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Pondmaster Pond Mag Magnetic Drive Water Pump by Pondmaster

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MPN: 2755

Pondmaster Pond Mag Magnetic Drive Water Pump Description

The Pondmaster Pond-Mag (formerly Mag Drive) Pump is a magnetically driven, submersible utility pump for outdoor water gardens and ponds. This unique, energy-efficient design uses only one moving part - a ceramic/magnetic impeller. Installation in larger ponds is a breeze: just connect and plug into power!

  • Energy-magnetic drive pump for ponds, waterfalls, and fountains
  • Can be used submerged or in-line
  • Includes grounded power cord and FREE pre-filter

Pondmaster Mag Drive water pumps are designed to handle virtually any water movement application and have been the most trusted pumps in the industry for over 20 years. Each Pond-Mag pump provides quiet, efficient and reliable performance, 24/7.

Ideal for any pond application, Pond Mag-Drive Pumps operate equally well whether in-line or submerged. With a ceramic impeller as its only moving part and an epoxy-encased power unit, you never have to worry that the pump will contaminate your water with harmful chemicals or oils.

Pondmaster Mag-drive Pond Pumps are ideal water moving solutions for ponds and water gardens, waterfalls, statuary, de-watering, hydroponic installations, and general-purpose clear water circulation purposes.

5-year manufacturer limited warranty.

Included in this Kit:
Pond-Mag Utility Pump
Grounded Power Cord
Free Pre-Filter

Specifications: 120V, 60 Hz

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Pondmaster Pond Mag Magnetic Drive Water Pump Customer Reviews

Barbara, Palmyra VA on 2018/06/01
pump review

Pondmaster Magnetic DriveUtility Pump: happy to locate this hard-to-find size and quality--quite pleased and so are the fish!

Jason, Copiague NY on 2018/02/12

Great price. Fast shipping.

Elizabeth, Stevensville MD on 2017/08/21
Reliable pond pump

Pump arrived in excellent condition. This is the second one of its kind that we have used in our pond. Pump runs most of the year and so the life expectancy that this pump has given us is good. The fish are a lot happier now that the waterfall is moving again.

Linda, Dover NJ on 2016/10/11
Pump works great

This pump was a replacement from the original set up. The pump is working continuously even through the winter so I guess I should be happy that it didn't need replacing sooner. The pump is a workhorse, just wish it lasted a bit longer.

Katherine, Northglenn CO on 2016/10/09
Pondmaster Pond-Mag Magnetic Drive Water Pump 500 GPH

This is a great pump and I use it for pumping from my pond to the ground UV pressure filter I use during warm weather. When the UV filter is disconnected, I use it to pump water from my lower pond to my upper pond to keep water circulating all winter. The only problem I have is that the outlet is small and my pond hose is 1" creating the need for an adapter.

Thong, Simi Valley CA on 2016/06/08
Great pump at a very good price.

Very glad I ordered this 500 gph pump to retire my existing 250 gph pump. It is very quiet and appears to be solidly and well built compared to other brand. I can use the retired pump as a back up for my other pump. I am thinking about buying another 500 gph to retire my other 250gph pump.

Carol, Huntington WV on 2016/05/17
The Model 5 500 Gph Pump

At $84 I thought a filter would have been included but I had to order one separately. The pump works fine but an attachment to pump the water in a spray or up higher was also not included nor did the add say it was not included or at least been told it all was sold separately. very disappointed.

Jay, Houston TX on 2016/05/14

....good price and fast ship on this quality product......

Tony, Vista CA on 2015/12/06
Pondmaster 9.5 pump

Fast and easy to order. Quick delivery to my front door. Excellent price when I shopped online for comparison.

Rob, Milwaukee WI on 2015/09/09
Good pump

Bought the pump and filter to match it. I have a small pond in the yard and this was the recommended size for what I have. It works well.

