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Pondmaster Submersible Ultraviolet Clarifier Algae Sterilizer by Pondmaster

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Pondmaster Submersible Ultraviolet Clarifier Algae Sterilizer Description

Pondmaster Submersible UV Clarifiers feature a glowing monitor halo ring that immediately shows its working. Each UV Clarifier / Sterilizer includes a 9000 hour bulb, water tight quartz sleeve, transformer and 18' power cord.

  • Submersible vortex flow design kills algae and algae blooms
  • Glowing halo ring visible from any angle immediately shows its working
  • Black color is unobtrusive whether used in or out of the water
  • 1 Year limited manufacturers warranty (lamp and quarts sleeve excluded)

The Pondmaster UV Sterilizer can be placed outside the pond, and its black color makes it unobtrusive wherever its used. Visible during the day and night from any angle, the soft blue halo shows its working but does not detract from the beauty of your pond. These lights offer great value along with ease of use unsurpassed by any other ultraviolet sterilizer.

UV Light Specifications:
10 Watt UV: Ponds up to 1,500 Gallons - 700 GPH Max - 3/4" Barb Inlet/Outlet
20 Watt UV: Ponds up to 3,000 Gallons - 1,800 GPH Max - 1" Barb Inlet/Outlet
40 Watt UV: Ponds up to 6,000 Gallons - 2,400 GPH Max - 1.5" Barb Inlet/Outlet

UV Light Dimensions:
10 Watt UV - 1 Light Halo - (12"L x 4"W)
20 Watt UV - 2 Light Halos - (18"L x 4"W)
40 Watt UV - 3 Light Halos - (24"L x 4"W)

When to use a UV Sterilizer:
Most Koi keepers will keep their unit(s) on year round. But for small garden ponds you may find that only in the spring, with the combination of longer days and an upsurge in fish activity, is UV necessary. If you do run your UV year-round, it must be protected from frost in a well-ventilated housing. Remember it is important to replace your UV lamps annually for peak performance.

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Pondmaster Submersible Ultraviolet Clarifier Algae Sterilizer Customer Reviews

Lou, Tacoma WA on 2016/07/28
ultraviolet clarifier / sterilizer

Best $ ever spent for my pondNo green, clean and clearLove it

John, Springhill FL on 2015/10/16
Great product

I know that the uv system will once again bring my 10000 gal pond back to its beauty. At this time both units are still in the shipping box as I am unable to do anything due to a recurring back problem that I have been fighting for 43 years.

Tony, Hiram GA on 2015/06/03
Just what we needed for our "green" Koi pond

Light hooked up to pump with minimal effort and in just a few days the pond is clear. So nice to be able to see the fish again and see the rings on the light to let us know it is still working.

Robert, Yaphank NY on 2015/05/29
Waiting For Results

bought this light as it would take care of a 6000 gal.pond and mine is approx.5000,using smaller pump then max.1400gph running a week not much change but very green to start and i understand can take at least two weeks will continue to check on status.

Joan, Wolcott CT on 2015/04/29
Best way to control and eliminate algae.

The halo ultraviolet light that I purchased for my 165 gallon pond was a good investment at an excellent price with free shipping. After installing the light, it took about 6 days when my pond's clarity improved dramatically. The pond water is now clear and my fish are highly visible even when they are resting at the bottom. I am very, very happy with the halo ultraviolet light.Not only is the water crystal clear but my filter was very clean when I checked to see if it needed cleaning. I highly recommend this light to anyone having a problem with cloudy water or problems with algae.

Ross, Salem OR on 2014/06/18
Great buy

Really works great. Cleared up our 2000 gal pond in about a week. Easy to install.

Donna, Jonesboro AR on 2014/03/28
Right decision!

After much research, ordered via the internet a UV/Sterilizer for our greenish brown (could not see the fish) 1200 gallon Koi pond. After placing the uv/sterilizer in the pond for 1 week, I now have a clear pond. I am delighted to see the fish from any vantage point. Pet Mountain staff were so helpful and friendly.

