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Seachem Purigen Removes Organic Waste from Marine and Freshwater Aquariums by Seachem

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Seachem Purigen Removes Organic Waste from Marine and Freshwater Aquariums Description

Seachem Purigen Ultimate Filtration is a premium synthetic adsorbent that, unlike any other filtration product, is not a mixture of ion exchangers or adsorbents, but a unique macro-porous synthetic polymer that removes soluble and insoluble impurities from water at a rate and capacity that exceeds all others by over 500%.

  • Removes soluble and insoluble impurities from water
  • Controls ammonia, nitrites, nitrates
  • Polishes water to unparalleled clarity

Purigen controls ammonia, nitrites and nitrates by removing nitrogenous organic waste that would otherwise release these harmful compounds. Purigens impact on trace elements is minimal. It significantly raises redox. It polishes water to unparalleled clarity. Purigen darkens progressively as it exhausts, and is easily renewed by treating with bleach. Purigen is designed for both marine and freshwater use.

Why Its Different:

  • Selectivity: Purigen is the highest capacity organic filtration resin on the market. No other products can compare to its ability to clear haziness and polish water to unparalleled clarity. Unlike other products on the market which are simple ion-exchange resins, Purigen is specifically designed to be an organic scavenging resin. When ion-exchange resins are filled to capacity by metals and other contaminants, Purigen has barely begun to reach its potential. Purigen generally ignores simple elemental compounds, having an extreme affinity for nitrogenous organics. The primary source of nitrogenous compounds in an aquarium is waste. Fish, corals, even plants produce nitrogenous waste. Purigen removes that waste faster and more completely than anything else on the market.
  • Capacity: Purigens possesses enhanced capacity owing to its vast surface area. All other resins on the market are purely spherical extruded beads. These beads remain smooth even under a microscope. Purigen is both spherical and macroreticular. It has microscopic pores that increase its usable surface area to many times that of a purely spherical resin.
  • Regeneration: Purigen can also be regenerated. As it adsorbs waste products, Purigen will change color from a pale blonde to a dark brown, almost black. Once it is exhausted, it can be regenerated with a solution of bleach and water. The bleach will literally “burn off" the organics that have been removed from the tank. Watch out for products that claim to be regenerable with a brine solution. That is the regeneration procedure for ion-exchange purposes. A brine solution will not remove organics. While such resins have a limited capacity for organic adsorption, a brine regeneration process only replaces removed ionic compounds. It does not destroy large organic molecules that were removed, which is the primary function of organic adsorption resins.

Rinse before use. Use in a fine mesh filter bag. Each 1 L treats up to 4,000 L (1,000 gallons) for up to six months. Exhaustion is indicated by a pronounced discoloration of the beads to dark brown or black.

Regeneration: Soak in a 1:1 bleach:water solution for 24 hours in a non-metalic container in a well ventilated area and away from children. Rinse well, then soak for 8 hours with a solution containing 2 tablespoons of ChlorGuard, Prime, or equivalent dechlorinator per cup of water. Rinse well. Original color and full activity should now be restored and Purigen is ready for reuse. Caution: some slime coat products may permanently foul Purigen and render regeneration difficult. Do not reuse if odor of chlorine is detectable. In case of doubt, soak beads in small quantity of water and test for residual chlorine with a chlorine test kit.

100 ml (Media Bag): Treats 106 Gallons
250 ml: Treats 265 Gallons
500 ml: Treats 530 Gallons
1 Liter: Treats 1,060 Gallons
2 Liters: Treats 2,120 Gallons

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Seachem Purigen Removes Organic Waste from Marine and Freshwater Aquariums Customer Reviews

Edward, Pinellas Park FL on 2018/06/14
awsome stuff purigen

works great, keeps water clear of organic scum, seems to reduce organic decay dissolved in water, so less bacteria growth to attack fish immune system, within the water itself.

Frank, Pawtucket RI on 2018/03/02

added it to my pond filter, works GREAT!

David, Maricopa AZ on 2017/08/16
Does its job

I've been using purigen for about 4yrs now it took my tanks clarity from hd to ultra hd have some in all six of my tanks wouldn't run a tank without it. I only give it 4 stars because of price can get expensive when running several large tanks

Ray, Glencoe OK on 2016/07/20
Very good

I now use Purigen in all my filters, I have four Aquariums at this time and now use Purigen in all the filters, Purigen is better than any other Media that I have used. The price is great and PetMountain processed my order very fast, Thank you.

Courtney, Elizabethton TN on 2016/04/06
Loved this so much, I bought more!

