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Precision Pet Little Stinker Housebreaking Pads by by Precision Pet

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Product Description

As a super absorbent Little Stinker Housebreaking Pad is New and Improved in a thinner design and greater absorbency! Anti Bacterial with Odor Eliminators is built in to every Little Stinker training pad.

  • 6 Layer Liquid Lock Pad design - 50% More Absorbent
  • Improved design - Greater Absorbency in a thinner design
  • Pad Dimensions - 24"L x 24"W

No need to be worried about the stink with Little Stinkers Pee Pee Pads! If you are fed up with other products that don’t seem to work or haven’t found a product that you dog likes, Precision Pet Little Stinker Housebreaking Pads will do the trick – Potty Training Made Easy!

Train them to go where you want with the Little Stinker Housebreaking Pad. Absolutely the most absorbent housebreaking pads on the market. Urine cleanup is a snap. Your puppy will love them and so will you!

Lil Stinker Housebreaking Pads features:
- Color of the Pet Pad is WHITE
- For Puppies and Stay-At-Home Dogs
- Maximum Absorbency
- Super Absorbent Polymer Turns Liquid into Gel, and Absorbs more than 100 Times its Volume
- Scented to Attract Your Puppy
- Protects Rugs and Floors with Leak-Proof
- Plastic Backing

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Charles, Pittsburgh PA on 03-30-2016
Great Product - Super Fast Shipping

This product is great, I have tried others and my dogs would always rip them up. These ones are completely white in color, and my dogs do not rip them up. The shipping was super fast, they shipped from California state and were in Pittsburgh PA in just 4 days.

Sheila , Georgetown TX on 10-14-2015
It works so far

Just received pee pads today. I opened it up and it's the same size as the previous product I always ordered until they changed the size. It's a bit thinner and a bit more in price but it works so far. We'll see if this product works or I'll have to keep shopping.

Kim, Houghton MI on 08-01-2013
Pad Review

Item as described, dependable.

Mar, West Hartford CT on 06-14-2013
Very Absorbant

I have tried a lot of training pads and these work the best. Worth the money.

Lynn, Racine WI on 06-10-2013
The Best!

These are by far the best pads out there. Very absorbent and great size!!

Kathryn, Corvallis OR on 01-03-2013
Wonderful Pads

These are the best housebreaking pads I have ever used. Excellent.

Truong, Nyc NY on 02-09-2012
Great Product and Good Service from Pet Mountain

Maybe 5 minutes after I placed the order online, I received a confirmation call from Pet Mountain letting me that it would be shipped out the same day which I thought was amazing. These pads are the best and absolutely do not leak through like all the crappy blue ones you get at Petco. I would highly recommend getting this pad if you are tired of leaky "blue-colored" store pads.

Kathy, Kingsport TN on 07-06-2011
Great Product!

I have bought several different types of puppy pads in the past. These are by far the best I have ever used. I would highly recommend these.

Becky, South Gate CA on 06-15-2011
I love this item

This is the best housebreaking pads that you can find. You can not find these at a store, you can not beat the price!! I buy them all the time from

Christina, Orange CA on 01-09-2011
Little Stinker Pads... changed weight & obsorbancy?

I've been a devoted buyer of these pads for my little dogs for three years... but the last box I bought at the local pet shop contained pads that are lighter in weight, and much less absorbent. What gives? Why change from perfection? (Money: I'll bet the manufacturer got greedy, thinking that they can dumb them down and still be 50% better than the competition! So what? A wet floor, and having to change them more often than before costs the consumer more money!) I'll not go back to the other brands, but this 'new' design is a big disappointment. I may switch to washable pads (yuck) to save money (@ $50.00 per month at my house) as well as my floors when this box runs out.

Mar, Hartford CT on 12-16-2010
Best Pads I Have Tried!

Very absorbent. I have tried other brands but these are the best.

Ann, Upper Peninsula MI on 10-21-2010
Great - For Cats Too!

These are the best. I have a geriatric kitty that as diligent as she is, lends a new twist to thinking outside the box. She misses almost every time, but these pads absorb everything and contain all odors. I buy them in bulk!

Mary G., Lexington KY on 10-10-2010
absolutely the best!!!

these pads are by far the best compared to others on the market. They are worth the extra money. As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for."

Brett, Concord MA on 09-26-2010
These are great!

The pads don't leak through and they control the smell much better than the Out pads I bought elsewhere.

Mar, Wh CT on 09-17-2010
Best Pads

I always get these training pads. I have tried other brands but these absorb the best!

Amy, St. Charles IL on 08-22-2010
Well worth the extra money!

