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Rep Cal Ultrafine Calcium Without Vitamin D3 by by Rep Cal

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Product Description

Rep Cal Ultrafine Calcium Without Vitamin D3 contains only 100% natural phosphorous-free oyster shell calcium carbonate for its calcium source.

  • No phosphorous or Vitamin D3
  • For reptiles raised under natural sunlight conditions
  • Contains 100% natural oyster shell calcium carbonate

Using a calcium supplement that also adds phosphorous makes no sense, as an adequate Ca:P ratio can never be achieved. Bone meal contains phosphorous.

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Customer Reviews

Lynn, Calhoun GA on 2013/01/12
Rep-Cal Calcium

Great product so far. Arrived in great condition.

David, Tampa FL on 2011/07/12
Best calcium supplement for iguanas

This product is great stuff for iguanas. I highly recommend it & it's recommended by the green iguana society.

Janet, Cameron SC on 2010/12/28
"A MUST HAVE for Sugar Gliders"

Sugar Gliders depend on this supplement as a part of their daily diet. This product is so easy to use in its powder form. I use a salt shaker and just sprinkle it on their fruit or vegetables. They never have any problems licking it off before they eat. I use and depend on this product every day and am Very pleased with having healthy, happy Sugar Gliders!

Mark, Lincoln NE on 2010/04/27
One of the best

One of the most recommended calcium supplements I've come across and I have done quite a bit of research.

Ben, Scottsboro AL on 2010/04/10
just what ive always needed and never knew it

Good ole RepCal without d3 is just what you need if you dust gut loaded crickets a lot. Do it six time a week. I used to use Rep Cal with d3 which in my opinion is good when your raising a baby, but after you get them into the adult stage, they should be able to process their own d3 from the beta carotene. The same goes with the herptivite. Use it often until they're adults then you should get most of their vitamins directly from the food that you gut load the crickets with. Just do a little research on the net to find out just what mixture of foods to give your lizard. He or she will greatly appreciate it in the long run. They don't tell you this stuff on the labels so beware. Heed my warnings and you will avoid some costly vet bills. Man i wish i had someone to tell me this. I lost two females because of my ignorance. Have fun!

Janice, Downers Grove IL on 2009/12/10
Great choice for Beardies!

This is exactly what your reptile needs to get all the calcium to prevent MBD, but not give them too much D3. My Beardie loves it and I add it to her salads and on her crickets. I couldn't find it at any stores, so I was glad to be able to order it and get such prompt service.

Rico, Palmdale CA on 2009/10/06
Rep-Cal is the best!

I use this calcium dust because I use an MVB. If you have a regular UVB tube you need to use calcium with D3. I only use Rep-Cal because it's better for my bearded dragon than any other vitamin supplement out there.

Matthew, Martinsville IN on 2007/03/23
A Very Good Product!

Most reptile owners aren't aware that the majority of leading Calcium supplements can actually do more harm than good, because of their Phosphorus to Calcium ratio.Rep-Cal's Calcium with no D3 is not one of these brands. It only contains 1% Phosphorus!This is hands down the most recommended Calcium supplement on the market. Ask any Reptile owner who's been in the hobby for years and they'll tell you the same!Now, because this has no D3 in it, you'll want to use it for your nocturnal Lizards that need very little to no sunlight.For sun-loving lizards, check out Rep-Cal's Calcium WITH D3 available from as well.-Matt