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Pondmaster Pond Water Pump and Filter Kit by Pondmaster

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Pondmaster Pond Water Pump and Filter Kit Description

Pondmaster Filter System Kits combine the easy-to-use PondMaster Filter Box with a high-tech fully submersible Mag-Drive water pump. In this submersible pond filter water is drawn into a coarse filter pad to trap debris, then through a finer, carbon-impregnated pad to further purify the water.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Sits conveniently at the bottom of your pond
  • Fountain head can be detached to attach to a waterfall feature if desired
  • Made in the USA

Filter media is included. A sturdy handle allows the filter to be placed where needed and easily removed for cleaning. UL-listed for safety.

Includes: Filter Box, Mag Drive Pump, 2 Fountain Heads, Vinyl Tubing, All Fittings, Poly, and Carbon Filter Pads.

190: Ponds up to 400 Gallons (190 GPH Max Flow) - NOTE: Suitable for Small to Medium Ponds and Containers.
1250: Ponds up to 600 Gallons (250 GPH Max Flow)
1350: Ponds up to 800 Gallons (350 GPH Max Flow)
1500: Ponds up to 1,000 Gallons (500 GPH Max Flow)
1700: Ponds up to 1,250 Gallons (700 GPH Max Flow)

Pondmaster Pond Water Pump and Filter Kit Specifications:
Fountain Head Height: 19" Tall (may be cut to desired length)
Models 190-1250: 10' Long Cord
Models 1350-1700: 18' Long Cord
5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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Pondmaster Pond Water Pump and Filter Kit Customer Reviews

Sherrie, Littlestown PA on 2015/05/26
Pond Filter

This seems to be a great product so far. The price was great, shipping time was quick and it was a breeze putting it together. I've only had it in the pond for a few weeks but the water is still clear. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Marc, Huntington Beach CA on 2015/03/03
Pond Filter

Filter has performed as desired. I think it is a good product.

Alan, San Antonio TX on 2014/11/19
Keeping it Clear

I purchase this product so that I can keep my Koi and Gold Fish in an above ground swimming pool that I am using for them while I fix the leaks of my fish pond. All together there is about 100 plus fish in 1500 gallons of water. I have two of these working to keep water clean and clear until I am able to get pond fix. Even though I have had to clean the filters after 10 days (because of the amount of fish that are in the water) it is doing its job that I knew it would do in keeping the fish alive and water clean and clear.

Jennie, San Diego CA on 2014/09/18
Very satisfied with everything about my order

I ordered this pond pump for my 500 gal pond. Great price! And My order got delivered to my house the VERY NEXT DAY! Pump is super easy to clean and is doing a great job in my pond. Great price, super fast shipping, nice product... Thank you! I'll definitely be shopping here again.

Kristina, Venice CA on 2014/08/13
Love this Filter!

I have a 250 gallon pond that the last filter died after a dozen plus years. I searched, read reviews and found this here on Pet Mountain for the best price. Its been almost three weeks and at first I did have to clean the filter 2-3 times a day. Now I haven't had to clean it in a day and a half, the pond is crystal clear, the fish are happy as well as the turtle. I love this filter. Cleaning is easy, and the whole unit makes perfect sense and does a fantastic job. The only hiccup I had, is one day the pretty top insert spout somehow switched its position and emptied the pond. It spurt in four streams instead of the lovely cascade. I stopped it using that day. I'd rather have a clean pond then an empty one.

Tim, Sedona AZ on 2014/08/08
Clear water at last.

Fish pond is a 500 gallon stock tank, enclosed in cement blocks, with fountains pouring into the tank. Moss was a problem. It took four days of cleaning the filters twice a day to see the bottom. The Pondmaster kit did the job!

Sherrie, Debary FL on 2014/04/16

I have a small pond about 200 gallons. The Pond filter is perfect for this pond. It is also very energy efficient. The little waterfall effect is also very nice.

Rick, Jacksonville FL on 2014/04/07

We bought one of these last year for our turtles. It only lasted not quite a year. We decided to purchase the same one again. Hopefully this one will last longer.

Barbara, Birmingham AL on 2013/10/16
Doing a great job!

This filter is doing a great job of cleaning my murky fish pond. The pond is now clear, but, of course, I have to rinse out the filter daily!

Maryanne, Duncansville PA on 2013/10/08


George, Central Point OR on 2013/10/01
Seems to work very well, as advertised.

Easy to assemble, produces nice big bubble effect. Haven't had to clean out the filter after the first week. Has a tendency to tip over in the wind without weighting down the filter assembly at the bottom with a few rocks. The riser is adjustable by cutting to a shorter length. Overall it seems like a good product.

Lori, Uvalde TX on 2013/08/09
Very pleased with performance!

Had a pondmaster filter system some time ago and was quite pleased with the performance. Now with a much larger pond I decided to go with pondmaster again and was not at all disappointed. Thanks for a great product and many happy bubbles from the koi!

Rick, Southaven MS on 2013/08/02
Very pleased with this product

This filter is exactly what my pond needed. Very easy to clean and keeps the water clear. My fish love it too....I do recommend this product.

