Zoo Med Zoo Med ReptiSafe Instant Terrarium Water Conditioner
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Zoo Med ReptiSafe Instant Terrarium Water Conditioner

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Zoo Med ReptiSafe Instant Terrarium Water Conditioner removes chloramines and chlorine, detoxifies nitrites, and removes toxic ammonia. It provides essential ions and electrolytes and helps in hydrating new animals.

  • Instant terrarium water conditioner
  • Water conditioner for all species of snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, amphibians, hermit crabs and arachnids
  • Can also be used for reptile bowls, chameleon drip water systems, or aquatic turtle tanks

ReptiSafe stimulates slime coat development, providing a natural protective barrier for all types of amphibians (frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, etc.). It reduces pH (very important) and is the only terrarium water conditioner on the market. ReptiSafe contains no harsh chemicals (that you can't pronounce) and uses a very safe unique organic colloid and organic chelating agent delivery system.

Made in the USA.

Q: How long does the water need to sit before I can use it?
A: The Reptisafe water conditioner removes chlorine and chloramines and adds electrolytes instantly. You can use the water right after treatment for your reptiles.

Ingredients: Water, Dechloraminating Agent, Synthetic Organic Polymers (Colloids), Chelating Agent, Electrolytes.

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