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Pride Rubber Assembly Replacement Pet Door Flap by Pride Pet Doors

  • $93.99
  • Save $47 (51%)
SKU: PD03400
UPC: 030325034008
MPN: MD 400A
  • $124.99
  • Save $63 (50%)
SKU: PD03500
UPC: 030325035005
MPN: LD 500A
  • $187.99
  • Save $94 (50%)
SKU: PD03600
UPC: 030325036002

Pride Rubber Assembly Replacement Pet Door Flap Description

The Pride Pet Doors Rubber Assembly Flap Replacement is a long life, dual action rubber pet door that makes your old pet door look and work like new. This replacement flap dog door is only the rubber flap - the frame and/or additional hardware are not included!

  • Includes Magnetic Closure Flap and U Gasket
  • Tight fitting, resistant to weather, dust and insects
  • Super soft, flexible rubber makes it easier for your pet to use

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Pride Rubber Assembly Replacement Pet Door Flap Customer Reviews

Linda, Kansas City MO on 2017/12/12

I buy the medium sized flap for my girls' doggie door. Heavy-duty, fits perfectly, easy to install, lasts a long time. This is the best price for the flap that I have found too. Very satisfied.

Joyce, Christmas FL on 2016/02/02
Pride Rubber Assembly Replacement Pet Door Flap

This item was just what I was looking for!My two dogs are now very happy to have the flap back on their door!It was very simple to install.

Roma, Orem UT on 2015/11/23
So happy I didnt have to buy a new door!

We have had our doggy door for many years and the rubber around the door broke in such a way that we couldn't easily mend it. I searched and found nothing! I walled the mfg. of the original door and they said that Pride was making a replacement that fit their door. He said that until about a year ago they told people the only option was to get a new door! The replacement is so sturdy and fit perfectly. I am so thrilled!Thank you!

Laura, Council Bluffs IA on 2015/11/15
Replacement flap for PetSafe Ulitmate discon dog door

So glad to find this flap and for the price at Petmountain. We have the PetSafe Ultimate Med dog door that was discontinued. We can no longer order the replacement flaps and thought we would have to install a new door of which none were the exact dimensions which meant cutting into our exterior wall. The Pride replacement flap worked great. I will add that the screws in our old one were not long enough so my husband had to thin the flap down a tiny bit to make it work. Next time we will be sure to get longer screws so we don't need to trim it slightly. That said it works great but so you know you might need a bit longer screws if you have the same door. Ours is installed in a 4 season patio room wall which may or may not have affected that.

Amy, Durham NC on 2015/10/26
Exactly what I needed and easy to install

This was the exact one I needed to replace the flap on my LD500 door which the dogs had torn off. It was really easy to install and so far the dogs have not yet managed to damage it. They were a little skeptical at first as they didn't think we needed a new one but we decided we couldn't go through the winter with a big hole in the back door. They got over the fear of the new door flap within a few hours. It even arrived several days earlier than they predicted it would.

G, Colorado Springs CO on 2015/09/25
Pride Rubber Assembly Replacement Pet Door Flap

I ordered the Pride extra large flap replacement. My pet door was one of the old original Johnson doors and the Pride replacement flap fit perfectly. Just follow the included easy to install instructions and it should only take you a few minutes. I found that Pet Mountain had the best price.

John, St. Augustine FL on 2015/07/02
Quality replacement

Met expectation of original quality, shipping time was adequate.

Lorraine, Corpus Christi TX on 2015/05/16
Pet door insert

This insert does not seal well and is off measurement for the door. Disappointed! The previous one I ordered, which came from Pet Mountain via another vendor fits it door slightly off but works fine. The dog had a hard time initially because she could not see where she was going but adjusted by testing her head first before dashing through.

Karen , Cannelton IN on 2015/04/01
Rubber door flap (replacement)

Nice Product, great price, easy to install, not too excited about the amount of time it took to receive after my order was placed.

