to do is vacuum and not do a water change. All waste is caught in the bag which takes 2 minutes to rinse out. I am very pleased with my purchase.