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Seachem ParaGuard Fish and Filter Safe Parasite Control by Seachem

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Seachem ParaGuard Fish and Filter Safe Parasite Control Description

Seachem ParaGuard is the only fish and filter safe aldehyde based (10% by weight) parasite control product available. Unlike highly toxic and difficult to use formalin based medications, Seachem ParaGuard contains no formaldehyde or methanol and will not alter pH.

  • Parasite Control for marine or freshwater aquariums
  • Contains no toxic methanol and will not alter pH
  • Safe alternative to formalin

Seachem ParaGuard employs a proprietary, synergistic blend of aldehydes, malachite green, and fish protective polymers that effectively and efficiently eradicates many ectoparasites (e.g. ich, etc.) and external fungal/bacterial/viral lesions (e.g., fin rot).

It is particularly useful in hospital and receiving tanks for new fish and whenever new fish are introduced to a community tank.

DIRECTIONS: In the aquarium, use 5 mL (1 capful) to every 40 L (10 gallons). Repeat daily as required as long as fish show no stress. For 1 hour dips, use 3 mL per 4 L (1 gallon). Dips may be extended if fish show no evidence of stress. In case of eye exposure, promptly and thoroughly wash eyes with water and seek medical attention.

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Seachem ParaGuard Fish and Filter Safe Parasite Control Customer Reviews

Margaret, Missoula MT on 2014/05/23
Fantastic - Saved my fish

My gold Saum (SA cichlid) was dying slowly from internal parasites, and nothing I was doing was helping him. However, ParaGuard was recommended to me. I soaked his food in it every day. Within a week he was keeping small bites of food down. A month and he was eating regularly. I would not have him anymore if it weren't for this product!

Coca, Astoria NE on 2012/12/25
Excellent product

Covers the full range of your basic aquarium maladies with no visible effect to fish or bio-filter with service from Pet Mountain that's always fast and economical. Save time, money, and of course your fish with this product.

Olga, Miami FL on 2011/10/26
I love this product

This is an excellent product, I use it all the time and it works excellent.

Dawn, Puyallup WA on 2007/08/07
Awesome Product!

This product works really well and did not change the pH as advertised. I was looking for a product that didn't contain formaldehdye or methanol (highly toxic!) and this is the only one out there like it. Highly recommended!