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Perfecto Aquarium Glass Replacement Hinge by by Perfecto

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SKU: PER01041
UPC: 047497010419
MODEL: R01041

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Product Description

Perfecto Aquarium Glass Replacement Hinge. This part is the middle hinge for glass canopies. Perfecto Aquarium Glass Replacement Hinge can be cut to fit.

  • Small fits glass that is 1/8" thick and is 30" long
  • Large fits glass that is 3/16" thick and is 35.25" long
  • Replacement Hinge Color is Black

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Brian, Edison NJ on 11-24-2015
Good fit.... Once you eventually get it on

These are great once you manage to get them on. Here's a tip to help future buyers out. Vaseline. Lots of it. I'm surprised Pet Mountain doesn't sell it as an add on item.Go to the store, and buy about a gallon of it. I'm not kidding. If you can still look the girl at the register in the eye, you didn't buy enough. Go back and empty the shelf. Buy enough that you don't feel comfortable taking it out of the car while your neighbors are home.This being said, it's still not easy to get these on. Smear it on both sides of the glass and try to slide it on. It'll only go about 1/4 the way down the glass. Take it off, reapply Vaseline. Do it again. Maybe this time you'll get half way. Keep doing it till you get it all the way on. Now take it off and do the same to the other side and other piece of glass. Once this piece goes on easily, now put the first piece of glass in. By now you should be ready to report yourself to the authorities or go cry in the shower... Either way, your glass lid looks and works great now!

Terry, Kingsport TN on 11-07-2015
Correct replacement; very tight fit to glass

I have had to buy a new hinge for my 49 gallon aquarium a few times. The thin plastic just doesn't hold up well opening and closing the top to feed fish every day. This hinge is an exact replacement for the one that broke on my aquarium. My only complaint with it is it is extremely difficult to attach it to the glass. Eventually, my wife came up with an idea to put a little oil in the hinge. So I put a drop or two of olive oil in the area where the glass has to fit and then pushed the edge of the glass in one end of the hinge and slid the glass down until it was fully seated in the hinge. This worked well, but you need someone to help you do this. You should also wear gloves in case the glass shatters. In my case, a few drops of olive oil made installing this hinge a heck of a lot easier.

Tom, Colts Neck NJ on 01-27-2015
Perfecto Aquarium Glass Replacement Hinge

Product received in short time, as advertised. Very easy to do business with, will be happy to be a repeat customer.

Jack, Klamath Falls OR on 12-08-2014
Hinge strip

Excellent, well packaged and quick shipping.

Warren, Jamestown ND on 09-26-2013
Perfect for my glass lid

I purchased these to replace the hinges on my 75 gallon tank and with a little trimming down to the right size the top works perfectly again.

Greg, Zionsville IN on 05-22-2013
Nice experience

After a couple of attempts to order this from another retailer who was unable to find and ship it, I tried Pet Mountain. They not only had it in stock, but they were able to ship it right away for very reasonable shipping and product costs.

Renee', Bennet NE on 08-28-2012
Great Product

Top hinges, worked great for my 125 gallon oceanic tank.

John, Savannah GA on 06-06-2012

Product was just as advertised. I have an octagonal glass top that the hinge had broken on. I ordered this with the hopes I could use it even though it was from a different brand. It worked great. Very tight fit. Cuts easily with a band saw or hack saw. The 3' stick is enough for a future spare as well :-)

John, Cincinnati OH on 04-27-2010
Saved me money

It saved me from buying a new glass lid just to get these parts for my aquarium