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PondCare Microbial Algae Clean by PondCare

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PondCare Microbial Algae Clean Description

PondCares Microbial Algae Clean is an alternative approach to algae control! Want to clear algae from your pond? Try Algae Clean! This is the first bacterial algaecide registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • Improves dissolved oxygen levels and reduces noxious odors
  • Biological inhibitor of green water algae
  • Promotes a clean pond environment

Algae Clean consists of patented beneficial bacteria to help control green water algae in your pond. The bacteria helps establish the biological filter and remove organic sludge and debris, keeping your pond clean and algae free.

Microbial Algae Clean is safe to use in ponds and water gardens containing live plants and fish and is completely odor free. Follow all directions for use.

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PondCare Microbial Algae Clean Customer Reviews

Tim, Tampa FL on 2016/01/15
Great product and prices.

We buy all our pond supplies from Pet Mountain. Greatest products, prices, and customer services.

Harry, Lombard IL on 2015/06/23
Fast Delivery

Product was less expensive than exact same if store bought plus it came quickly.

Marta, Hobbs NM on 2014/02/10
Best Stuff ever!

The best natural algae preventer I've ever used. Love it because it is natural microbes and does not harm fish, snails or birds. Be patient and let it do its work and your pond will clear up!

Alice, Kingmont WV on 2011/06/16
Price beyond belief

I live by this particular product and have done so for the past several years. Usually purchase it through a local pond store, however this year my schedule did not allow this to occur and I ordered all needed pond chemical from PetMountain at a fantastic savings. I finally did make it to the local pond store and found the needed chemicals at nearly twice the price. Thanks PetMountain. I will order again before the end of the season. I received my order at my door step in a very timely manner. Thanks again.