Dan, Santa Fe NM on 2015/06/21
Looks good, but note that it requires AC power, not 12vDC

It looks like a nice pump, but not what I expected. The specs did not list the input power required as 110vAC. I thought it was 12vDC..... so have to return it.I'd love to have PetMountain offer some good 12vDC alternatives so they could run with little solar-powered systems stand-alone.I'd really like to have some decent volume for cistern transfer systems, as well as decorative water features in places I don't want to run 110vAC power.

Jeff, Williamsport PA on 2015/06/02
Love the new pump, a lot more water flow that I need.

I purchased the Pondmaster 950 and it works great. Awesome pump and very good quality product.

Lee Anne, Lexington TE on 2015/05/14

Great service and product. Fantastic price! I saw the same thing on other sites for double the price. I will use Pet Mountain for all my animal and fountain supplies!

Wes, Gainesville FL on 2015/02/27
Reliable Pumps

Sturdy, dependable pumps.

Gerri, Wake Forest NC on 2015/01/24
Difficult to find fitting for tubing

This pump did not come with any fittings to connect tubing. It took me several trips to the plumbing store and additional costs to find a fitting that would work so that I could attach an in-line filter.

Steve, Tampa FL on 2014/12/18
Great service

Fast shipping and product works great. This is a replacement for an identical pump that has been in constant use for 10 years. If I get 10 years out of this one I'll be very happy.

Jean, Topeka KA on 2014/11/06
Great Service

I have ordered from Pet Mountain several times. I have received the orders quicker than their estimate and items are just as described. My phone contact with them has given me knowledgeable associates who can answer my questions on the specific item. This is a company I actually enjoy doing business with.

New Customer, Honolulu HI on 2014/10/23
New Petmountain Fan

Lowest priced pumps by far. Found website by chance and very pleased with fast service and free shipping over $75.

Jack, Canton OH on 2014/10/14
Pond-mag 9.5 Pump

No stranger to Danner pumps. Have always enjoyed a good success rate with them. This one is no exception. I especially appreciated the prompt shipping and excellent pricing from Pet Mountain. They are now my "go to" vendor for all things aquaria.

Jack, Canton OH on 2014/10/14
Pond-mag 1 Pump

Needed some assistance setting this pump up in my application. Got NO JOY from Danner AT ALL! Called Pet Mountain CS and received prompt and courteous assistance with my questions. Thank you, Pet Mountain. Good support always = repeat sales.

Ted, Lafayette IN on 2014/09/18
Legit site

I still am wondering (but not complaining) how Pet Mountain can sell items so cheap! Great products and if you're patient, free shipping over a $75.00 purchase! I will most definitely be buying again! Thank you so much.

Marty, Lonaconing MD on 2014/09/02
Magnetic drive utility pump

Just as expected. Included bonus pre-pump filter. My front fountain is now back in service!

Rebecca, Garner NC on 2014/07/30
We love our new pump

The new fish pump was easy for my husband to install. Our new pump is working fine. We just have installed the pump . I like Pet Mountain prices and customer service.

Brenda, Santa Paula CA on 2014/07/04
Perfect little pump

Love it. Easy to use and easy to clean.

Bob, Garland TX on 2014/05/10
Pondmaster Flaw but 5 star service!

I purchased two Pondmaster Magnetic Drive 9.5 (950 GPH) pumps. They both failed in about a week. Their overall construction and design seemed attractive and rugged, and it was easy to disassemble to service. The pumps have a magnetic drive design so pump will not be harmed if pump stalls due to a clog, etc. The design failed because the internal clutch like part inside the rotor assemble broke. All other parts were fine and seemed to be well built. Petmountain, was great in their customer service, 5 stars to them. They replaced the broken pumps quickly, offered a refund, and even paid for return shipping. With support like this I'll be back to purchase more. Good customer support is hard to find but Petmountain has it!

Larry, Brandon MI on 2014/02/26
Exactly what I needed.

My present pond pump was not powerful enough for my fish pond waterfall. Found the Mag-Drive 9.5 pump at your company. Great product at a great price.