Mark, San Antonio TX on 2015/03/17
Good replacement

Easy to install. Does not seal perfectly but much better than the old warped one. I added some thin weather seal from Home Depot to flaps and frame. Hardly any draft now. Dogs are happy so I am happy.

Jennifer, Shiloh GA on 2015/01/14
Extra LG Replacement Flap

Finally, I've found a replacement flap for my Johnson pet door...excellent price and quick delivery! Perfect fit and much better quality than the original Johnson flaps and my dogs don't seem to mind the fact that it's black instead of clear.

Heather, Los Angeles CA on 2015/01/13
Ok replacement for Johnson pet door flap

I have a patio door made by Johnson, which I bought sometime in the late 1990s. Johnson doesn't make doors or replacement flaps anymore, unfortunately. This made a more or less ok replacement for the flap (mine was size medium according to Johnson), but it's not ideal. It was all just a smidge too wide after installation, and I ended up hacking on one side to narrow the whole thing just a bit. I'm not in love with the results, but I guess it will do, and it was much less expensive than replacing the whole door. My cats still haven't figured out how to use this. The old Johnson door was translucent, and this is solid black, plus it seems heavier. I hope it's just the darkness and not the weight that's the issue, but it will take longer to know for sure. I'm rating this 5 stars because it seems to be a quality product and I'm not using it as intended, but wanted others to know what they might encounter if they're in the same situation.

Gina, Casper WY on 2015/01/09
Pride Rubber Assembly Replacement Pet Door Flap

This replacement flap fit perfectly. It seems more resistant to WY winter weather than the previous clear flap, heavy duty and stays in place better. The dogs do have to get used to not being able to see in/out of the flap as the replacement is black. Very pleased with performance, even bought a spare for future use.

Norma, Salem County NJ on 2014/11/15
Perfect but difficult to install

Perfect replacements for our Johnson dog doors - these fit perfectly! Very difficult to install the first one as holes are not pre-drilled so you have to drill them out and figure where they go. We tried to use the included directions, though. MUCH EASIER to take the outside frame totally off the dog door, install the flap, then put the entire assembly back on. My dogs have had no problem using the new flaps. They are much heavier than the originals and, of course, solid black. The only way to make them better is to pre-drill the holes and make them transparent!

Sherri, Gaylord KS on 2014/11/03
Extra large pet door replacement

We had a PetSafe door for our 3 dogs and cat. We had the extra large door to accommodate the largest of the 3 dogs. The old door had become warped after about 7 years of continual use. Could not find a replacement that fit, until we found Pride Pet Doors. The extra large fits perfectly, and seals very tight. It is heavier and solid black, but my Jack Russell, Chihuahua and cat manage to use this door just fine. I am very satisfied!

Jane, Roosevelt UT on 2014/10/15
Thank you, thank you...

...for filling the gap that PetSafe left by discontinuing replacement flaps. Shame on them. I was faced with buying a new door and new dog door until I found this flap. Once again, thank you. The material is far better quality than original PetSafe flaps. I purchased the extra large and it fits perfectly.

Pat, Ketchum ID on 2014/06/19
I am so happy!

I had purchased one of these pet doors for my cats over 35 years ago. Those cats are long gone, but now I have 2 new ones. They are in training to go in and out on their own. I was so happy that I found the replacement flap and seal part! I am looking forward to at least 35 more years with a great product! It was very easy to install!

Marty, Taylorsville KY on 2014/06/18

This was exactly what we needed and so easy to replace the old one. A+++

Mary, Prunedale CA on 2014/03/04
Wish It Was See Thru!

The replacement flap fit perfectly and was easy to install. Much less hassle than an entire new dog door. My ONLY complaint is that I have 6 dogs and with the flap being black rubber, the dogs can't see thru it and we have had some head on collisions. On the other hand, it has slowed them down going thru the door.

Richard, Newton NJ on 2014/01/13
Perfect Fit!

