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API API Pond Aquatic Plant Media
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API Pond Aquatic Plant Media

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API Pond Aquatic Plant Media is a ready-to-use potting soil comprised of a unique blend of natural minerals, including all natural zeolite. It provides water gardeners with a clean, easy-to-use way to establish vibrant live plants in outdoor ponds. It will not clog filters and pumps, change pH, or discolor pond water.

  • Ready-to-use potting soil for pond plants
  • A unique blend of Arcillite & Zeolite with natural active ingredient
  • Does not cloud water or clog filter

API Pond (formerly PondCare) Aquatic Plant Media is a clean, dry and easy-to-use planting media and is specially formulated and recommended for all potted aquatic plants such as water lilies, lotus, and iris, as well as bog plants. Securely holds the plants in the pot and won't cloud the water or clog pumps and filters. It will not float or cloud the pond water when plants are moved, fertilized, or disturbed by fish. Many potting soils contain a combination of sand, composted organic matter, peat moss, vermiculite, and even fertilizer and wetting agents. Using these types of solids in the pond can lead to disastrous results, including loose fluffy soil floating in the water, and added fertilizers leaching into the water and stimulating algae growth.

Note: Potted plants need to be divided and repotted every one to two years to keep the plants vigorous and blooming.

Directions: Aquatic Plant Media should be fully saturated with water for ease of use. Pour Aquatic Plant Media into a clean bucket and fully cover the granules with water. Prepare the pot for Aquatic Plant Media by covering any holes with a piece of nylon screen, or weed barrier material to keep the media from leaking out. Add about 3 inches of pre-soaked Aquatic Plant Media into bottom of pot or basket. To promote lush plant growth, we recommend adding API Aquatic Plant Tabs, a pond plant fertilizer, as Aquatic Plant Media is not a fertilizer. Arrange the plant roots into the pot and gently cover roots with media and fill the pot to about 1" from the rim. Top off with decorative stones. Slowly lower the pot into the pond. There will be some trapped air in the soil. It will bubble out as the plant is lowered into the water.

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