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Sentry Stop That! Behavior Correction Spray for Dogs by by Sentry

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SKU: SG05332
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Product Description

Sentry Stop That! Noise and Pheromone Spray for Dogs modifies destructive or aggressive behavior in the form of an easy-to-use spray. With a soothing lavender chamomile smell, it safely stops unwanted behaviors like jumping up, barking, and pulling on leashes.

  • Stops unwanted destructive and aggressive behavior
  • Soothing lavender chamomile smell
  • Easy-to-use pheromone spray calms dogs down

This spray mimics a natural pheromone released by mother dogs, creating a sense of calm and security that causes dogs to cease bad behaviors. Read all directions before use.

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Customer Reviews

Shanda, Lexington KY on 2015/12/08
Do not spray this inside!!

This stuff works great! The sound plus smell! It doesn't take but a couple times for your dog to not listen! I've used the kind that just makes a hissing sound before. But my little ones really got it after this!! First time I used it was when they kept barking in the house. Oh my goodness! Did it ever stink!! I had to open the door and windows to air it out! So I'd advise. Do Not Use this Indoors!! :-)

Angela, Edison NJ on 2013/12/18
I'm a believer!

Great product! Got my two puppies to stop barking and acting all crazy. Was always skeptical about shock/vibrating collars and never wanted to use them, especially with all the mixed reviews, but this spray works perfectly. My dogs are small breeds too (bichon/maltese and terrier mix! under 10lbs). Believe it or not, they don't bark anymore!

Denise , Visalia CA on 2013/12/17
Love this product!

We discovered this product when we got our Belgian Malinois puppy. She was out of control and this product really helped. We continue to use it get her attention when she gets too hyper and cannot focus. Love it!

Cindy, Moravia NY on 2012/11/30
Stops them in their tracks!

I have 3 large breed dogs that are all under the age of one. When they get get excited and are jumping or barking or getting too wild indoors one spray of this and a firm NO stops the unwanted behavior.