This replacement door for my old Johnson Pet door was a perfect fit. Thought I was going to need to replace my entire sliding door panel but I found this replacement that fit perfectly at a fraction of the cost. Easy installation and it provides a good seal as my old door had been warped and no longer provided a flush fit. Thank you Pet Mountain for your quick shipment and informative website.

Mary, Rochester NY on 2014/01/11
Dog door

This fit our large ultimate dog door perfectly. My husband just had to use longer screws and switched them to bolts. Works great. Glad I went with my gut and ordered it.

Mark, West Fargo ND on 2013/12/23
Perfect Replacement Flap for Johnson/PetSafe

For all of you looking for that Johnson Pet Door / PetSafe Pet Door replacement flap that both companies have decided to discontinue, Pride has offered the perfect replacement. The size is perfect, holes line up and the material that Pride uses is twice as heavy as Johnson/PetSafe while still very easy to use for our dog. Since our dog door is built into the side of the house, the PetSafe solution was unacceptable. Thanks Pride for turning an ugly situation into a very acceptable solution. Looks great, works great, easy installation. Thank you.

Don, Las Vegas NV on 2013/03/13
Better than Expected.

I ordered this pet door replacement flap because the manufacturer of my installed door no longer makes replacement flaps. I was very pleased to find that 5 minutes of work with a electric drill and pair of tin snips I was able to modify the flaps to fit in my existing door. It fit perfectly and the quality far exceeds the door flaps from the previous manufacturer. The only major difference is the door is solid, not clear, but this has not affected my dogs, they took to using it right off. The material, a heavy black rubber with installed magnets seems very sturdy and it looks like it will last quite awhile.

Franco, Jarrettsville MD on 2013/02/26
Not bad at all - I like it BUT

This flap fit my Petsafe Deluxe Petdoor - for LARGE dogs just fine. The screw holes along the top were not lined up perfectly, but with some prodding and pulling, I was able to finally get all the screws through the proper holes and everything secured. It took me about 20 minutes from the very beginning to end, to include removing the old damaged flap to completely installing the new one. The flap fits well enough, however I would like it better I think if it had side magnets like the original flap. I do see some minor gaps and daylight along the sides of the flap that could be mitigated with side magnets I think. Other than that, I am pleased. I will say that, given what this product is, which is just some molded rubber, I think a price range of $50+ is absolutely absurd... half of that seems much more reasonable to me and would have lots of room for profit. But in this day of gouging the consumer, I guess it's par for the course. PetMountain did have one of the best prices though, so I am grateful for that much. Hope you find this helpful.

Maya, Glenwood Springs CO on 2012/11/09
It fit my dog door perfectly

I have a tall dog door that is made to fit beside a sliding glass door. It is a Pride Pet Door. This flap replacement fit perfectly, was easy to install, and made my dog door work like new again. I searched the web, and PetMountain has the best price on this replacement flap.

Cindy, Bowling Green KY on 2012/10/26
Perfect fit!

I ordered this pet door replacement flap for a Petsafe door and it was the perfect fit! Easy installation!

Carol, Mendon UT on 2011/10/01
good sadie loved it. my dog

Good fairly easy to install. Need directions for entire pet door. having problem with outer rubber square not staying put.

Susan, Scottsdale AZ on 2010/06/26
Very noisy pet door

Our original pet rubber door was broken in 5 months after our screen door was installed. The outer rubber frame broke at the bottom and it is not air tight anymore and bugs can come in. The magnet closure was not never very tight anyway and it was making big banging noise when my pets go in and out. I am very nervous it might disturb our neighbor at night time. However we have no choice but to buy the assembly again made by Pride Pet door unless we change the screen door. The black rubber is very hard to clean and the dust is very visible. The new assembly closes better but it still makes very loud banging noise. Hopefully it will last a bit longer than the original one. Next time when we move, I should try to install the pet door on the wall with a lighter rubber.

Gerry, Richmond IN on 2010/05/05
repacement rubber for dog door

great product...a little difficult to get in but it fit perfect...