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Penn Plax The Bubbler Aquarium Bottom Filter by by Penn Plax

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Product Description

The Bubbler by Penn Plax is an aquarium bottom filter system ideal for small aquariums and fish bowls. This simple, efficient filter is perfect for your aquarium and it comes with a 1/2" lift tube for even better efficiency!

  • Simple, efficient filter for small aquariums and fish bowls
  • 1/2" lift tube for greater efficiency
  • Provides both chemical and mechanical filtration

Note: Filter carbon sold separately.

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Paul, Federal Way WA on 06-11-2016
Great filter for 10 G's or less tanks or bowls.

This filter reminds me of the air powered internal filters used when first got started into the hobby as a kid back in the early 1970's. Don't see these in the pet shops anymore so ordered 2 to filter my 10 G tanks used to raise my home bred baby angelfishes. Just put in poly filter floss and carbon and you're good to go, no need for expensive filter cartridges. Penn Plax also includes about 5' feet of airline tubing that is a nice bonus.