Zilla Zilla Night Black Heat Incandescent Bulb for Reptiles
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Zilla Night Black Heat Incandescent Bulb for Reptiles

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Zilla Night Black Light Incandescent Bulb is made with specially tinted dark glass that contains rare black phosphors. This allows the heat to escape while most of the light is trapped to create a soft ambient glow that simulates natural moonlight, providing visibility without disrupting the day/night cycle.

  • Provides ambient heat in terrariums
  • Great for night-time viewing to observe natural nocturnal behaviors
  • Ideal for tropical & desert reptile habitats

A healthy level of 24-hour heat is essential to maintain a non-stressful environment for your desert or tropical snake, lizard, or turtle. When used in a nocturnal heat lamp, the Zilla Night Black Light warms the air in the terrarium to maintain a comfortable, healthy temperature that promotes natural reptile activities (including breeding). It's a great way to keep your pet's healthy while being able to check out its interesting nocturnal behaviors without disturbing its sleep schedule.

Directions: Do not touch lamp or fixtures while operating. This lamp generates heat; keep away from combustible materials. Position and shield fixture so reptiles are unable to touch lamp. Adjust for proper temperature. Keep out of reach of children.

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