Mary, Lawrence KS on 2013/06/26
Best thing ever. Needed a filter for years!

The filter is WONDERFUL. We have had a goldfish pond (outside) for 9 years. All filters were too costly and difficult to use. We always keep the water oxyginated, but scouping out junk, changing water and adding chemicals was quite a chore. This filter is VERY EASY to use. No carbon filters, etc. Just a box with pump, two kinds of washable filters and a bell fountain. We changed the filter daily for the first two weeks and could not believe how nasty the water was. The water is clear and I can now see my fish. This filter is remarkable. I talked to a sales associate and she recommended this filter for our pond. It is approx., 90-100 gallons. It takes around 5 minutes to change filters and clean the box (which has a handle fo easy lifting). BEST THINGS ARE: Price, ease of use and helpfullnes of the staff. My husband was not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars for a filtering system that was complicated. Love this filter.

Rich, Ridgefield NJ on 2013/05/26
Nice product

Nice little filter system for my 125 gallon pond at an affordable price.

Robert, Palmer MA on 2012/08/21
Pond filter and pump

Good product, good price, fast delivery was easy! Could not ask for more really. Thank you!

Barry, Burfordville MO on 2012/07/20
Does the job for me

Very easy to assemble. Tried the different spray heads and they all work well. No filter is fun to clean but this one is fairly simple...takes about 5 minutes.

Julie, Clearwater FL on 2011/09/07
Love It!

Love the fountain effect! fast service!

Jennifer, Evansville IN on 2010/09/15
Great Product

Was disappointed when the motor on this pump only lasted a year. Have purchased this brand in the past and used it continuously for 3 or 4 yrs. Hoping the new one I just bought has a longer life!

Martha, New Bern NC on 2010/09/02
They love it!

I love this Pondmaster so much that I have two of them! My pond has two sections and I decided to put the second one in the upper container. I usually run them for about 12 hours a day, seven days a week. One I run with the bell fountain and the other I let "bubble up". They filter out so much gunk and all you have to do is rinse the filters out to clean them. During the winter I ran one 24/7 to keep the water from freezing. My fish "Nemo and Finn" must really like the feeling of the waterfall on their "backs"! They're constantly swimming through it! Two thumbs up from me!

Amanda, Norman OK on 2010/08/14
very happy

I was very happy with my pond master filter system. Was having a lot of trouble keeping my pond clean, but after I added the new filter system, I went back outside 2 hours later and I could see the bottom of the pond! Very happy! At least I can see my fish now.

Greg , Cedar Falls IA on 2010/07/04
works great

Quiet, easy to clean works great! Water started out cloudy. Cleaned filter twice a day the first 3 days. Now down to once a day. Soon will be weekly. I am going to add a fine filter to it as I do in my home tanks.

Jeannie, Monroe WI on 2010/06/24
Our fish love it

We took out our pondless waterfall and replaced it with a fish pond. This was just right and no troubles thus far.

Jeremy, Chicago IL on 2010/06/18
As good as expected!

I received my two Pondmaster filter kits and they both work beautifully. With the coupon I was able to use these kits were literally half price as compared to the stores. The kits came on time and were well packaged. Very smooth transaction!

Kathy, Campobello SC on 2010/05/10
Pondmaster is GREAT!

We bought the Pondmaster 1700 It is great! Quiet running. Cleared up the pond in no time.

Tim, Gunnison CO on 2010/03/03
Absolutely the best!

I've been looking for a quality filter that is easy to clean and maintain. This is the best I have ever seen and used! Ease of dis-assembly and cleaning is outstanding. Thank you.

Mary, Arlington TX on 2009/09/15
Pondmaster 190 - (190 GPH - Max 400 Gallons)

Great - I had the same model and ran it 24/7 for over 5 years. I purchased the very same kind because it worked so well the first time - very pleased.

Barbara, Marathon FL on 2007/09/08

I've used the pondmaster filter system for about 2 years in my 300 gal pond. When I first installed I was amazed at the quick results. My pond was finally clear. What an easy, inexpensive system with great results. I run the filtered water through a second smaller UV filter on my waterfall. I clean the pondmaster about once a week.

Mike, Jacksonville IL on 2007/08/15
So far so good!

We have had this filter for a couple of weeks now and so far so good. Our water was really bad at first and the filter required cleaning every couple of hours the 1st week. Water is much better now and am only cleaning a couple of times a day. I anticipate getting to weekly or every other week cleanings in the near future.

Sam, Princeton NJ on 2007/08/08
Pondmaster pump and filter

The pump is used for a small (8'x4'x2'deep) outdoor pond populated by fifteen 5-year-old goldfish -- formerly over 25 before the heron arrived. The pump has worked well for several years. The 1 sq ft filter needs frequent cleaning. Now, August, it requires cleaning twice a week. In March-April and Oct-Nov it needs to be cleaned every other week. The water is now sparkling clear. In May-June it was pea soup.

Cookie, Bridgeport OH on 2007/06/26
I love it

this pump and filter system has made my free time FREE. I no longer spend all my free time cleaning the pond because this pondmaster pump/filter does a superior job, now I really do have time off from work that I can call free time because I don't have to spend it all at the pond.