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Skinneeez Mouse Catnip Cat Toy by Skinneeez

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Skinneeez Mouse Catnip Cat Toy Description

Skinneeez Mouse Catnip Cat Toy is a plush un-stuffed cat toy with an assortment of mouse styles. These Skinneeez are filled with catnip for added enjoyment and feature a design thats easy for your cat to hold and carry around.

  • Stuffing-free cat toy
  • Catnip filled for extra fun
  • Easy to hold and carry

Note: Mice ship in assorted colors - please let us pick one for you!

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Skinneeez Mouse Catnip Cat Toy Customer Reviews

Pointermom, Graham NC on 2017/12/03
A clear favorite!

I had to order more of these because we only have one and our three cats don't like to share. They have plenty of other toys to choose from but this mouse is the big favorite. It has held up well even through rough play and chewing. Great toy!

Kay, Cedar Rapids IA on 2015/04/20
My kitty loves these! Best price at Pet Mountain!

I found these a few years ago at Bed Bath and Beyond, but can't find them anymore so I order them online. They are terrific! My kitty licks them, bites them and tosses them in the air and chases around with them. They are not "one and done." She keeps coming back to them, although she does like new ones the best!

Diane, Hubert NC on 2015/01/03
Skinneeez Mouse Cat Toy

Our cats both have fun with this little mouse. It's almost a flat toy. I think there's some catnip in it and they bat it around and carry it in their mouth. Great toy for the price!

Kathy, Wellington FL on 2013/08/27
Kittens/Cats say

The best toy ever. My six cats love them and steal from each other. I foster kittens for the local shelter, at four weeks of age the kittens start playing with them. I always send them to their "forever home" with a "skinny" mouse. Thank you for such a wonderful toy.

Tim, Columbus OH on 2013/02/21
Cats love it

My cats were very attracted to this toy. They toss it around.

Beverly, Kalama WA on 2012/05/03
Such a big hit that we needed more than one

The cats enjoyed the first mouse so much that we had to get a couple more. They keep losing them.

Kathryn, Ventura CA on 2012/01/18
Loves It

The Skinneeez toys are his favorite! He plays with it all of the time.

Barbara, Kennesaw GA on 2011/05/09
Cat approved

I have a huge cat who just loves these tiny mice. He pounces around the house, holding the mouse by it's tail.

Jim, Parkersburg WV on 2010/12/14
cat toy

Greaaaaat for play time

David, Paoli PA on 2010/05/05
Skinneeez Mouse Toy for Cats

Without a doubt, this is our cat's favorite toy. She carries it around the house and never seems to tire of it.