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Reptology Floating Turtle Pier by Reptology

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Reptology Floating Turtle Pier Description

Reptologys Floating Turtle Pier is a creative accessory for your turtle tank that floats at the water level. This is the perfect accessory for evaporation and allowing your turtle to bask.

  • Textured E-Z Slide Ramp is easy for pets to climb
  • Great for turtles, frogs, newts and salamanders
  • Floats at water level allowing pets to bask

The Turtle Pier includes 3 extension pylons that adjust 8" to 12" tall. Suction cup holders secure the base of each pylon to the tank floor. Includes an optional filter holder with filter cord port (Reptology Internal Filter 45 sold separately).


  • Tanks up to 15 Gallons
  • 14"L x 9.5"W x 12"H

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Reptology Floating Turtle Pier Customer Reviews

Leigh, Phoenix AZ on 2015/10/06
Like it works good

I had bought one used had missing parts. sent it back and bought this one works good, turtle likes it also. Pay a little more for new. Never know what's missing.

Nick, Kane PA on 2014/07/03
Great for small turtles

We bought the small pier, which was perfect for our boys! It worked well and stayed afloat at the water level as advertised. They recently went through a growth spurt and are now closer to 4" each. When one or both are close to the edge, or one is on the ramp, the edge of the pier dunks under water. We are finding it more and more every day. I'm currently using paper towel to dry the pier at least once daily, but will have to look for a more permanent solution soon.

Rachael Case, Weston OH on 2013/10/10
Great pier

I bought both sizes of this pier. I have 2 hatchling map turtles and a painted hatchling. they can all fit on the small pier just fine it's huge. I feel like I probably should have waited to buy the larger one, but they love it. They love to hide under it as well. It adjusted to my tank's water level at the time, and comes with addition rods to extend it even higher if required for say a full 55 gallon like mine is. Overall I love this!

Do, Ocean City NJ on 2013/05/24
Great Dock!

What a cool, easy to assemble corner dock for a turtle, but unfortunately not my turtle. He is way too big to fit on it, but I'm still happy I bought this because I will give it to my nephew for his much smaller RES tank. He will love it!

Jaclyn, Leander TE on 2012/03/03

My turtle absolutely loves this! It stays afloat when he is on it and it takes up little space. He also loves to hide underneath the pier. I have not bought the optional filter but I'm sure it will make this pier even more incredible! Must buy!

Benjamin Boardman, Dewitt MI on 2012/01/20
Nice and Large

This dock (Large Pier) is actually rather huge. Its like an entire continent for my 1" Mississippi Map Turtles. Ive only seen one of them on it once to bask though so its taking a while. they do like the ramp though which is well worth the product itself. The only complaint that i have about the description of the pier is that it says that it is for 20gallons and up. I have this thing in my 30 gallon and the width of my tank is almost too small for it. I have about an inch of clearance on one side and the length is almost to big with my filter. Nice quality though and my turtles love to hang on the posts so no real complaints for this product. Just make sure you know how much space this is going to take up before you buy it.

John, Las Vegas NV on 2011/09/14
The Family Loves It

The whole family loves it. Took awhile for the turtle to get used to it, now our turtle loves it. The pier is perfect. Well recommended item for anyone's turtle. Thank you

Nicole, Daytona FL on 2011/08/15
So far so good!

My Yellow-Bellied Slider was in need of a larger basking area now that he is reaching his full size. I installed this large sized pier just two days ago and he already started basking on it yesterday! I haven't been able to witness him climb up onto it yet but I guess he doesn't think it's too hard since he's been up there a few times already. I have all the leg extenders on and it seems to be holding together pretty strongly. The only issue I have had is that he likes to scratch his back under the bottom part and some times he manages to break the suction and the legs come loose from the bottom of the tank. At least it's not heavy and I don't have to worry about it breaking the glass when it's loose. Over-all it has been given the stamp of approval by my turtle. He is very much enjoying it and all the room he has to turn around up on the dock. I think it's a great bang for the buck and I can say that a turtle of about 6" can get up on and move around easily on this dock.

Shirley, Old Greenwich CT on 2011/08/05
large turtle pier

Finally a pier size large enough to accommodate our 13 yr old red slider, Myrtle, for basking. However, while the deck is a good size, the ramp for her is much, much too small and lightweight to allow her access to the deck. Also the end caps for the pier supports (4) do not fit in tight enough and we have had all but one disappear. Overall it's great to have a basking place large enough for Myrtle Turtle.

Chris, Oak Harbor OH on 2011/01/26
floating dock not for big turtles

dock is not adequate for adult red eared sliders.