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Python No Spill Clean and Fill Gravel Cleaner by Python Products

  • $95.99
  • Save $56 (58%)
SKU: PT02514
UPC: 094036025144
  • $143.99
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SKU: PT05014
UPC: 094036050146

Python No Spill Clean and Fill Gravel Cleaner Description

The Python No Spill Clean and Fill aquarium cleaning system is taking the pain out of aquarium cleaning. This all-in-one system easily adapts to most faucets and is ready for complete water changes in seconds, with need for buckets, siphons, or disturbing your fish or decorations.

  • Aquarium-to-sink clan and fill kit recommended by hobbyists worldwide
  • Eliminates buckets, siphons and tank teardowns forever
  • Non-electric - operates on normal water pressure

Full manufacturer warranty. Made in the USA.

Kit Includes: Hose, Gravel Tube, Switch, Hose Connectors, Faucet Pump and Brass Faucet Adapter.

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Python No Spill Clean and Fill Gravel Cleaner Customer Reviews

Nicolek, Dunedin FL on 2016/10/06
Great Idea BUT

Would have worked great except I live in a apartment with a sink that has no airator and no water hose so back to bucket method because petmountain wouldn't return. Quality of the device is nice though

Sooo Many Fish, Phoenix AZ on 2015/07/26
Outstanding product

This is one of the best fish purchases I have made to date. I have a 180 gallon fish tank, so cleaning and refilling it has been a challenge. I would take hours before as I needed to siphon into a bucket then carry the bucket outside. Now it is far easier to drain and as such I am able to keep the tank cleaner with less effort. I did buy the 30” extended gravel tube also, so now I do not even need to dunk my arm in the fish water.

Jan, Gainesville VA on 2015/06/26
Makes the Hobby Easy

I have owned the fifty foot version of this Python cleaning system for about ten years, and it makes such a huge difference! No more lugging buckets of water from tank to sink and back again. I have 4 aquariums (10, 40, 75 and 90 gallons). Without this to make the cleaning easy, I would never be able to have more than one smallish tank.Using the power from your tap, this system will empty the amount of water you wish, and then refill the tank with fresh water. Nothing could be simpler! I would highly recommend the Python Water Changer/Gravel Cleaner.