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Simple Solution Training Premium Dog Pads by Simple Solution

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SKU: BM11349
UPC: 010279113493
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Simple Solution Training Premium Dog Pads Description

Gone are the days of paper training with messy newspapers. Today, paper training is a lot cleaner and easier with Simple Solution Training Premium Dog Pads.

  • Prevents leaking and run-off
  • Powerful attractant + odor control
  • Great for puppies and adults
  • Pad dimensions: 23"L x 24"W

Each pad contains Super Absorbent Polymer that converts liquid into gel, Safe Shield antimicrobial product protection, and a plastic backing to protect your floors and carpets. In addition, the pads are scientifically treated with an attractant to encourage your pet to the pad. House training is made easier with the help of Simple Solution Original Training Pads for Puppies and Adults. So easy, in fact, that many pet owners also use them for an alternative elimination area for indoor, confined or ill pets.

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Simple Solution Training Premium Dog Pads Customer Reviews

Jennette, Everson WA on 2014/05/20
Works very well

We have 2 mini-Dachshunds, 1 short-hair and 1 long. We have a pad upstairs and down and change them once or twice a day. These pads keep the puddles smaller than other pads we have tried. That helps reduce the wet paw tracking. The long haired dog still leaves a dribble trail unless we trim her backend hair. Puddles absorb rapidly and after a few hours are mostly dry to the touch and the dogs will use that spot again. Good price and delivery. Will order again.

Dianalee, Wichita KS on 2010/12/22

These pads hold a LOT of liquid and never ran through to the floor. Matched with the frame to keep them from being drug off by puppies. They are a God more going out in the cold for us.