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Hikari Saki-Hikari Turtle Floating Medium Pellet Food by Hikari

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Hikari Saki-Hikari Turtle Floating Medium Pellet Food Description

Saki-Hikari Turtle Food includes a probiotic-enhanced nutrient mix with a clean water formation and uniquely balanced Odor-Stop ingredients. Its an excellent source of essential calcium, Vitamin D and other beneficial nutrients for your pet. In other words, its a lot more than just turtle food!

  • Ideal nutrient mix for most aquatic turtles
  • Uniquely balanced odor-stop ingredients
  • Lab verified to result in cleaner water

Saki-Hikari is a floating type, medium-sized aquatic turtle food. Probiotics support intestinal flora and remain active in your turtles waste to help with decomposition, resulting in improved water quality. Requires no supplemental feeding.

Feeding Directions: Feed the amount your turtle will consume within a few minutes once daily. Use as a daily diet without interruption or mixing with other diets for maximum benefit.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) - 41.0%
Crude Fat (min) - 4.0%
Crude Fiber (max) - 2.0%
Moisture (max) - 10.0%
Crude Ash (max) - 14.0%

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Hikari Saki-Hikari Turtle Floating Medium Pellet Food Customer Reviews

Beautifulorchid, White Plains NY on 2015/11/16
"Whoa Baby"

Familiar with the Hikari brand, I knew it was a good choice for my red ear slider. Lately, he has been kind of selective with his food. Even not eating it. Once he took a bite of the pellets, all I could say was "Whoa Baby"! He loves it. If I give him too much I notice the water gets a little cloudy and then clears right up. It has only been a few weeks but his activity has gone up and his shell looks brighter (the colors in his shell). There isn't a lot of gook in his tank either. Great product!

Rachel, Willingboro NJ on 2014/08/26
My turtles love it!

So far both my turtles seem to really like the food, and I'm hoping that after a while of use their water quality will improve!

Dan, Lodi CA on 2014/05/03
Best Turtle Food EVER! So much cleaner!

We got a bunch of free samples from the reptile show in town and it works! I used to need to clean out the tank and filter once every 3 weeks now I change the water once a month and change the filter media every 60 days (carbon is usually done after that) and the filter is way cleaner (and easier to clean) after 2 months than it was after 3 weeks with the old food. Makes having turtles twice as easy! And the tank doesn't smell when the tank does finally get dirty (that only happens when the peeling shell clogs up the filter though)