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Clear Pond Clear Pond Beneficial Bacteria Formula
Clear Pond [11442-503518]

Clear Pond Beneficial Bacteria Formula

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Clear Pond - BSL Formula contains live beneficial bacteria and has been enhanced and patented to keep fish ponds clean, clear and healthy.

  • Completely natural & beneficial to pond life
  • 100% environmentally safe, non pathogenic, and nontoxic
  • Eliminates foul odors

Additional features:

  • Clear Pond works in a wide range of pH and is effective in helping nature keep pond water clean and clear. It breaks down sludge that usually builds up at the pond bottom and helps to control build up of wild life waste.
  • Clear Pond promotes fish health through its new probiotic formulation of bacteria and thereby help to protect fish against disease.
  • Clear Pond is especially good at seeding and maintaining biological filters when used on a regular basis. Clear Pond functions in water temperatures under 55°F and over 90°F.

The Clear Pond BSL Liquid Contains a blend of billions of various microbes (primarily Nitrosomonas & Nitrobacter) which are known to be highly beneficial to the ecological balance of pond water. The Clear Pond BSL Liquid specifically targets and decomposes many of the toxic compounds and organics found in pond water.

Clear Pond is proud to announce our New BSL Formula. A microbiotic blend of probiotic bacteria and a revolutionary technological breakthrough in the development of microbes for use in pond water management. Clear Pond contains a blend of aerobic and facultative anaerobes, (good bacteria), that are capable of breaking down algae and eliminating a sludge layer even in an anaerobic (non-oxygen) environment. Through a process of "selective adaptation" our natural bacteria have been enhanced in a 3-stage program. These are the first bacterial strains that were not engineered, but enhanced from nature, to receive patents. These bacteria have been naturally enhanced to rule the pond environment. Through

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192 oz - (6 x 32 oz)
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1 Gallon - (Treats 128,000 Gallons)
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Sku: PK01102
Id: 503522

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