Kashif, Alexandria LA on 2013/12/06
No Suction Cups

I just bought it. It 's not even set yet and too early to say anything about its quality. But I do like share my concern about the suction cups. They don't come with the product and I don't think any cups are made for it. To make sure I called the manufacturer Danner and surprisingly the person who answered the phone didn't even know whether the suction cups come or don't come with the pump. After a hold I was advised to buy some rubber or heavy plastic and put underneath. In my opinion suction cups will be very helpful. It will hold the pump in place and reduce the vibration. My advice to the manufacturer is that if they include four cups with the pumps, the consumer will be very appreciative and may not mind to pay one or two dollars extra for it. Thank you,

Maggie Glassoff, Nevada City CA on 2013/11/26

This is exactly perfect for my use - we have a large watering trough full of big fat gold fish and they are in that tank 365 days a year - hail, sleet, snow, sun, etc. Have the pump draw the water through a filter and then splash over rocks on top - I like that Pet Mountain has several sizes of these pumps - other websites just have the smallest and largest - really happy with our purchase and it came quickly, packed well and works great!

Retired, Inman SC on 2013/11/12
Pumps great!

We have a 1000 gallon fish pond and had PM 950 and 2000 PM filter, but there was not enough pressure for the 950 to carry, therefore, we order the 1800 Mag and must say, this one makes all the difference. We have had 3 PM pumps and are very satisfied with them. The price was the best I could find for the 1800 Mag. We are very satisfied with the website and all my orders were delivered in a timely manner. Thanks so much!

Elizabeth, Inman SC on 2013/11/08
Great pump!

This is our third PM 9.5 mag did not seem to be doing the job for our 1000 gallon pond. We went up to the 1800 and are very, very satisfied with the results. Now I could delete the 2 smaller pumps I had going in the pond. Pondmaster/Danner make a great pump and the price was so reasonable. Very satisfied customer!

Robert, Healdsburg CA on 2013/11/05
Completely Satisfied

This pump fits the bill for compactness, quiet operation, and reliability. This is a replacement for one that was burned out when water was lost out of a fountain. Note, running the pump dry for some unknown number of days will make it fail ;-) Shipped quickly, and the price was way under what a local shop priced the same unit. I'm very happy with this online experience.

Robert, Healdsburg CA on 2013/11/05
Completely Satisfied

This pump fits the bill for compactness, quiet operation, and reliability. This is a replacement for one that was burned out when water was lost out of a fountain. Note, running the pump dry for some unknown number of days will make it fail ;-) Shipped quickly, and the price was way under what a local shop priced the same unit. I'm very happy with this online experience.

J, Utica MS on 2013/10/15
Effective Pump

I have used Pondmaster 24 pumps for a while. My last one unexpectedly failed after three years. Not sure what that means for quality. The replacement is running well.

Joe, Dekalb IL on 2013/10/01
Outstanding all around!

Best price I could find anywhere. Good notification and follow-up and the pump is exactly what it stated. As is working well!

Suzanne, Scottsdale AZ on 2013/09/25
Works well - not sure about product life

I had this pump in my pond for about 18 months and as time went by its flow rate diminished. Then one day it stopped working. It appears that the prefilter came off. Perhaps something entered the pump that made it malfunction. My fish have a tendancy to move rocks and equipment in my pond so perhaos they pushed the prefilter off. Rather than try to repair it, I bought a different pump and it was a disaster, it stopped moving water in under a week as its prefilter was quickly clogged. So I took that one out and replaced it with this unit again. I noticed they reinforced the prefilter so hopefully it will not fall off again. I also wedged it between two rocks to try to keep the fish from pushing it off. It is moving the water very well and its output appears to be as promised. I would just say that you need to be prepared to clean this pump regularly and make sure the prefilter stays in place.

Joey, Union MS on 2013/09/10
Great pump at a great price.

I built a filter system to siphon debris from my marine sand, and I needed a low flow pump. The 1.9 works perfectly. The price was/is great, and a 5 year warranty is a nice bonus. Thanks, Petmountain!

Terry, Evansville IN on 2013/08/17
Wife loves this product

Purchased 500 gal. Pondmaster pond pump for exactly 1/2 the price that I paid locally. Fast delivery and great price. Can't beat it.