Debbie, Slidell LA on 2014/02/07
Finally clear water

We recently purchased a Pondmaster Ultraviolet light for our small backyard pond. The water was quite an ugly color green, and we could no longer see the fish swimming at all. After connecting the light to our water line, the water slowly became clearer and clearer. It didn't happen over night, but within two weeks, our water was back to normal. We are very pleased with the product's performance. Debbie

Todd, Stockton CA on 2014/01/18

If you're unsure, pick Pondmaster. I've had 2 tetra p--- 40 watt, one old version and one new. The Pondmasters quartz sleeve is half the diameter of the tetra pond, therefor the water volume is larger giving it a longer exposure time to the UV, also they both have a 1-1/2 in and outlets but the Pondmaster inlet I.D. looks to be twice that of the tetra pond. I am really happy with my 40w PONDMASTER UV and Petmountain does a good job with the packing of it, 30yrs at UPS

Sally, Walton NY on 2013/07/20
Absolute must

Our Koi pond was solid pea soup. We put the light in the pond on Thursday, the next Thursday the pond is crystal clear. Very happy with product and would highly recommend.

Nina, Franklin Square NY on 2013/05/29
Good Customer Relations

I was very happy with pet mountain because when I received my uv clarifier it didn't work. I called pet mountain and the woman said I will send you a replacement bulb first and will see if that works. It did work. I felt that it was handled very well.

Michael, Kansas City MO on 2012/08/03
Works Great

The UL works great and at a great price.

Michael, Kansas City MO on 2012/08/02
Working great

UV clarifier is working great. We have an approximately 1000 gallon pond and it cleared it overnight. Great price.

Mark, Fort Collins CO on 2012/07/18
Pondmaster UV Clarifier

Best Prices! Great turnaround! Easy to navigate site. This was my second purchase and rest assured, I'll be back!

Jt, Mount Airy NC on 2012/04/24
Best on the Market

This is one of the only ones I found to be waterproof... and it works great! Quartz container can be removed and cleaned! Water is crystal clear... now will just have to see how it holds up in the long run!

Jennifer, El Paso TX on 2011/08/11
Works like a charm

My pond was pea-soup green after my old UV sterilizer failed. This one cleared it all up in three days. I'm using a 350 GPH pump in an approximately 700 gallon pond. The fittings on the pump are the same as the UV unit, making hooking everything up a snap.

Jv, Westminster CA on 2010/07/21
It works

I've been using the 40w for my 3500 gal pond for 10 years. It works very well, doesn't harm the fish or plants. Make sure that the water flows slowly through the UV to give it time to kill the algae. In fact, I use a separate small pipe to connect to the UV. However, UV light alone will not keep the water clear especially when you have an outburst of algae. Then you have to treat it with chemicals.

Robert, St Augustine FL on 2010/06/20
10 watt PM light-whoa

I owned one before and it got broken during our move. It did an absolute fantastic job. Now that I have my pond rebuilt I'm ordering another one.

Juan, Los Angeles CA on 2010/05/11
Best out there!

I have had problems with green water for so long only because I wanted to research which uv light was the best and have found that the pond master can't be beat.

Dave, Vancouver,Usa WA on 2010/04/28
Pondmaster 20 Watt UV Clarifier ---WOW!

I can not believe how well this unit cleaned my pond from GREEN to CLEAR in a few days. I tried every potion and filter out there and nothing worked as fast as this did to make the water clear and clean without chemicals. If your pond is green, don't mess around and don't waste money on all the other gadgets. Get a UV filter like this one and watch it work like magic. Amazing product! My fish are very happy too.... Fast service and good price with PetMountain as well!

Richard, Westlake Village CA on 2009/07/27

For years I have battled the algae that blackens my pond water so that I can no longer even see the fish. I installed the 10-watt submersable PondMaster UV Clarifier with some skepticism and the pond water started clearing up in a matter of hours - it now stays crystal clear. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Natalie, Minooka IL on 2008/04/07
A must have!

This UV filter is a must have to keep your pond clear of algae...make sure you get one that is big enough to handle the amount of water in your pond!

Colleen, Plains PA on 2007/06/14
It does exactly what it say it will!

Two years ago I purchased a 40W Pondmaster UV Clarifier to clean up my murky pond so I could see my fish. Now the water is so crystal clear I can see the bottom, and when I take a picture, it looks like the fish are suspended in mid air! My fish are healthy, and I love the idea I can see the blue halo and know its working to keep them that way.

Kurt, Miami FL on 2006/11/09
Keeps my Pond Crystal Clear!

I tried everything to keep my pond green-free from regular water changes to using algae conditioners. Thanks to the Pondmaster UV Sterilizer, my pond stays clean year round and I don't have to waste money on Algae conditioners anymore!