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Precision Pet Original SnooZZy Pet Bed by Precision Pet

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Precision Pet Original SnooZZy Pet Bed Description

Precision Pet Products SnooZZy Crate Bed is perfect for crates, carriers, dog houses, SUVs, or anywhere! The luxurious acrylic faux fleece is completely machine washable. These pads are great for dogs, cats, or small animals.

  • SnooZZy bumper pet bed for dogs and cats
  • Use in crates, carriers, home or travel
  • Cool in summer and warm in winter

Original SnooZZy Pet Bed Size Guide and Dimensions:
X-Small: 19" Crates (17.5"L x 11.5"W)
Small: 24" Crates (23"L x 16"W)
Medium: 30" Crates (29"L x 18"W)
Large: 36" Crates (35"L x 21.5"W)

Washing Instructions: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, wash separately. Use no bleach and tumble dry low.

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Precision Pet Original SnooZZy Pet Bed Customer Reviews

Elena, Niagara Falls NY on 2016/05/23
Perfect fit

My little guy loves his new bed. It fits perfect in his small crate. I haven't had to wash it yet but I'm sure it will wash and dry fine. Shipping was fast and the price was right. Thank you Pet Mountain.

Lydia, Queens NY on 2015/07/14
Love it

My dog loves to snuggle in his bed. Bought 2, one for downstairs and one for upstairs. Easy to wash.

Pam, Petersburg WV on 2015/05/16
King of the Hill

Our dog Bentley absolutely loves his new bed. He had one before and he wore it out. He drags it from one end of the house to the other end. Was so happy to find him a new one.

Nicole, Minneapolis MN on 2014/12/20
Dog and I LOVE It

I keep it in my bulldogs' crate. When I get home to let him out, (instead of running out to greet me) he stays in there curled up in this bed. Win!

Daryl , Gainesville FL on 2014/01/30
Pet Bed mat for Wire Crate

Well made, soft. Easily washes and dries in the washer and dryer. I would recommend this product. Fits perfectly in Wire Crate.

Jill, Irving TX on 2013/03/20
Our cats love it!

Two of our cats sleep in a large cage together at night. As soon as I put this bed in their cage, they jumped into it and didn't want to come out. Washes beautifully too.

Mona, Taunton MA on 2013/01/19
Just what I needed!

Excellent product! I purchased :Precision Pet Original SnooZZy Pet Bed: Habitat: Small - 31 x 21 Inch Sku: PM75003 Precision Pet Great Crate - Black Metal Pet Crate: Habitat: 3000 - Dogs up to 40 lbs - (30"L x 19.5"W x 21.5"H) Sku: PM11253 Precision Pet Black Ultimate Play Yard Exercise Pen - UXP Model: : 24" Tall Sku: PM12524 for my new sheltie pup and it's been a godsend! Sturdy, safe and easy to use. Keeps the little guy safe so I'm free to do stuff around the house. The divider panel is also a plus for downsizing the crate til he needs more space. I highly recommend it!

Sharon, Valley Village CA on 2012/03/17
Our dog LOVES these SnooZZy beds

Our dog LOVES these beds. We don't use them in a crate, but we have them all over - the bedrooms, the office, the dining room and living room. When we are in those rooms, Max is in his SnooZZY! They are soft and cozy, and he just cuddles into them with a soft toy that he brings along with him.

Marylou Gracy, Napa CA on 2012/02/02
Puppy loves it.

Perfect mat for the Great Crate. we got the size Lg. for the 42" crate and it's a perfect fit. Our Golden Retriever puppy loves to rest her chin on the bumper. We put her special blanket on top for some extra padding and she sleeps all night without a peep! Great price on this too!

Audrey, Citrus Springs FL on 2011/12/29
just as expected

perfect, my puppy loves it..

Balegs, San Francisco CA on 2011/12/28
Soft bedding for crate

My 8 week toy poodle sleeps fine on this fleece bed. He loves snuggling or stretching out on it. Fits his crate nicely and has enough bumper so that he can rest his head on it.

Patty, East Setauket NY on 2011/02/18
Great Crate Bed

Great crate bed for an excellent price!

