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Precision Pet Snoozzy Natural Surroundings Low Bumper Pet Bed Coffee by Precision Pet

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Precision Pet Snoozzy Natural Surroundings Low Bumper Pet Bed Coffee Description

The Precision Pet Snoozzy Natural Surroundings Low Bumper Pet Bed is a bumper and bed all in one! This soft plush bed makes a comfortable surface for crates, carriers, dog houses, cars...anywhere! Dogs and cats rest easy with this bed under them.

  • Soft, portable bed for dogs and cats
  • Rolls up for easy traveling
  • Cool in summer, warm in winter

The SnooZZy Bed features luxurious, cozy chenille fabric and plush construction for maximum comfort year-round. Machine washable. 1-year limited warranty.

Washing Instructions: Hand wash or commercial, front-load washer recommended. Wash cold, gentle cycle. Wash separately with no bleach, and dry flat.

Mini (Model 1000): 19" crates / Pets up to 15 lbs
X-Small (Model 2000): 24" crates / Pets up to 30 lbs
Small (Model 3000): 30" crates / Pets up to 50 lbs
Medium (Model 4000): 36" crates / Pets up to 70 lbs
Large (Model 5000): 42" crates / Pets up to 90 lbs

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Precision Pet Snoozzy Natural Surroundings Low Bumper Pet Bed Coffee Customer Reviews

Shannon, Henderson NV on 2017/09/21
Awesome beds!

We now own two of these beds in different sizes. They are high quality and look amazing! Our dog LOVES them. One thing I had to do was to take a seam ripper and carefully remove the leather brand patch sewn on one of the top edges - it was just begging to be chewed up by our little monster - oops, I mean angel. Other than that - we have nothing but good to say. The padding in the middle is more substantial than most of these style beds. Money well spent!

Cynthia , Portland OR on 2015/12/19
Dog mat

Wookie loves it and put his favorite toys on it to have them safely close by.

Nancy, Greenbush MI on 2015/09/29
Precision Snoozzy Natural Bumper Pet Bed

This bed is so nice and full and well made.. We bought this for our new puppy... We are very pleased with the bed.. Love it..

Elaine, Boiling Springs PA on 2015/04/15

This bed is the best for a 16 lb calico Maine Coon kitty. She has plenty of room in this and it's so comfy and cozy, and I think she feels secure with the bumper sides. Not too high or low. It is her fave bed and she has a lot because we love spoiling her rotten. ?

Judith, Ithaca NY on 2014/12/17
Warm and Cozy

My cat's bed was thin on the bottom and didn't do much to keep him warm in the cold months, so I ordered this bed, which is very warm and well-cushioned. When ordering, note that the dimensions are for the overall bed and the bumpers are quite wide, so if your pet is large and needs a generous sleeping surface, take that into account. I was delighted with the quality.

Tina , New York NY on 2014/12/09

Finally I have found the perfect bed for my dogs. I never realized how picky my youngest, medium size chow-mix dog could be. She went through 3 different types of beds before being satisfied, and because she was happy I had to buy one for the other dog so they can each have their own space. Unlike her previous beds she loves the Snoozy bed because it is not too fluffy, it's firm and low to the ground. I also love the price, not expensive. I do wish it had a cover that is machine washable.

Jen, Petaluma CA on 2014/04/25
My dog loves this bed

Our dog is a cuddle-monster. He likes to constantly be in contact with me or my husband. We got him this bed so he can have the cushion to cuddle up on and he loves it. He balls up, spreads out, but always is using the cushion. Usually as a pillow. It isn't the most plush bed, we put it on top of a cheap egg crate mat. His begging to get on the couch has dramatically decreased and he seems very happy in his new bed. Haven't washed it yet and it shakes out very easily.

Kathleen, Everett WA on 2014/04/15

These low bumper beds (size small) were perfect for my two chihuahuas! They nap in them during the day. They are small enough to be set near my feet, which is where they like to nap. Made well and don't have that cheap fluffy stuff that gets all over the house; because they MUST scratch and turn around a number of times before they lay down.

Denise, St. Louis MO on 2014/03/04
Bumper bed

My dog really loves this bed. He likes to lay his head on the side. Great product for the price!