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Pondmaster 190 Pond Filter Replacement Media Set by Pondmaster

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Pondmaster 190 Pond Filter Replacement Media Set Description

The Pondmaster 190 Filter Replacement Media pack includes 2 pads: one foam filter pad and one coarse polyester media pad. Using these two media together in your pond filter provides chemical and biological filtration. These pads are washable and reusable.

  • Chemical and biological filtration pads
  • Washable and reusable
  • Each set contains 1 foam filter pad and 1 coarse polyester media pad

Serves as replacement for the PMK 190 Kit. The foam filter should be rinsed regularly to maintain maximum flow. The coarse polyester acts as a substrate for biological filtering and should be carefully rinsed in a bucket of pond water to maintain the beneficial bacteria growing on it.

Pad Dimensions: 10"L x 8"W x 1.5"D

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Pondmaster 190 Pond Filter Replacement Media Set Customer Reviews

Kate, Winthrop MN on 2015/07/01
Pondmaster replacement filter

We ordered just one replacement filter last time and decided to go for the bulk package this time around. I'm very pleased with my Pondmaster 190. This is my first year with a pond and I'm so glad my mom referred me to get this. These filters work amazingly and are so easy to clean out. And buying in bulk you'll save a little more.

Rochelle, Easton PA on 2015/05/20
Great Filter from a Great Supplier

Filter fit perfectly and was shipped promptly and well packaged. My fish thank you.

Lesley, Sandyville WV on 2013/06/04
Great filters

The filters for the 190 Pondmaster do a great job of cleaning the fish pond.

William Haines, Fort Pierce FL on 2012/04/03
pond filter

Great Price, Free and Fast shipping.

Terry, Georgetown TX on 2011/11/01
Great Price

I have a rental unit that has a small pond and I ordered these for my tenant so they can keep up the pond which they enjoy. Pet Mountain had the best price I found anywhere so I ordered 3. I have paid double for these at aquarium and pet stores.

Jeremy, Chicago IL on 2010/08/06
Great deal

The product is 50% more expensive in the store, and with the customer coupon for 10% off it was even cheaper.

Terry, Citrus Heights CA on 2010/06/27
pondmaster filter replacements

The pet and aquarium stores in my area no longer carry this product. This is the best price I have seen on it anywhere.

Martha, New Bern NC on 2009/09/17

I purchased the Pond Master 190 system for my backyard fish pond along with the replacement filters. So far the system is doing an excellent job. The filter rinses out very easily and cleanly. Very happy with the results!

John, Clarkston MI on 2008/02/14
Awesome quality

I would like to buy more from this company I am very happy with the product i have recieved