I have been using these pads for over 5 years. They are the best puppy pads ever! The absorbency is fantastic. Pet Mountain is the best price for these pads and although they cost a little more than others, they are well worth it!

Bliss, Birmingham MI on 08-22-2010
Really terrific

These are the best for use by little dogs that pee inside. They are slightly larger than comparably priced pads, and the extra 2 inches make a difference. Highly absorbent!

Joanie, Houston TX on 08-17-2010
These really are the best!

I think I've tried every pee pad available for my Italian greyhound, Sunny. The problem is she is an adult and doesn't "go" that often, so when she does, there is a lot! These are the first pads that absolutely do not soak through to the floor! And the price, even with the shipping, is better than I'd been paying at the Pet-somethings! You will not be disappointed.

Tanya, West Hollywood CA on 07-28-2010

I am as picky as they come. I hate tissue-thin one ply pads as much as I hate cheap toilet paper. So, when we tried these pads, I was happily surprised. For one thing, they are white. Thank god. I hate those awful hospital-blue pads. These blend better. My little old Pom jumped on the pad and did her business. For a small dog, she whizzes like a champ. At the end of the day, she has used that pad at least 5-6 times. The pad never leaks and never smells like pee. I don't know how they do that, but they do. These are worth every penny!

Kathy, Kingsport TN on 07-22-2010
Great Product

I have tried numerous products and these are definitely the best!

Lew, Corvallis OR on 06-30-2010
Still The Best Pee Pad Made!

I am still using Little Stinkers after 3 years. There is not another product that can equal the absorbency and quality of these pads and Pet Mountain has the lowest prices.

Marty, Cicero IN on 05-26-2010
Absolutely the Best!!

Why buy any thing else? Theses pads WORK!

Kathy , Kingsport TN on 05-20-2010
Great Product!

I have tried numerous other puppy pads, and these are definitely the best yet! They are more absorbent than any I have ever used. I would definitely recommend this product to any pet owner.

Mary G., Lexington KY on 05-17-2010
simply the best!!!

I have tried every brand out there, and these pads are by far the very best. They cost more, but are more absorbent and last longer. My dog uses them faithfully, they are definitely 5 stars!!!!

Dustin, Minneapolis MN on 04-25-2010
So Far So Good

So far so good. It's outlasted previous brands.

Marsha, West Bloomfield MI on 04-24-2010
no shedding here

Hi, I got a free sample of of little stinker, and was surprised to see that these pads do not shed. I have used other puppy pads ,and when you open them up there is lots of shedding of the inside material!!! Not with LITTLE STINKER!!! We just think they are great! Thanks

Regina, Sunrise FL on 03-10-2010
The best of all peepee pads

These pads are heavy weight and most absorbent compared to the ones that are available in the local pet stores.

Cc , Laguna Beach CA on 01-23-2010

This is a great product, that comes in very handy as I have 3 dogs, including one who is allergic to grass, so this item is particularly helpful for her! I appreciate how fast delivery is, always immediate, not just once in awhile.

Laura, Antioch CA on 12-24-2009
Very absorbent.

These training pads are much more absorbent than any other brand I've tried and I've tried many brands! You're price for this brand is MUCH lower than anywhere else I've looked, even with any s/h added.

Cc , Laguna Beach CA on 11-19-2009

This is a GREAT product & I appreciate the fast shipping from Pet Mountain too!

Eddie, Fort Lee NJ on 10-28-2009
Great Wee-Wee Pads

Great Wee-Wee pads. Have been using them for years.

Bj, Severn MD on 02-04-2008
The only wee wee pads we use!

They are the best and only pads we now purchase. Also Pet Mountain has the best prices around!

Bj, Severn MD on 02-04-2008
The only wee wee pads we use!

They are the best and only pads we now purchase. Also Pet Mountain has the best prices around!

Valerie, Raleigh NC on 01-16-2008
Saves my carpet and pergo floors!

I use Lil Stinker Housebreaking Pads both on carpet (in my office) and on pergo floors (around the house). They are unbelievably absorbant and have saved my floors. Even when my chihuahua repeatedly eliminates in the same place (rather than making use of the other parts of the pad) nothing ever leaks through. This product is a life-saver!

Bev, Glen Burnie MD on 01-14-2008
They are the best

Only the best that I have found. Use nothing else because nothing compares

Bev, Glen Burnie MD on 01-14-2008
They are the best

Only the best that I have found. Use nothing else because nothing compares

Bev, Glen Burnie MD on 01-14-2008
They are the best

Only the best that I have found. Use nothing else because nothing compares

Beverly, Severn MD on 01-09-2008
Best prices by far

Not only are these the best pads. Pet mountain has the best prices on Little Stinker.