I already posted a review raving about this product so I won't repeat myself. Just view the most recent review under the same name. Great stuff. I wanted to have enough to replace the Purigen I was recharging. So, I ordered a larger bottle so I can have extra. If you have been thinking about Def should. It really does what it says and it as easy as it sounds.

Sooo Many Fish, Phoenix AZ on 2015/07/26
Better than expected

I had read many reviews and knew that this product was well touted as a miracle by many people. I was a little skeptical as I was dealing with an overwhelmingly large number of fish and all that entails (my molly’s and paddy’s keep breeding). It was not an instant fix, but along with some water changes and a few filter cleanings, I am happy to say, my water is crystal clear.

Oleg, Santa Cruz CA on 2015/02/17
I am pleased

I bought this product. In my tanks nitrates, nitrites, ammonia are at zero. I can sleep peacefully. There is no need to worry. The product is great! Seller is professional! Thank you!

Mike, Matthews NC on 2015/02/02
Great for Freshwater and Marine

Clears up water-fast. No ill effects for fish or plants.

Mike, Wilmington CA on 2014/05/11

First time trying Purigen and I'm very impressed how it's performing in my tank. I've had clear water before but using this with Rena XP XL just took my tank in another level. Solid clear water...but healthy looking clear water. It's hard to explain haha. I also like how you can recharge it by soaking it with bleach and all that. Another excellent product by Seachem.

Bob, Downers Grove IL on 2014/03/13
Seachem Purigen--this is great stuff

My tanks (20) are so clear and healty and I am sure the Purigen has a lot to do with it....I was having purity issues and I looked around and asked a lot of questions and many suggested Purigen so..... it works so well, every week or so I change the bag and must be picking up impurities since the bags turn brown and my fish stay happy! Everyone should use them....I will never stop..I am a fanatic for purity and this is just perfect for my ways...

J., Tampa FL on 2014/01/17
Really works

We put natural wood in our aquarium. It was leaching tannin even after boiling it. I was getting ready to give up and replace the natural wood with something different and found this product. To my surprise it really works! It is such a small packet but keeps my 49 gallon clear and the natural wood is staying.

Jackie Oneil, Manhattan KS on 2013/11/13
Purigen does the job.

I love this product - does what it says. Keeps my tanks clear as can be. I have it all my tanks, wouldn't be without it and Petmountain has the best price on it.

Bob G., Romeo MI on 2013/10/23
Makes Crystal Clear Water - Re-chargable easily

I use three bags on the top tray of my 4 tray canister filters. Also use in between Power Large Whisper Filter. I remove all charcoal from filter pad and put the purigen bag between filter pad and sponge filter which I turn around. Results are really a visual 3D in your aquarium with - and I mean CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER. Best is I can change with new recharge bag in my Discus Tanks about 4 weeks to 6 weeks as I want spot-less water and so far this is the only product that does it. My tanks all had real clear water before using now they are crystal clear. I wish I could attach a picture so you can really see in my live planted tanks.

Louise, Phoenix AZ on 2013/09/14
Didnt Last 6 Months

The pellets are supposed to absorb algae so water won't turn green. It helps some but only last 2 months instead of 6 months as the product states. We gave up having fish as they were all dying from algae. Now we just put chlorine tablets in pond and Purigen, water clarifier and another chemical that kills alagae. The combination seems to work. This product by itself does not eliminate the algae.

Jessica, Asheville NC on 2013/09/12

I've been skeptical of the claims on this product, but it's effectiveness cannot be overstated. My tank of extremely messy ranchus has never looked or tested so good, even after 100% water changes. Water is crystal clear, all tests are 0 in less than a week.

Ron , Amarillo TX on 2013/08/27
Purigen. This Stuff Really Works!

Tried using the Purigen in my Fluval FX5 filter to get rid of high levels of ammonia in my 55 gal. goldfish tank. It did the job, and ammonia levels are back to normal.

Ray, Pittsburgh PA on 2013/07/24

Excellent product I put it in my 20 gallon tank that had a brown color for about a year even with water exchanges. Also nitrite level had increased. The next day when I went to feed the fish the tank was clearer than tap water, and I could not believe it. I have now added it to my 55 gal today hope the same thing happens. Will order more on my next order.

Louise, Phoenix AZ on 2013/07/16
Chemical Filter

Put in near pump as instructed and placed chemical in nylon bag ordered separately, and bag didn't stay on and most of powder fell out and sprayed all over bottom of pond. So had to sew bag closed so wouldn't come out again and weighed it down with pebbles so bag won't float away. So far no algae. But it's only been a week.