Charles, Pittsfield MA on 2013/08/07
Excellent Pump

I have a 120 GPH pump running a 300 gallon pond which has now run one year almost non-stop and is going strong. I added the 250 GPH to run in a larger addition and have no complaints. Hoping it measures up to the older one in durability. 18' cable is a plus!

Rod, Wilmington NC on 2013/08/01
Great product!

Great pump for a small water feature. The previous pump ran for 8 years with regular filter cleaning. The new model came with a basket filter which should reduce maintenance.

Ray, Depew NY on 2013/07/07
Satisfied with pump and price

This will be my 3rd pump. Get about 4 plus years out of them. Satisfied with the performance.

Laura, Omaha NE on 2013/06/22
Great Pump!

We needed to replace the pump on our outdoor waterfall - found one at our local garden center but didn't want to pay the $160+ price tag. Got this exact same pump at PetMountain for half the price. Free shipping and no sales tax were icing on the cake. Easy order process, shipped right away and we got it in just a few days. Outstanding experience - I'll shop from PetMountain again!

Ralph, Merrick NY on 2013/04/14
Great product and service

It took a couple of days but customer service responded to my email analyzing the size of pump I needed. I went with the 12. Its the same kind I've had for 10 years. The delivery came as promised and the price... its great! A local store had the same pump that I paid $119.99 for $209.99 plus tax!

Daniel, Heyer GA on 2013/04/10
As advertised

Great price. Great service. Will definitely order from them again.

Susan, Euless TX on 2013/03/21
Very satisfied

Product arrived in very timely manner and works great.

Barbara, Edmonds WA on 2012/10/17
Reliable pump

I've used Pondmaster pumps since 1996. They are reliable, economical to purchase and run, and last for years and years, running 24/7 in all weathers. Highly recommend.

Paul, Cohutta GA on 2012/08/22
So far so good

I bought this pump to replace another brand of more or less the same size. I like the pre-filter. It's in the bottom of the pond right now doing what it's supposed to do.

Cheri, Roscommon MI on 2012/08/17
Pondmaster pumps live up to expectations

This is the second 9.5 mag drive pondmaster pump I've owned. We use it in our backyard fish pond to power the waterfall and we have never had a problem. Pet Mountain had the best price out of several companies that I checked out, the pump arrived at the promised time and in excellent condition.

Kathleen, New Berlin WI on 2012/08/07
Magnetic Drive Utility Pump

Very happy with the pump. It moves a lot of water which is what I wanted because it is used to pump water for the water fall in my pond. Excellent price. Will be sure to check out your site the next time I need to make a purchase.

Joan, Westfield IN on 2012/08/04
Garden Utility Pump

The garden pump was a great price, it arrived quickly, and it is just what I needed. It is working beautifully -- thanks.

Gloria, Tarpon Springs FL on 2012/06/28
Lasted one year

Have had this pump twice...first pump went for three years...the last pump didn't make it for one year. Makes me wonder why and should I chance another 1800 gal. pump?

Chris, Vancouver WA on 2012/06/21
Mag-drive 12

We've wasted $$$ on pumps that can't take replacement parts. Finally found this one. It arrived secure in it's packaging, promptly. Week one, performing beautifully. Will review again later.

Sue, Tucson AZ on 2012/06/20
Great pump for a waterfall!

I have had this exact pump working in my outdoor waterfall non-stop for about 6 years. It has worked perfectly as long as I did my job to keep it free of leaves etc., I expect this one to do the same and it has a 5 year warranty. Who could ask for more? Also the delivery from Pet Mountain was perfect...came earlier than predicted and well wrapped and protected. A good company to deal with it appears.

Lee, Dallastown PA on 2012/06/19
8 yrs plus...

Had bought this same model 8 years ago from a landscape and garden center for approx $250.00 + more eight years ago. Couldn't find one local so had to hit the internet and found here thankfully. I've used my last one all year round, 24/7. Had a spare pump so didn't have to rush shipping.

