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Python Ulti-Vac Pond Aquarium Maintenance System by by Python Products

  • $136.99
  • (52%)
SKU: PT21220
UPC: 094036212209

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Product Description

The Python Ulti-Vac provides simple, efficient, effective cleaning of decayed or rotting debris in ponds. Its long cleaning tube makes it easy to clear waste out of hard-to-reach areas, including corners and dead spots. Low flow rate and dual handles allow precisely controlled cleaning.

  • Extracts rotting and decaying debris from hard-to-reach pond areas
  • Low flow rate and dual ergonomic handles allow controlled cleaning
  • Large organic matter is trapped for later use as fertilizer

The removable waste chamber collects larger organic matter and waste, which can later be used as an effective, efficient, zero-waste fertilizer for flower beds and gardens!

Includes: 13' Discharge Hose with Connector and Pump, Filter Tube and Cap, Body Tube with Collar, 4' Cleaning Tube, Removable Waste Chamber and Gasket.

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