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Pioneer Pet SmartCat Sky Climber Scratcher by by Pioneer Pet

  • $55.99
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SKU: PIO00017
UPC: 854602000179
MPN: 3817

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Product Description

Cats love vertical territory and the Pioneer Pet SmartCat Sky Climber Scratcher helps to fill that need. The Sky Climber allows cats to jump to a perch to nap or survey their home territory. While all cats love high places, it is especially important that multi-cat families provide a variety of perches; this allows cats to find space throughout the home, helping to reduce territorial disputes and promote harmony in the cat family. Easily mounted and can be installed anywhere.

  • Durable sisal encourages scratching
  • Includes a heavy-duty metal bracket
  • Elevated platform promotes healthy jumping and stretching
  • Attaches quickly and securely at any level to suit a cat’s leaping ability
  • Position multiple climbers at various levels for increased enjoyment

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