Joe, Hicksville NY on 2012/06/16
Good service life

I bought my first Pondmaster pump back in 1999. Here in NY it is in service from about April to mid Nov., and over that time has provided me with good service. Last year it developed a crack in the front cover and I tried to repair it, but it did not hold up, so I knew it was time for a new one. (As an aside, my neighbor had one that lasted 14 years.) After doing internet searches, I found that Pet mountain had the best price, so to take advantage of the free shipping, I ordered some filter media. This was my third order placed with this company. I thought that shipping could have been faster, thus the four stars.

Delwyn, Grapevine TX on 2012/05/19
Great pump price

Good pump that does all I ask of it. The price that Pet Mountain charges is obviously the best price out there.

Terri, Flint MI on 2012/05/10
Used in a flotation tank

I use this pump in a flotation tank using a high solution of magnesium sulfate. Most of the time it is great - quiet and effective. I have had two of these freeze up, however and be unsalvagable. I still like the pump and appreciate the good prices and service.

Jim, Tulsa OK on 2012/05/10
switched over to pond masterpumps

Great pumps but impeller blades break too often, Just ordered two more pumps as backups when the other brand starts leaking oil in the water

Kathy, Lexington KY on 2012/03/30
Excellent transaction!

Petmountain had the best price for this pump. I emailed customer service with some questions and they responded promptly. Item was shipped and arrived in a short amount of time. Couldn't ask for a better transaction. Thanks Petmountain!

Josh, Davenport IA on 2012/03/13
Great pump! Great price!

Shipping was fast and the mag is a great pump, did have to add a fan to my cabinet, but pumps a lot of water and it's fairly quiet.

Jerry, Holden MO on 2012/01/29
Great product.

A replacement for one we use in our church baptistry. Purchased the next size up.Web site is easy to navigate and pricing was excellent. Quality product and company.

Patty, Spencer TN on 2011/09/09
Always a GREAT Product

This is the second Pondmaster Magnetic Drive Water Pump that I have purchased. The first one lasted 10 years. They are an excellent product.

Dennis, Colorado Springs CO on 2011/08/25
Mag-Drive 3 pump

I got this for my pondless waterfall and 20' stream. I have almost 7' elevation from pump to outlet and 40' of 3/4" hose. It performs very well and produces a good volume of water for the stream that empties into a 31 gal. tote tub that I use for a reservoir.

James Aarons, Creston CA on 2011/05/19
Excellent improvement

Pondmaster finally put a plastic filter cage onto this pump. My last pump broke because the sponge filter kept falling off, the impeller would become clogged, and I would continually have to drag the pump to the surface and unclog it. There is no such problem with the plastic filter cage that came with my new pump.

Debra, Lake Balboa CA on 2011/05/18
One of the best reviewed!

Solid construction. Cannot wait to use. Typically, shipping was almost faster than the payment clearing - yay! This pump did come with a pre-filter. Buying one separately is not necessary.

Bob, Tucson AZ on 2011/04/28
Great pump but with a design flaw

I have been using this pump for several years. It works great and is very reliable with one major exception. The impeller has a ceramic shaft that easily snaps in two if any debris gets in and clogs it. This is a design flaw. I finally got a pre filter that has stopped this problem, but the shaft should be metal or something sturdier as it should not snap when it gets clogged.

Wendy, Pittsburgh PA on 2011/04/26
I finally found it!

I bought this pump 20 years with a case and filter. I have been looking for this pump for 2 years since the old one died and was thrilled to find it at a reasonable price. It is exactly what I had and it fits in the filter box and is in my pond at this moment cleaning things up. Thank you.

Sam, Grover Beach CA on 2010/11/04
Great Pumps

The big Pondmaster 2400 pumps are strong, efficient and trouble free. I would recommend them to anyone.

Sherman, Evans GA on 2010/10/07
Great Product. I have used mine for 5 years without problems.

This is a 1800 pump. It is great.

Tim Ahlborn, Mentor OH on 2010/10/06
Works Great

The pump works great. It is just the right size for the fountain. The fountain works better than it did when it was new.

