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KONG Puppy Toy by KONG

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KONG Puppy Toy Description

The Puppy KONG dog toy is customized for a growing puppys baby teeth, the unique, all-natural rubber formula is the most gentle within the KONG rubber toy line. Designed to meet the needs of a puppys 28-baby teeth, it helps teach appropriate chewing behavior while offering enrichment and satisfying a younger pups instinctual needs while the erratic bounce make it ideal for those pups that just want to play. A stuffed Puppy KONG occupies busy little ones while allowing pet parents the freedom to attend to their unique needs. Want to make crate training easier or extend play time Be sure to stuff with puppy kibble and a dash of peanut butter. Add to the fun by including KONG Puppy Snacks and top with KONG Puppy Easy Treat.

  • Teaches appropriate chewing behavior while offering mental enrichment
  • Soft puppy KONG rubber formula is customized for puppy teeth and gums
  • Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch
  • Great for stuffing with KONG Puppy Easy Treat, Snacks or Ziggies
  • Recommended by veterinarians and trainers worldwide
  • All-natural rubber and proudly made in the USA
  • Freeze with your puppys favorite tastes for extended play
  • Assorted Pink and blue colors available in four sizes: XS, S, M and L

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KONG Puppy Toy Customer Reviews

Craig, Vienna VA on 2013/02/28
He cant leave it alone!

Very tough. Even though he's a puppy, he IS a German Shepard!

Gabby, Los Angeles CA on 2011/10/13
My puppy loves it!

My puppy loves this toy, and it was a great buy from pet mountain! Fast delivery and great service!

Lucy, Memphis TN on 2010/08/27
Our dogs love them!

During the summer, I stuff them with canned dog food mixed with dry and freeze them. It keeps them entertained and they get excited when they see them come out of the freezer.

Jessica, San Diego CA on 2010/08/14
My puppies love this toy

I have bought two of these for my dogs. They absolutely love them. I fill them with the puppy paste and it keeps them entertained for a good half hour or more. It is perfect for when you are leaving them alone too. I fill them up as I am walking out the door and it distracts them from the fact they are all alone. Perfect for any new puppy owner.

Adelaide, Columbia MO on 2010/08/02
Kongs are a life saver

My dogs are pretty scared little guys and giving them stuffed Kongs to play with during the day while I'm away has really helped to calm them down. The are content to spend hours trying to get their food and treats out and don't bark all day anymore.

Joi, Hazelwood MO on 2010/06/04
Not Just for Puppies!

My dog Disco is 2 years old, but he still loves his Puppy Kong! He's not much of a chewer, so we figured the regular and extreme kongs were too much for him, and the senior Kong felt a little too easy for him to rip up if he wanted to. The Puppy Kong is just the right type of rubber, and he loves to paw it around to get the treats out of it!

Penni, Albuquerque NM on 2009/12/15
Kongs are the best

This is a puppy-sized Kong, and my little guy loves it.

Lisa, Lawrenceville PA on 2009/11/20
Our Olde English Bulldog puppy loves it!

This is a great chew toy for those puppy teeth and works wonderfully with the treats that you can buy to go inside... Nice reward for puppy and people too! It bounces around when tossed to make it a fun fetch toy as well.

Anne, Tijeras NM on 2009/11/04
Kong Mini

This is a great toy. It bounces different directions when you throw it, exciting my puppy and making the game more fun for him. The fact that you can stuff it with treats is a bonus. He's had hours of chewing enjoyment from it.

Tina, Lafayette LA on 2009/09/08

We have White Bellied Caiques, this toy is perfect for their feet to grab onto and play with, we even stuff a almond in the hole and they love to forage for the treats.

Kelsea, Temecula CA on 2009/07/26
Fun, fun, fun!

My 12 wk old Cavalier mix likes this toy, and when she finally does start playing with it, it's a blast! A good size too!

E, Queens NY on 2007/12/16
great product

my puppy loves this toy, but only if there are treats in it. it would be better if you introduced it to your puppy without treats first--to get the most out of your toy.

Elizabeth, New York NY on 2007/10/13
keeps puppy occupied for hours

Kong is by far my puppy's favorite toy, I can't tear him away from it. Works well with or without the treats inside.

Janna, Ashton IL on 2007/09/25
Best Puppy Toy Ever!

I almost didn't buy this toy because it is a little on the pricey side but I am so glad I did! My lilttle Aiko loves it and it is a great tool for distracting his little puppy teeth from things he shouldn't chew. There is a wide variety of treats you can fill it with too, or the website has plenty of home-made suggestions. Plus it is so durable, I won't have to replace it for a long time but I know I will be buying plenty of Kong products for years to come!

Erin, Gaylord MI on 2007/08/30
For busy puppies!

Our Irish setter puppy loved this toy when she was a puppy! She now has a huge kong and we fill it with peanut butter then freeze it....which keeps her busy for hours on end! Well worth every penny!

Lk, Kuna ID on 2007/08/24
Kong is a life saver!

My puppy was suffering from separation anxiety but with the Kong, she quickly got distracted and soon didn't even miss us. Great item!

Mandy, Seville OH on 2007/08/22
Very entertaining!

My puppy loves this toy! It bounces in unexpected directions, keeping him alert. Also, we love the fact that you can put treats inside to not only entertain the dog, but keep his mind working.

Teresa, Elyria OH on 2007/08/12
Great Puppy Toy

Keeps my little guy content and lets me get some things done! We love it.

Marie, West Union SC on 2007/07/31
Better than Expected!

I'd read all the rave reviews for kong toys but just didn't think that my puppy would want to play with it - good thing that I don't design dog toys for a living! My puppy loves to bounce the kong toy - even when it doesn't have treats hidden inside! And you can not beat this price!