Elsa, Los Angeles CA on 2011/02/16
My dog loves his new bed

Just wanted to say that I was very happy with this product, the price and the fast delivery. My dog loves the bed and moved right into it. Great prices and fast service. Thanks!

James, New Boston TX on 2011/02/15
Snoozy Crate Pad 45 x 32

Excellent for use in our Chihuahua kennel. We have several other sizes as well. They hold up well and the best thing - they are machine washable!

Jonathan, Walnut CA on 2010/09/08
Good Deal!

I bought this for my cat. If your doing the same you may want to consider an extra extra small size! This bed is huge! The bed is soft and fluffy, totally worth it.

Janice, West Boylston MA on 2010/08/04
Perfect for camper

Our 15 year old Jack Russel and Cairn Terriers love to come camping in our 19 foot Airstream. There is not a lot of room for pet beds. The "snoozy" kennel pads work perfectly under the dining table. And they roll up into an easily stored package during the day. Appreciate also the hassle free ordering and shipping.

Brian, State College PA on 2010/06/17

Puppy loves it, seems to be lasting the wrath our puppy is putting it through ......

Sara, Durham NC on 2010/06/03
My dog loves this bed!

I have had these beds for past doggies, and am getting one for my current dog because they all loved them so much. They are also great to pile old comforters on to give even more cushion!

Patt, Neenah WI on 2010/04/08
Love these!

I bought these Snoozzy fleece crate beds to go with the OrthoAir beds that I purchased for both of my dogs. It is well made and easy to clean. My old Dobe loves it, as well as the new Dobe pup. I'm glad I got them both.

Tammy, Beaufort SC on 2010/03/31
Sheds worse than the dogs

I love the beds but they shed worse than my dogs do. I have to vacuum around them at least once a day. I've washed them, and they do wash easily but the continuous shedding is about to drive us crazy! Leaves fuzz balls all over the place.

Eileen, Batesville IN on 2010/03/01
Easy care and comfy

I purchased 4 of these as a gift for a new puppy (s) owner. That way when they got soiled, they could be cleaned as needed. The family I gave them to loves them. Their puppies do too. I purchased a little larger size than needed so that they would grow into them and still be able to use them. They appreciated that as well. Sturdy and well worth the money!

Carol, Barrington NH on 2010/01/15
Absolutely the best!

The SNOOZZY pet crate pillow, with all-around bumpers and several sizes, cannot be equaled anywhere else, my online research shows! The price also is the least expensive I found. Quality is excellent, and long-lasting after dozens of washings in the machine - I have had one which is six years old and still surviving, and because of its superior performance, purchased an additional one for my new dog.

Steve, Palmeale CA on 2010/01/01
Exactly what we wanted

Old one was worn out and needed new, just what we needed and it fit beautifully. Dog loves it. Got better pricing than in store and came direct to the house in record time.

Tom, Pound Ridge NY on 2007/11/27
A versitile bed for everywhere

Whether in the crate, on a couch, on a chair, or on the floor, our dog loves these beds. We have 4 of them and use them all over the place.

Sarah, Arlington VA on 2007/11/18
good value, easy washing

I bought this for the dog's crate. Easy to wash and I just hang it to dry. Nice bumper. Good price at this site.

Brenda, Rockledge FL on 2007/08/26
Best prices on the internet!

I could tell immediately by the other reviews and the GREAT prices, that this was the place to buy quality pet bedding! Keep up the good work!Thanks!Brenda

Kb, Natick MA on 2007/06/20
Easy wash!

We love the Snoozy Crate Beds in our house - we have 3 dogs (so we have 6 of these beds). I love how easy they are to care for (our dogs love to roll in dirt and then go roll on their bed) - throw right into the washing machine and they always come out pristine. The beds hold up well to frequent washing and drying and the dogs love them (so much so that they will drag them out of the crate some days to lay on).

Shari, Sarasota FL on 2007/04/27
Great bed, my cats love them

I have 6 cats and bought one for each of them, they love the beds. Most of the time when you buy a special bed for a cat, they sleep in the box before they use the bed. Not with these beds, they are cozy and just the right size for their bodies, I bought the 18 X 14 for the cats. I am buying a few more today. What a great deal!