Joe, Milwaukee WI on 2010/09/19
Happy Pondmaster

I've had my PM 9.5 for 2 years now for my 50 gallon Fish Tank. Below it is a Filter Tank, so the head is 4' from there back into the Fish Tank, and for the most part it is really great. I decided I wanted more filtration, but with the new filtration, the 9.5 cannot keep up with the outflow vs. the inflow back into the Fish Tank. Nonetheless, I intend to purchase the Mag Drive 5 to compensate because I am impressed with the Pondmaster power and longevity.

Lee Ann, Millen GA on 2010/09/19
We wont use any other pump.

My husband and I bought one 5 years ago. We rarely cleaned it and it still ran without any problems. That's why we are buying another. This time we plan on cleaning it.

Garrett, Spring Hill FL on 2010/09/14
Five P.M. Mag-Drive pumps going on 12 years-old!

I've been using these pumps for sixteen years now. I left several in AZ when I moved, but got new ones here in Florida. Bought the 5, 7, 9.5 and the 12. The 5 and 7 have been used continuously in my wet-dry filters for a 72 gl and 125 gl. The 9.5 and 12 have been used in outdoor ponds. All are going on 11-12 years old. The only maintenance was for the 12 which got a small rock sucked up into the impeller. So simple to fix, just unscrew pull out, brush (toothbrush) clean and reinsert. By the way I even dropped the magnetic impeller and chipped the magnet but just put it back in (even though u can buy replacements quite easily) and plugged it in. All have been running for the years stated and 24/7. I'd never be without them! I can't say one single negative about these pumps!

Marilyn, Springdale AR on 2010/09/10
easy to install, works great

magnetic 1800gph pond pump. pond master. this was a replacement from the same as we have had for five years. very pleased

Gavin, Gibsonia PA on 2010/09/01
Great Pump

I have a PM 1800 now for 5 or 6 years. It runs 24/7 365days never turns off and only had to replaced the impeller once. Just lost my waterfall pump for the 3rd time, another brand which runs 24/7 for about 6 to 7 months per year. Had enough so I'm replacing it with a PM 950. Bottom line you get what you pay for. Will never look at or buy anything but a PondMaster Magnetic Drive Pump again.

Adam, Garland TX on 2010/08/25
I loved it

Just got my Mag-drive 7 pump and I loved it. Price is very good too.

James, Kingsport TN on 2010/08/10
We are so pleased with it!

Our previous 1200 GPH Pondmaster mag pump lasted over 7 years with no problems. However, After several seasonal cleanings, we thought it best to purchase another one. What a great price Pet Mountain! Appreciate your help and assistance.

Sandra, Kansas City MO on 2010/07/30

We have used this pump for the last 5 yrs without any problems.... I highly recommend to anyone want a pond pump without maintainance.

Paul, Clarkston MI on 2010/07/25
Performs way better than expected

After struggling with other pumps, I purchased the Mag-Drive 18 pump and it has worked perfectly. It is very quiet and it has significant power. I'm still in my first year, so I don't know how long it will last. But so far, it has been great.

Richard, Smyrna TN on 2010/07/06

The pump is much more powerful than the previous brand that I used. The problem I have is with the pump filter. It is a two piece affair that is made very thin and flimsy. It collapsed on the first day of use! I was actually sitting on my swing watching and listening to my waterfall that never had this much water coming out of it before when the flow suddenly slowed to almost nothing. By the time I got the pump shut down ,I discovered one of my prized goldfish, Earl, had gotten sucked into the pump inlet. Sadly, I had to take him out behind my barn and put him down, thankfully it only took one well placed shot.( I kinda made up some of that last part). I'll now make my own filter that won't collapse or fall apart. I think the company has to re-think their filter design to make total package 100%.

Craig, Santa Barbara CA on 2010/06/30
Wish I Got Six Years

My 700 gph Pondmaster has been good and never clogs but recently gave up the ghost after about 2 years. Still a good buy for $75 and better than the other alternatives. Glad some folks are getting more life than I do.