Beverly, Severn MD on 01-09-2008
Best prices by far

Not only are these the best pads. Pet mountain has the best prices on Little Stinker.

Beverly, Severn MD on 01-09-2008
Best prices by far

Not only are these the best pads. Pet mountain has the best prices on Little Stinker.

Beverly, Severn MD on 01-09-2008
Need more pads

Ordering again! Nothing but Little Stinker for us. Nothing compares.

Rhoda, Gulfport FL on 11-07-2007
Housebreaking Pads Work Well

My 5 month old puppy runs to use her little stinker housebreaking pads when she has to go; they work beautifully.

Jan, Braselton GA on 10-08-2007
BEST potty pad

Would not use any other potty pad..they are very absorbent!!!

Rhoda, Gulfport FL on 08-22-2007
Lil Stinker housebreaking pads

This is an excellent product, totallyabsorbent and does not pull apart.One of the best pads and extremely helpful in training our puppy.

Raymond, Chula Vista CA on 08-06-2007
The Absolute Best

I find that Lil Stinker Housebreaking Pads are the absolute best of everything else on the market out there. I've tried every other housebreaking pad out there, and Lil Stinker is "THE BEST", bar none. I've already housebroke three mini pins with them, and they are great! They are the most absorbent pads on the market, and dollar for dollar they are excellent value for your money. Petmountain has the best price around for these wonderful pee pee pads for your pet. And because they are so absorbent, a box of the pads lasts longer than the pads on the market, so you don't use as many.

Cheryl, Alamo CA on 07-15-2007
Little Stinker housebreaking pads

I received a free sample of Little Stinker housebreaking pads with my purchase of the Precision crates. I fell in love with these very absorbent puppy pads. They keep the flooring underneath dry and the pad odorless.

Beverly, Severn MD on 06-21-2007
"Nothing but Lil Stinker Pads for Abby"

We have a one year old Yorkie that we have trained to use "Wee Wee" pads. We have tried many kinds but the Lil Stinker pads are out right the best. I have some different brands left over from our search and when I am running short of the Lil Stinker I will use one of them. Abby knows the difference, when she uses the Lil Stinker "no wet feet".

Florence, Boynton Beach, FL on 06-08-2007
Best I found

These are the only ones I found that do not leak through the plastic, and urine does not run over the edge. My dog only makes on the pad, and I love that the quilted texture seems to wipe urine off his paws.

Paula, Harsens Island MI on 05-28-2007
Love Lil Stinker Pads

Don't have a dog but cut these pads in quarters and use them in the corners of the house for our ferrets. Sure beats cleaning the carpets since these little ferrets love to do their business in corners. Too bad Precision Pet didn't make them in a 12 x 12 size...would save me time from cutting the pads. Great on the market!

Elayne, Arlington MA on 05-09-2007
Did the trick

We recently took in a foster dog & she had regressed on her house training during the transition from her previous home. After just 1 day she was using the pads most of the time, & a week later had only occasional accidents. We have only hardwood floors in our home & these pads have saved them and our rugs from damage!

Charlene, Pittsburgh PA on 04-02-2007
They're the best pads we have used!!

We have a 10 year old female dog with a bladder stone problem. These pads work great since she can't always wait for us to get her leash on to take her out. They hold a lot of piddle and never leak. We have tried other pads and these are the best. Our local pet store stopped carring them so we order them on the internet.

Suzie, Hamilton NY on 03-31-2007
Little Stinker housebreaking pads

These are the greatest...the puppies are only 3 weeks old and they are already keeping their pen very clean..One side of their pen is for sleeping the other side the "Little Stinker Pads" . This is all you need, the pups actually go to the pads and do their urination...The pads are very absorbant keeping the pen clean and dry. The greatest idea ever and well worth the investment. Buy them !

Kathy , Huntsville AL on 03-27-2007
Great Product

I have a 10 year old toy poodle who stays inside and these pads are wonderful!! They really do absorb and nothing leaks from around the sides! I highly recommend this product.

Lee Ann, Laguna Beach CA on 01-17-2007

These pads will hold their own to any puppy or adult dog! They absorb the most and shred the least. We are so greatful to Pet Mountain and Lil Stinker for such a great product! Thanks ;*]

Lew, Corvallis OR on 01-03-2007
Great Pads

I have tried a couple different brandsof potty pads but they all seemed to leak. Little Stinker has by far held up to the challenge.

Calley, North Ogden UT on 10-20-2006
Keeps floors clean

My litter of puppies went immediatly to the pads, they really work! No leaky mess to clean up. :) Love them.