Dan, Show Low AZ on 2013/05/15
Excellent Product.

Purigen is TOPS. It polishes water to crystal clear clarity. It keeps nitrates at bay. I highly recommend this product.

Jerry, Houston TX on 2013/04/27
Great product...have used this for years

Great product...clears/polishes water and keeps quality excellent.

Brian, New York NY on 2013/03/21
Best Chemical Filtration Media Hands Down

I've used various types of carbon, other products such as nitrozorb, and SeaChem Purigen is the best chemical filtration I have ever used. Made my water crystal clear in a 40G within hours, and cleared up an emergency crash of some sort. Perfect for any non-planted tank (it sucks up everything), good to have for a planted tank in the event of a crash. Also perfect for a quarantine tank. I think everyone should have a few of these around. One of my best purchases for my aquarium!

Doug, Hedgesville WV on 2013/03/05
Good stuff!

Having 6 turtle's water was always messy and never clear. So I tried 100ml and CLEAR water, but also using chemi pure elite to, I would suggest using both. It does keep water clear so I don't have to run a UV light.

Wei Mei, Chicago IL on 2012/11/17
Wow! Clear water!

I always wondered how people end up with such crystal clear water. This is the stuff.

Jay, Stockton CA on 2012/10/21
Crystal Clear Water

This product amazes me! I read on the green machine online that they use purigen so i gave it a try. The results, CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER! The water is so clear that it looks good enough to drink, but of course i would not do that haha. My fish seem to like it as well. I added it with my tetra whisper filter and i will be using it until i find another product that can do the same. It will take a day or so for it to take off, but like any other aquarium hobbyist, patience is the key. I give this product 10 stars but PetMountain only lets me put 5.

Rz, Tuscaloosa AL on 2012/05/11
Awesome so far

I bought this to add to my new aquaclear filter which I use on the back of a 40 gallon tank. I have always had a problem with tinted water. I think the addition of the Purigen along with with the superior Aquaclear filtration has made a significant difference in water quality. I could literally see the water clearing almost immediately. Considering the amount of usage it gives before replacing or regenerating, it is very economical.

Judy, Lima OH on 2012/03/17
Great for freshwater too

I have been using this for two years in my 75 gallon aquarium - and almost as long in my 20 gallon freshwater aquarium. This is only one of the chemical filtration products I use. It works great - and does last a long time before needing to be replaced. I have only tried to recharge one pouch. It can be done - but it took so much product to do it. It is much easier for me to just put in a fresh pouch. I buy the 250 ml size and make my own pouches to save money. I'd use it in my 10 gallon, too - but there isn't enough room in the filters. I run two filters on all three aquariums to accommodate all of the media I use. My aquariums are overstocked - but all fish are happy and healthy - and water is super clear. Algae is at a minimum (purposely allow a tiny bit to grow on the rocks for my algae eaters - but have none of the blue/green fuzzy stuff). Be sure to get on Pet Mountain mailing list and watch for special shipping offers.

Robert, Syracuse NY on 2012/03/07
Great Stuff at a great price

I've used Purigen for years and it just simply works the best of all the resin-type beads.

Carly, Naperville IL on 2010/07/10
Great product!

Helped keep the ammonia down in for my goldfish :D

Arturo, San Antonio TX on 2010/05/27

Purchased this product awhile back from a competitor website website. The Item was on clearance at a ridiculous price, about $2, so I jumped and bought it. I did not use it until Jan. of this year, product is so small it needs a special bag by Seachem ("The Bag"). I'm using it on a 29gal Reef tank in a Fluval 305 canister filter. The water quality is incredible! Its almost June, thats 6 months and its starting to look pinkish from use. I will re-charge once it turns brownish or black as instructed. This product has made my first saltwater venture an easy one. My coral and live animals look amazing and healthy! Don't hesitate to buy this!

Dee, Drasco AR on 2007/12/07

I would not have a reef tank without it! Very easy to use just stick it in your over the back filter and watch the results! No downfalls with this stuff--

Donna, Kannapolis NC on 2007/07/03
This is the greatest

I have only been using this for a short period and It has really made a difference in the clarity of my water. I will never go back to standard carbon.

Mike, San Diego CA on 2007/06/28
Great Product!

I run this product on a 33 gal reef. I have it in my rena filter star. I use no skimmer and do water changes 2-3 times a month. This stuff is great! It polishes my water crystal clear, and I don't have to worry about any leaching unlike some carbon media. I highly recommend it. 500 ml will last me 8 months.