John, Wilmington DE on 2010/06/21
Expected Excellent Performance

The Mag 18 pump is just one of several Pondmaster Pumps I have owned. All have exceeded expectations. Most have been operating 8 years or longer. Repair of the one moving part (impeller) is easy and inexpensive.

John, Wilmington DE on 2010/06/20


Craig, Bangor ME on 2010/06/15
Great Pumps

I have three of these pumps, two 9.5's and 12. I have used them in my wet/dry filters for years with no trouble at all. The Mag 12 I use to transfer water for water changes works great.

Peter, Portland OR on 2010/06/12
Time for replacement

I have used a Pondmaster 700 for about 4 years and it has worked flawlessly. My wife wanted to add a few more feet to her waterfall and a new stream so we are ordering a 950 gph pump for her addition. If it works as well and as economically as our first pump I know we will be very happy.

Rob, Celebration FL on 2010/06/06
Cant beat this pump!

I have had a 9.5 Mag-Drive for 6 years without a problem.I run this pump 24/7 all year long ...keeps my pond crystal clear.I am going to buy another for a new project. Best Bet by far.......

Brad, Savage MN on 2010/05/18
High quality pump

I was impressed by the construction and operation of this pump. Note:If you purchase this pump expecting to hook up a raw hose to it, you will need a fitting, as it doesn't come with one.

Bob, Los Angeles CA on 2010/05/13
Powerful Pump -- very solid

This pump definitely impressed me with amount of volume it pumped to the top of my 9 foot waterfall. It is pretty heavy -- helping it stay in place, and probably giving me that "solid feel of quality". Seems like it'll go for the long run.

Matthias, Atlanta GA on 2009/07/28
Reliable Pump

If you want to have a pump that is reliable, durable, quiet, Danner mag drive is the one. Its like having a Toyota Camry in the 90s. Thanks

Barbara, Austin TX on 2007/10/14

The Pondmaster Mag-drive is a serviceable pump and very simple to use. The main drawback in my experience is that hoses need to be clamped to the intake and outflow nozzles- it would be nice if that were a part of the package and instructions!

John, Florence MS on 2007/09/06
Great pump for the money!

The first pump lasted Five years. I hope to have the same luck with the new one.

Kelli, Mooresville NC on 2007/09/01
user friendly

user friendly! easy to access.very helpful

Kim, Tonawanda NY on 2007/08/22
Highly recommended

The Mag Drive was recommended to me last year for my small pond and I would not dream of using anything else. Very durable and reliable. Pet Mountain has the lowest prices of anyone and I have searched!

Richard, Blackwell OK on 2007/08/07
Best Prices

I've used Pondmaster Pumps before and they have proven to be the best for me compared to others of similar cost. After looking everywhere Pet Mountain has the best prices!

Gracie, Summerville SC on 2007/07/15
worked great for 5 plus years

Used in water garden when we first put it in 5 plus years ago. Still running but want a larger capacity pump.

Coreen Onnembo, Morris Township NJ on 2007/07/06
Pond Master Magnetic Drive Utility Pump 700 GPH

I have to replace this pump now but had it working well for 5 years. It was opened to replace the inner piece and wasn't connected tight enough. If not for that it would still be operating. I will purchase another and highly recommend it to any new shoppers.

Hanny, Alexandria VA on 2007/06/18
MagDrive 9.5 is one durable pump

I had this for 3+ years, always reliable, quiet, and pump water really well. Expensive, but you get what you paid for.

John, Sparks NV on 2007/05/21
had to replace it dogs fault

I have had this pump before worked great until my Lab wanted to see what was inside, Did not even think of another pump this one was so great!

Mwg, Lawndale CA on 2007/05/15
Our customers love it

We been using the pondmasters for many years and they work great. They last long and run for many hours.

Bill, New Haven CT on 2007/03/31
Very Good Pump

This pump ran continuously for 10 months of the year for 2 years. 24 hours a day. no problems.

John, Paramus NJ on 2007/03/30
pondmaster mag drive submersible pump

your pumps are reliable and trouble-freehave enlarged our pond 3x and have always used pondmaster- wouldn't use any other! They never wear out.